Sour Grape Eating Candidates And Common Core Pundit Math Does Not A Trump Bring Down…

It is getting almost comical and yet irritating to listen to the numerous Karl Roves with their charts and analytics of the voters who voted for Trump and the reason Trump is winning.  All obviously using Common Core math.
I have decided if we take the number of Americans that voted for Trump, and add to that the rest of America who are labeled a democrat or independent and tally those numbers we may have a landslide for Trump.  Why?  Because he is for all Americans across the nation.  Not just a label.  He is the same in South Carolina as he is in Arizona, Michigan, or Nevada.  He is the same guy in New York as he is in Iowa.  He is who he is.  He isn’t looking at the way he is supposed to act here nor act there. There are no special Cruz data mining specs to be used with Trump.  It is well known by all in the Trump Campaign to “LET TRUMP BE TRUMP!”
On the other hand Cruz is frantically going through the social media data mining spyware results looking for what he is to be or not to be in Nevada. He also thinks he is the only candidate that can beat Trump as he continues to talk like he actually beat him in Iowa.  He thinks we all forgot he frauded Carson and  committed other election violations, like sending out a fraudulent mailer shaming voters of which the Iowa state attorney quickly reprimanded him for.  Meanwhile the GOP remained silent, and did nothing.
His first mistake is believing that Americans are as stupid as the establishment has told him they are and his second mistake is continuing to act as though we all are.
We all watched as Cruz continued his nasty acts in New Hampshire, losing.  Then continued them on to South Carolina, again losing.  I’m sure he will continue the same dastardly deed in Nevada and add something more to it.  Like going along with Beck that all evangelicals are now heathens and nothing they want to be called.  The suspense is mind boggling for those who care?  I am focused on Trump and winning.  I’m only watching Cruz because he has proven to be a cheater, liar, and deceitful below the belt hitter with no sign of remorse. He’s a very dangerous person.
The entire election process is so out of control it’s in the toilet. The media, pundits and establishment hacks are actually on cable news conducting a GOP campaign that has their front runner Trump slapped around worse than any red headed stepchild.  In fact it is so bad it makes Cinderella’s meanest, wicked stepsister look like Mary Poppins.
So I hear Beck is calling a fast for  Cruz Monday thing…because he is no longer a misplaced Mormon who thought he was an evangelical, with some 7 Mountain Dominionism thrown in there, and now wants only to be called a Christian?  Let’s see how long that takes before he is disillusioned on that one?  Will he then be like Gandhi?  The man who said-  I like your Jesus but I don’t like your Christians because they don’t act like your Jesus?
Time will tell.  Right now both Beck and Cruz are having a post South Carolina melt down.
Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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