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Trump is running a very historically different campaign. He tells the truth, exposes the cheats up front, explains to the people how things all work, like super PACs and donors. He exposes the liars, and shows the people how they have been conned for decades. The people are responding and following the truth bearer. It is a charm.

I, for one, have learned a lot. I never knew Super PACs used names to gain money and then used their ads how they decided to use them. Trump was smart and wise to say – “Quit using my name in your Super PAC fund raiser!” Anyone can start a Super PAC in anyone’s name and take anywhere up to 80 percent off the top for running the PAC and do 20 percent of the funds in campaign ads any way they please. It was very educational to see how deceiving all the PACs are.

Your donations are not always working for you the way the PACs tell you. You are basically helping cons make money during elections and 20 cents on the dollar that you donate goes to some ad somewhere, and maybe not for the one you want to promote. That is the bottom line.

So, Americans….are you contributing to super PACS still or are you smart enough to know that there are other places to put your money?

Trump is a great teacher and a great American! A great leader and teller of truth! Meanwhile 39 cents will help someone eat for a day in Africa. If you believe that…contribute there too.

Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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