There were new clues something was going down like … the gamers… the 21 year old Air National Guardsman who hacked the Pentagon top secret docs and made a cyber drop on Discord Group Chat. Loads of secret docs – untold amounts, making every gamer a national threat?

image 281

On top of the mis and dis information and all the banning from social media like Twitter and ignore the dis info that the FBI was controlling what could and could not be said there, especially politically and ignore Facebook was also banning FB Jailing, data mining and stealing intellectual property from its users. Then there’s Google dis and missing info and fact check spys dissing truth as conspiracy theories and made up propaganda. And don’t mention the real operators being DARPA In-Q-Tel out of the Pentagon or CIA and every comment that mentions M-K Ultra Mind Control or Operation Monarch Butterfly is conspiracy theory and real espionage is different than what is made up for TV – that’s what the mis and dissers say. Don’t forget the Congress approved ban for TicToc and other apps. The sound of “other” apps is a bit vague and dangerous???

Another big clue was the launch of the new European Unicoins (new crypto currency type coin with a Unicorn Emblem on the front …that no one in fake news is talking about. Which bring us to the Unicorn technology, the Soonicorns to come… all of it connecting together into one big fat digital clue.

If you’re like me, right now you’re thinking what’s Unicorn technology and what the heck are Soonicorns?

In their words, “A Unicorn company is a privately owned startup that has a current valuation of one billion USD or over. Once a company has gone public (IPO) or has been acquired it is no longer termed as a Unicorn.”

And a Soonicorn is a new tech startup on its way to becoming a billion dollar company, also privately owned and funded by a venture capitalist. They say that “Unicorn companies are modeled after Silicon Valley Technology”. Silicon Valley is called a “Super Unicorn”. It is the ideal model for the future of the EU, WEF Unicorn technology world and modeled off of it.

And now we know why the EU has an embassy in Silicon Valley. And we thought it was just for public relations???

image 268

On September 1, 2022 EMEA Daily headlined an article titled: “EU Opens Silicon Valley ‘Embassy’; Nigeria Grants Flutterwave Payments Processing License”

Excerpts: “In today’s news from Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA), the European Commission opened its new Californian “embassy,” the Central Bank of Nigeria has granted Flutterwave a payment processing license and more.

“The European Commission officially opened an office in San Francisco on Thursday (Sept. 1), aiming to help ease the flow of communication between the European Union’s executive branch and California-based Big Tech firms.

“The relationship between the EU and Silicon Valley tech firms like Google and Meta has historically been rocky, particularly regarding data protection and antitrust laws. The new office will be headed up by Gerard de Graaf, a senior EU diplomat who was involved in the Digital Services Act and the Digital Markets Act.Read: EMEA Daily: EU Opens Silicon Valley ‘Embassy’ |

In another article, Sept. 1, 2022, “EU Opens Silicon Valley Office to Streamline Communications With Big Tech”, they say…

“The European Commission has opened a San Francisco office to help ease the flow of communication between the European Union’s executive branch and the California-based Big Tech firms.

“Over the years, the relationship between the EU and Silicon Valley technology companies like Google and Meta has been turbulent, to say the least. The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reported. The most contentious issues revolve around data protection and antitrust laws, with the EU often taking a harline stance on the business practices of United States tech firms.

“The new West Coast office is the latest initiative to improve the trans-Atlantic relationship after the U.S. EU Trade and Technology Council was created last year to work out differences over trade and technology policy.”

So they have been doing some things that fake news hasn’t been reporting. Like new initiatives right in Silicon Valley with start up technologies. Read full article: EU Opens Silicon Valley Office to Streamline Communication With Big Tech

So now where do we go from here, there is so much to tell you. Where do I start? I always try to break things down in layman’s terms so we hear and see. Are You Seeing The SUPER UNICORN yet? I bet you are already connecting some dots. Remember in November 2022 FTX collapsed. What was going down?

We’ll start with what it really is (allegedly) along with what they say it is (allegedly). The Unicorn Technology is the European version of Silicon Valley’s tech operations and based on Silicon Valley Technology.

