When you look at the clear bold, easy to find, in your face evidence of vote fraud and foreign election interference, and look at the outpouring in the streets of support for the real president that was elected by the people…one can only see something huge coming. No one is conceding to allow a coup to take over the nation that began before the 2016 election and continues to this day. Those who oppose have been sloppy in thier take down attempt. The fake news is writing everything they can to distort the truth as though repetition will make their lies a reality. It’s a mind control strategy that has not only failed, it has angered the people! The more the vote theft continues to be ignored, the bigger the issue becomes and the Supreme Court has now entered into the hall of shame.

Kim Clement in his prophecies had foreseen this day where as he foretold, “Highly embarrassing moments for the Supreme Court”. Well, we are watching that take place, just as he had been shown and shared would take place.

But what we have known of the corruption is not knew, it is merely being confirmed that every one who doubted the courts were not corrupt are now able to see that they are and the sad state of affairs of the nation. This is nothing new for from the start we have been a nation in turmoil fighting for justice. Our history is full of case after case where Justice was on trial and many times blind of the truth for 30 pieces of silver and or pressure from those with power and influence.

stand for freedom don039t look back keep your eyes on freedom

But what did anyone really expect? It was never going to be easy to stand against evil. It never is. But it can be done and throughout history it is also those who stand against it at its’ hardest blows that secure the freedom of those who come after. So stand against the evil and believe not the lies – hold to the truth and look toward the finish line of victory. Pray for the nation and may God have the glory in the battle. Amen.


Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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