Standing Strong For The Kids!


Do you feel the Lord calling, do you feel His presence? Hold the line… come out from her my people and hold the line!

Because this is the best thing that we’ve seen since this COVID MESS STARTED… I’m showing it again!

Now this is an interesting clash. We have President Trump doing his thing… followed up by a 3-star retired general doing his thing.


image 56


image 57

So if you are confused at what the retired general is talking about… you are not alone, so are others. But one thing is certain, this shouts at the reader like an order. Pointed finger and every word. I do see that the needle that injected into the audit certainly moved the needle…it moved it backwards and we lost valuable time…a year in fact. And did he just say Americans go blindly into the voter booths? How does that stop the mules dumping stacks of fake ballots into boxes on the street corners? Does he even know what is taking place or does he just rely on those that told him Americans were stupid sheep?


Now, I’m not sure, but since he was not clear… I will guess at this, because with retired generals we always have to guess because they make money pushing bla, bla…they all have this advantage and they use it. So, was he calling President Trump a Pretender?  Who else?  Who is he telling to SHOVE IT? is that directed at anyone who has a question that he doesn’t want to answer? Which now are many… was that directed at patriots, or at Americans who want their constitution and are tired of the rigged elections and mandates and ask questions?  Who is he talking too?  Does he realize we have all continued to participate in the “civics citizens process” and we are getting results on our own? Without him? One town at a time, mostly moms?  We don’t all have time to buy tickets so he can give (I have heard) up to $70,000 speeches that lead no where.  Frankly he doesn’t have anything to say we haven’t heard for the last two years. And the rah, rah of getting off the hook by Sidney Powell has waned. So has his being pardoned by Trump which was merciful for him.

Meanwhile, Americans across the nation are helping causes in their own home towns, many have suffered business shut downs, steep fines, arrests, and have fought to get mask mandates stopped, fight on their own to save their children from jabs, and porno curriculums with NO FUNDING AND NO FOUNDATION AND MANY HAVE LOST THEIR JOBS AND DON’T HAVE MILLION DOLLAR FOUNDATIONS OR GO FUND MES! If there is a pretender, it sure isn’t anyone reading the retired generals rude and demeaning post.

I suspect the spirit of Python is not happy with the new release by Dinesh D’Souza, endorsed by President Trump that will be seen by millions and millions of people worldwide. That film is called 2000 Mules!

These so called “ticket sales monkeys” for the organ grinders have totally lost touch with every day people. That’s what having everything funded by donations does. It blinds people of the reality of what is taking place on Main Street USA.  It blinds those selling tickets to their own shows of a false self-importance. By now people see these have been designed to mesmerize, distract and push agendas. Their algorithms did not account for a mass awakening…and they left out the God factor … the one where the Lord is leading His people out from Babylon the Great!  They can sit and ponder that fact for a day or two, if they will?


Might I remind the retired general his foundation partner keeps making spooky videos that are threatening the lives and reputations of others. So, either he has no control over his business foundation associate or he’s okay with that behavior. So before he points another finger and tells us what is NONSENSE and who is a PRETENDER… he needs to get a broom and dustpan and sweep up the mess his foundation partner is creating. Better yet he needs to take a mop bucket and clean up the podcast smear in Isle 9 where the last pile of bull was dumped … it’s all still steaming and “Byrning” hot.

image 59

Meanwhile In Canada…

image 58

America has a future that still belongs to our children. Many are called and chosen for such a time as this to take a stand to stop the madness through the court systems legally. They are busy taking a stand! They don’t have time for carny barkers and jive time shows that put people to sleep with a repeat of the last two years of same old, same old….it is time to save our children! Let each do what they do best!

And just because it’s so darn good…here are the kids cheering NO MASKS again!!!

Keep on Pressing into the Kingdom of God…follow His lead. When God says go, you go. When God says stand still…you stand still. Press, press, press and pray unceasing!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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