And what would that technology be? The crypto markets my dear…the crypto markets, money laundering, dark purchasing power, digital transfers that can’t be traced, think fiat dollar without the paper – digital air currency, sending money anywhere through venture capitalists private investment high tech start ups. Once enough is in place, might as well push the lever into overdrive and BOOM – digital banking – think “Unicoin”… people have no purchasing power unless they obey for high social Unicorn Credit scores.

image 270

This was modeled after Silicon Valley Technology. What was Silicon Valley Technology? It was the first Bank to close and in its closing there went all of the Big Technology it sponsored. Bye, bye Super Unicorn. Among those we know of are Google, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and a host of others…what was NOT a part of this group was Telegram, Truth Social, Rumble and a few others that were not funded by Silicon Valley Technology. If it used any of the SV Tech…it was a part of a master plan that was a part of the Super Unicorn as this was the model for the European Unicorn Technology for cyber control. Via their new EU Unicorn headquarters are smacking in our face!

The great merchants of the earth have been carefully crafting and investing in their future tech projects and Vanguard and BlackRock helped make them profitable Unicorns. And Silicon Valley the “SUPER UNICORN”. Essential and to big to fail type of crafting… and all on their cyber tech radar. This sounds like it was all a part of the ideology to control all commerce and economy with the bonus of future control over all humanities movements through social credit scores. Setting up the world Unicorn to little by little control humanity from behind a keyboard and digital payment system of currency. RESET!

image 275

There have been rumors of a social media blackout coming and soon. Where all the social media sites are suppose to be down. Except for Telegram, Rumble, and Truth Social along with a few others. There was no reason given except military bla, bla, bla. So… I hate to hear the bla, bla, bla… trust the plan bla…bla. When I discovered the Unicorn Tapestries via our Marshall Report member Tammi K… it was intriguing as it had a Rockefeller connection and we all know the name Rockefeller and that families involvement with the Bilderberg Group, Bohemian Grove, Club of Rome, UN, one world order, all of it… etc.

Tammi K. found the video below. In it David Rockefeller tells his story of the famous Gothic Unicorn Tapestries…I suspect Rockefeller knew what the real story behind them were. We know that they have taken pagan traditions and mingled them with Biblical events that center around the soltices. Adding twists and turns to them. It is never quite what they tell us it means. Remember Santa Klaus? Easter Bunnys and Egg Hunts? May Day? Etc. What was the real story behind the tapestries? Why was it so important to David Rockefeller, at the age of 8 as he tells the importance of giving a tour of the tapestries to Al Smith? He speaks so enamoured about the rabbits… the animals… the fountain and hunters coming up with spears…. David said it was the one thing his parents had that he most enjoyed. The hunt of the unicorn. The unicorn is the symbol of Christ, he said. And the Unicorn revived after being killed by the hunters. What game are they playing?  Are the Christians and Orthodox Jews the new Unicorns?

David Rockefeller said the Unicorn Tapestries hung in the house at 12 West 54th Street. Does anyone know if that means something more? What else took place in that house?

Is the captive to live to see another day? Or is it a plan of 15 minute cities? Revived and captive yet free? Is this a whim of who is revived and who is not? Depopulation? What foulness could this mean? There are so many possibilities. If you have a shovel or even a spoon… feel free to dig and share your findings.


image 274

One thing I know this is not about Jesus the Savior for he tore down the gates of hell and freed the prisoners and arose from the dead on the third day. He did not revive and remain in captivity and somehow yet free? This story is surreal and has all the makings of a KM Oligarch mid century spoof. A spoof more accurately played out in the fashion as the Rich and Famous hunts in the woods and their spirit cooking. Is this what the hunt in the woods is all about at the Rothschilds forest gatherings and hunts?

image 273

This sounds more reminiscent of the Rothschilds alleged Masquerade dinner Parties and hunts in the woods. Adrenochrome? Cannibal dinners? Oh, excuse me, I think they call that art and entertainment… what was I thinking?

“Here sits the Unicorn revived in captivity…yet free?” What could this possibly mean?

image 272

 It was and is in full swing, but that super unicorn was pierced and killed and has now found itself in a cage. What is the next plan of action for the WEF EU Unicorn Technology and Social Credit System?  We are in a launched war… a heated race to see who will rise above the digital dollar warfare!

Then when I was working on something else it hit me… Unicorns… and Silicon Valley it was all connected to the bank collapse and the entire black out coming… not the power but the web! I went digging and then I found Org mode how tos.

image 269

At first glance, as I have not had time to ponder it all, it appears the plan is not to have your computer not start up and go black… but rather the plan appears to make information access inoperable for you to find and or share anything other than what they want you to have. You will have to be a part of their Unicorn Tech team to do anything else other than what they allow you to do.

