Stolen Election(S)!

A Prague Newspaper Quote did NOT HIT THE NAIL ON THE HEAD as some have said.

The Prague failed to say THE ELECTION WAS STOLEN and that President Trump WON BY A LANDSLIDE! It also failed to say that the Cabal’s Deep State have usurped the Government little by little and WE THE PEOPLE are AT WAR. A CIVIL WAR, CYBER WAR, A REVOLUTION against tryants who have plagued the entire world with the very same BIO-WARFARE and tyrannical mandates that even Prague is fighting against.


The cold hard truth is there is no BIDEN PRESIDENCY. There is a toppling of the government and a bankrupt USA Corporation that is exposed to the entire world for the maniacs they truly are. The ENTIRE WORLD IS UNDER THE SAME DOMINION BY THE VERY SAME CABAL OF EVIL RICH MEN WHO HAVE BEEN CONTROLLING NATIONS FROM DARK SHADOWS.

Patriotic Americans are not with a Prince of fools, we know we are watching a double, and a mind controlled mass of a walking fool with only demons dwelling inside its’ empty shell. We know the congress and senate is filled with corrupt players who have sold their souls to the beast system built by evil rich men, whom our real President Trump has said are not very smart.

So, another fake news report from another sold out source owned by the very same evil cabal that has put the world in a shaking blender, trying desperately to control everything through lies, fake pandemics, and all out bio-warfare.


“Massive Death Wave Coming Amidst Vaccine Mandates?”

Posted on August 6, 2021 by State of the Nation

“Just as the controllers from the world of finance use the rigged system to tweek their numbers digitally generated from a computer into vast amounts of usury-built wealth, never backed by anything of real-world value, the same scam goes down in the fake world of science, where the controllers pay millions to corrupt universities in carrot stick research grants in exchange for churning out fake science that generates obscene profit leading to more control, simply by cranking out tweeked digital numbers from a rigged PCR test misused to manufacture millions of fake Covid-19 diagnoses, along with rigged, preprogrammed algorithmic distortions that falsely projected millions will die from the runaway fake manmade viral pandemic with a .003%. death rate.

The entire world today is run by the same Luciferian bloodline overlords operating their false scams for centuries, driven by rigged results from every institutionally corrupted system and sector, both public and private.

“Look at America’s last rigged election, with rampant voter fraud and backdoor flipped electronic Dominion voting machines. The dominant two-party political system in virtually every country has been rigged against the people for a very long time. Be it subversive war gaming in geopolitics, banking, economics, science, education, communications media, today everything is fake, rigged and corrosively corruptible beyond repair.”

We know what is coming, who is doing it, and we know the news is fake and the fake news is now losing the propaganda war. So they can flush more fake usury into their rigged system, controlled by stupid greedy people who would rather have fake digital coins than a life of liberty and freedom. They have no god but the god of this world who is the devil himself and THE BIBLE CLEARLY DEFINES THAT!

So let the fools say what they are paid to say, the TRUTH SHALL ALWAYS PREVAIL.

The article also states the other side of the evil beasts system and its’ warfare:

“Turning to another sobering yet also much related ongoing global phenomenon, July’s unprecedented weather warfare applications and climate engineering appear to be wreaking havoc across the globe, causing simultaneous massive flooding in dozens of worldwide locations, while scorching heat, uncontrollable wildfires and droughts continue hammering California, the Northwest and the North American grain belt with relentless HAARP (Heat Active Atmospheric Research Program) generated ionospheric heat domes. Meanwhile, a killer frost and freak snowstorms in Brazil have decimated the world’s largest producer’s young coffee crop, while biblical flooding has crushed rainfall records not seen in over a century across BelgiumNetherlandsGermany, UK’s London, Luxembourg and Switzerland. Other European nations also hit with severe water damage include France, ItalyPoland, Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. The worst floods over the last 100 years have tragically left 1,300 Europeans missing and at least 120 known dead. While the American West and Northwest were literally baking under the hottest ever heat domes, with still a third of the month to go, enormous downpour records were broken in New England and New York, producing the wettest July ever, sandwiched between the repeat pattern of slow moving cross-country heat waves.

