SWAT Teams Setting Traps For Looters In S.W. Florida?

What’s this? Is there a new sheriff in town?

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Someone sent me an interesting article by Michael Baxter. I know many question Real Raw News website, but I have found their research to be mostly all truthful. I don’t listen to fact checkers. I look at what is taking place. Because of the things I have heard from reliable sources who have boots on the ground, that match up with the type of foul play mentioned in the article it interested me. I have also watched video clips I wanted to post, but didn’t know how to download and share. These were private sector that indicated rescues were being made by FEMA the morning after on Wednsday the 28th, which conflicted with other things I was told. I knew something wasn’t right as no outside help was there yet and the airports were closed. But, because of fact checker back lash, I just kept it in the back of my mind.

Today, when I saw that Governor DeSantis said this… I decided to post it. Especially since he had SAID EARLIER THAT HE BROUGHT IN SWAT TEAMS!

Now, yesterday I had a chat conversation with our member Tammi Kay. At that time I knew nothing of the article and only what I was told by my source and shared with her that DeSantis had brought in Swat teams. She questioned me…”Swat Teams? Did you say Swat teams?” I said, that is what my government source said. I’m not sure why, but that is what I was told, etc. Now… today we hear DeSantis warning people what might be lurking behind somebody’s home, so don’t even think about looting. SWAT | Naples, Florida (naplesgov.com)

That being said, below is the article sent to me, it sounds correct. I am sharing this information… and anyone who questions it, please feel free to fact check it. Facebook and Twitter already have. (displayed below this article).

There may be some exaggeration in this, but I already know there are many deep state in high places…and we should all know that by now. So here is the full report. I added some photos so you can identify the people mentioned.

Special Forces Fight FEMA Brigands in Storm-Battered Southwest Florida

By Michael Baxter -September 29, 2022

As Hurricane Ian smashed into Southwest Florida and inundated entire communities, the criminal Biden regime’s Federal Emergency Management Agency began a campaign of terror against displaced persons whose lives and homes the storm had shattered. Rather than dole out bottled water, food, and blankets, or guide desperate storm victims to shelters, armed FEMA brigands pillaged battered homes in search of cash, gold, and guns.

In Naples, torrential rain flooded streets and turned vehicles into floating debris. Many of the city’s affluent residents, mostly retirees, had heeded evacuation orders and fled their homes for higher ground. After the storm passed over the city and the winds waned, FEMA agents in motorized rafts launched into action—but not to conduct water rescues. On Turtle Hatch Lane, just west of Inner Doctor’s Bay, homeowners stranded atop the roofs of single and two-story homes tried in vain to flag down the FEMA boats cruising the floodwaters. Instead of helping marooned citizens, agents took potshots in their direction, laughing, according to reports, at people who had literally lost everything. They systematically targeted what had been the city’s most expensive homes. Agents in wet weather gear unlawfully entered flooded houses and emerged from them carrying jewelry boxes and firearms.

It was not the first time callous FEMA agents had used the cover of a hurricane to burglarize homes, and, in some cases, murder hurricane exiles.

During 2005’s Hurricane Katrina, FEMA agents perched atop the Louisiana Superdome practiced marksmanship skills on homeless persons seeking refuge in the structure. Some were taken out to sea aboard FEMA barges and thrown overboard as shark food. And in 2017, FEMA looted hundreds of Southeast Texas homes in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.

Yesterday, however, the regime’s paramilitary force had only ransacked a dozen before meeting an obstacle.

The White Hat partition of the U.S. military had expected FEMA’s move and sent Special Forces to Southwest Florida immediately after the National Weather Service predicted Ian would make landfall near Fort Meyers. Sources told Real Raw News that U.S. Marine Corps General David H. Berger and 5th Special Forces Commander Col. Brent Lindeman had devised a plan to thwart FEMA’s plans to loot or murder innocent civilians. Lindeman had requested permission to send Special Forces “Alpha Detachments” to the vicinity to protect people and property.

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General Berger

Gen. Berger’s radical plan to reshape the Marines needs work — but quickly | The Hill

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Lieutenant Colonel Brent Lindeman currently serves as the Director of
Future Operations for Special Operations Command Central.

On Tuesday afternoon, hours before Florida Governor Ron DeSantis ordered the shutdown of airports in Ian’s projected track, a C-130 Hercules military transport aircraft touched down at Ft. Meyers International Airport. The plane held six 12-man squads and an equal number of inflatable airboats, each powered by water-cooled, large-displacement, V8 automotive engine rated at 500hp. Special Forces set up a mobile command center in Naples, near Freedom Park where the storm surge was expected to crest.

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Gen. Berger believes FEMA was acting on orders of administrator Denise Criswell, a truly evil bitch, and Alejandro Mayorkas, a Deep State handler. FEMA’s motto has been never let a good crisis go to waste. The agency’s historical actions proved that. We fully anticipated they’d take advantage of this hurricane to torment good people. But this time, we were ready for them,” a source in Gen. Berger’s office told Real Raw News.

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Alejandro Mayorkas

At approximately 6:30 p.m. Wednesday, a Special Forces airboat travelling east along West Drive in Naples merged with a FEMA raft heading the opposite direction. The FEMA agents, our source said, tried to shed their official attire—windbreakers with FEMA stamped in yellow ink—when they saw uniformed military encroaching on their position. FEMA’s raft was so overladen with confiscated gold and guns it barely stayed afloat. From 25 yards, the Special Forces commander, shouting through a bullhorn, ordered the FEMA raft to hold position. That’s when all hell broke loose. The FEMA agents raised their rifles, but they were too late; Special Forces unleashed a hailstorm of gunfire, striking both the raft and agents aboard it. The raft deflated, and surviving agents were swept away in the floodwaters.

Special Forces rescued trapped civilians after FEMA had been dealt with.

“FEMA is still out there, but we’re dealing with them. We’re not letting them threaten storm survivors anymore. We have teams in place, working to safeguard civilians and their property,” our source said.

Special Forces Fight FEMA Brigands in Storm-Battered Southwest Florida | Real Raw News

This story was fact checked by Mario Lee a fact checker at Lead Stories. A graduate of Howard University with a B.S. in Biology. She became interested in “Fact Checking” while in college and lives in Maryland.

Because the fact checking company she fact checks for told us so far, that everything was false that turned out to be fact. I choose to believe Michael Baxter and give him 5% leeway to have colored the article with his opinion of how things went down. The main parts of the story, I believe are acurate. I rely on my research much more than a recent grad from Howard University who lives in of all places, Maryland.

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Actually reading fact checkers is a joke. They never give proof. They simply say, “He didn’t”, “This is false”, “That’s not true”, or they take one part of the article that could be wrong and focus on that, such as “Reuters wasn’t the source for the comment on this.” As though that discredits the information. Oh it is all so laughable. People go all crazy over college kids side fact checking gig or who knows they may be burnouts in basements who get paid to say “That’s not true.” Or it could be one person using CGI photos and pretending to be all these different college aged personas. I simply fact check them as imposters hired by FB, Twitter, Google, and fake news to promote propaganda and push deep state narratives. They are the ones that fact check jabs are safe and climate change is real.

Fact Check: Special Forces Did NOT Fight FEMA Agents During Hurricane Ian | Lead Stories

Meanwhile, there appears to be a NEW FEMA in town operating differently than it has in the past. Offering a new type of immediate assistance to all families in critical hit zones.

Keep on Pressing into the Kingdom of God! Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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