Thus the Unicorn technology will control everything even what you are able to download and share.  Read: The How Tos of Org Mode –

If all of this is so, and I am just laying all this out like puzzle pieces here, if it is so… this is a huge cyber net thrown over the entire earths ability to communicate their truths and free speech would be gone. As this also affects blogs. It all has to do with coding and knowing how to enter things in so you can share and post files and pics, etc. The black out is not supposed to be for a long while… they said, but a few days or so maybe a week or two. They were not sure. Who is sure of any of this crazy stuff? Pause to laugh a bit.

Which bring us to “Super Unicorns – US Supremacy”

In the first three months of 2015 more than 13 billion dollars were invested in the development of young American companies.

Excerpts: Who is king of the unicorn world? Without doubt, Silicon Valley. In the technology sector, ‘unicorn’ is the name given to a startup, usually created within the last 10 years, that is worth more than 1 billion dollars without being listed on the stock market. Aileen Lee, a venture capital expert, coined the term in late 2013, counting just 40 or so non-listed high-tech enterprises worth something in the region of this amount. Since then, so many unicorns have been born—most as a result of the success of the mobile Web and pure venture capital products—that they have lost their rarity value completely. In fact, the number just keeps on growing, with no apparent end in sight for the moment.”

Read full story: ‘Super-unicorns’, U.S. supremacy (

image 277

So the plug was pulled on a SUPER UNICORN in Silicon Valley and looking at the chain of events that followed… we see

They had a candy store going on since before COVID, but after they stole the election they were like crypto dark markets, mis and dis info crazy on steroids! Bold and working it left and right…they were destroying their nations…counting their unicorns in their sleep. EU opened Unicorn Tech center in Silicon Valley Sept. 1, 2022, and then BOOM!  November 2022, FTX “Uncle Sam Bankman Fried loses billions overnight! It is obvious now the NAZI RESET social credit currency was underway. But, Sam Bankman Fried got caught.

In summary: FTX took a hit, this exposed Zelensky and the Congress tax payer piggy bank thefts and boomeranged on “Mind the Gap”, a left liberal dot org. group sponsored by Sam’s mom Barbara Fried who works at Stanford University teaching tech Soonicorns and little by little inched into a big KABOOM with the fall of the Super Unicorn (Silicon Valley Bank) that EU modeled themselves after. The next thing you see is Suisse Credit Bank crashing like the Super Unicorn SVB and Swiss Bank bail out digging around for $200 Billion of real collateral… Signature Bank drowning with the lot of them. Most all big banks shaking trying not to fold. The result was massive layoffs of over 200 thousand tech jobs and hunted Soonicorns surrounded by spears! Unicoin taking a hit before it even gets off the ground, while the fiat dollar dies a slow death.

This was not their plan to lose their 200,000 tech jobs and banks. They were suppose to crash the markets and gather up the real properties in the repo housing markets and take all real property they could lay their hands on. They were going to make the money disappear…not scramble around in a panic trying to find 200 billion in real hard collateral to prop them up as in the case of Swiss Bank buying Suisse Credit. They wanted a clear Vanguard wipe out of market stocks and 401K accounts taking the fall… but something went haywire… they weren’t supposed to have funds confiscated and they weren’t supposed to have their coup torpedoed and the BRICS wasn’t suppose to have all nations but the west on a gold backed dollar. Tech jobs were supposed to stay. What happened? The Federal Reserve is falling, falling and something new is going to emerge.

And one more thing…. I did find that Unicorns are an “Initiatory Centered Magic” for Priestesses and Priests. 

The picture below is a Modern magic witchcraft card with polygonal astrology golden Unicorn zodiac sign. 

image 278

The Unicorn Tradition, has its own beliefs and practices in magic for Priestesses and Priests. It is practiced by Wiccans and Pagans and is an initiatory centered magic based, mystery tradition, which believes in the importance of face-to-face, hand-to-hand, teacher to student interaction. 

The UNICOIN is now making much more sense to its design, now isn’t it. Silly us, for not knowing such things. But then again, President Trump told us – “Whatever they say, it’s the opposite.” Once again… Trump was right!

image 279

That being said… one walks away with the gold…who will that one be? For the average person, silver is worth more than paper any day and if you leave it in your account, and we lose this war, the banks will freeze accounts, and you’re screwed anyway. So give it an all American push to at least have something in your hand. Buy copper if you can’t afford silver. Copper is rising too! Gold is ideal but at the current price… silver will be the greater profit ratio on your return in the long run.

We are winning. And the enemy isn’t fast to give up. They are desperate with nothing to lose and they are trying everything they can think of. And there are some who are now… plea bargaining and others who are gone and lots of rubber masks.

Keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God. Press, press, press.


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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