“Interesting to note that virtually every nation most recently drowning in super-floodwaters just days earlier were all taking to the streets in open rebellion and angry defiance, reacting to each nation’s tyrannical rollout of vaccine mandates, the elite’s beta test of what’s to come, knowing that forced jabs worldwide means death sentences for millions. Might the floods be the mafia cabal’s instant payback? Massive Death Wave Coming Amidst Vaccine Mandates | SOTN: Alternative News, Analysis & Commentary (


They are out to kill their people and now targeting the children, with toxic jabs and their leaders are the same as Biden. Put in position to do the bidding of the very same Cabal of wickedness. May God be with their innocent people who have b een sucked into the same showboat of ilussion. The exact same sorcery that has deceived one nation has deceived them all. Funny how the cabal has been able to buy so many leadership souls for so little a price. But that is how the devil works and why all who worship this beast system will fall and be no more. Hell shall enlarge itself to receive them all. Every last miserable one of them.

Coronavirus update, Aug. 25, 2021: Only one in four Czech children aged 12-15 has been vaccinated.

Plus: Stricter rules for defining risk contact, recurrent Covid incidence grows only slightly, pnademic receding slightly as R number stays under 1.0

One in four children aged 12–15 has been vaccinated

About a quarter of children aged from 12 to 15 in the Czech Republic received at least one Covid vaccine dose one week before the beginning of the school year and a further 9 percent of this group had the disease, the Institute of Health Information and Statistics (ÚZIS) said. There are some 456,500 children aged 12 to 15. Of them, 13 percent are fully vaccinated, while 12.5 percent have received the first Covid vaccine dose. Among the 1,485 young people aged 16 to 29 to whom Covid registration opened on June 4, roughly 48 percent received at least one dose and 9 percent had contracted the disease previously. School children who have been fully vaccinated or recovered from Covid won’t need to be tested when school starts. Coronavirus update, Aug. 25, 2021: Only one in four Czech children aged 12–15 has been vaccinated – Prague, Czech Republic (

Family of Florida Woman Who Died From COVID-19 Refuse to Get Vaccine

The same Czech Gov. has been pushing the transhumanism movement in their nation, and their people are no different than the USA. Half stupidly believe what they are told and the other half have been shouting out against it. But the world now would love to blame Americans for the wicked workings of the beast system, the same system that is attacking all states. Sad that the propaganda is so rich in blaming one nation, when their own government leaders, and all governments, are eating from the same global cabal table.

Why QAnon is attracting so many followers in Australia — and how it can be countered

Govt. to boost vaccination campaign

The Czech government is to approve on Monday extra CZK 50 million to boost the vaccination campaign.

“The problem is that fewer and fewer people register (for the vaccination),” Prime Minister Andrej Babiš said. He added that only some 6,300 people applied for the inoculation on Saturday. Furthermore, thousands of Czechs went to the European Football Championship in Hungary over the weekend, which might pose an epidemic threat, experts say. Babiš said he cannot ban people from going there and he can only urge them to be cautious. The campaign promoting the inoculation is to get further financial resources and engage popular personalities, music bands. Furthermore, companies have to get involved more, Babiš added. “Delta is here, we are monitoring it, but we cannot say we are already off the hook,” he said.Coronavirus update, June 28, 2021: Covid vaccination interval to be reduced, says Czech PM – Prague, Czech Republic (

So let the people wake up and see the real battle set before us is not about a FAKE PLANDEMIC, nor is it about a false flag war that is always funded by the same cabal and they do fund both sides. It is about depopulating the world population and controlling what is left. It is about a new world order and a transhuman agenda. So when the nations leaders wake up in hell, it will be too late for them to say…hey, I’m sorry…I was wrong. Those who are yet alive have a chance to turn from their wickedness…the question is…HOW MANY OF THEM WILL TURN AWAY?



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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