This word has been given to me to say to those who have ears to hear and eyes to see. I am not a prophet, but I have been blessed to have the Lord guide me through the Holy Spirit and it was laid on my heart to share this to anyone who has eyes to see and ears to hear.


President Trump has given up his life, his privacy, his fortune, and his brand in order to stand as a gap between a wall of evil and WE GOD’S PEOPLE THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE WORLD. Not just in the United States but throughout the entire world. For it will be done without argument nor debate.

We have all watched the media, the congress, senate, and even members of his own cabinet bear false witness against him and drag his name through the mire, the crap, the streets, and proclaim falsehood after falsehood from the house tops for the entire world to see and hear. They have lied to the people and shamefully loved every minute of it.

They shamefully spent the last four years in congress and the senate doing nothing for the people that would heal wounds, and unite. Instead they gathered in secret and devised wicked plans to rid the nation of its President elected by the people. They tried to assassinate him numerous times, they tried to impeach him, now twice! They have treated Melania worse most horribly.  They mocked the son Baron and still do every chance they think they can get away with it. They have stolen the vote of the people, corrupted the courts in the land, and the SCOTUS Chief Justice Roberts of the most highest court – the Supreme Court is led by the nose doing the bidding of wicked men and women.

sound the shofar

These same have stolen children from families legally through Child Protective Services and sent them off to slaughter through underground tunnels leading into the secret chambers of the White House. They have stolen children and sold them to those doing sacrifices to Baal in rituals that are utter abomination to man, let alone kindle the anger and wrath of God almighty!  They have trafficked humans and children for sacrifices of blood drinking it! Gluttons for more blood they continue to torture and extract 10cc’s of adrenaline from necks of children and babes for future manufacture of adrenochrome.  They have partaken of these unclean acts on a world scale. Do you not know that God created the entire world and all his people fill it?

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What part of this evil has God blessed? NONE OF IT!  And yet, there are many that shout,  “What about me? What about me?” They shout, I am tired of nothing happening. I grow weary waiting. Yet, they sit in their homes protected. They have not had their names spit on, nor wealth stripped. They have not been made a public mockery nor attempt of assassination on their lives. They go to work, eat well, and sleep soundly at night only to rise and point fingers at those called by my name and appointed by me saith the Lord of Hosts.

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In the hour of my anointed that I have sent to lead you, where are my people called by my name that have said yes we believe and we must also stand for what is right in the eyes of God? Why have many of you abandoned my words? Where is your faith? Do not abandoned my son  Yeshua in the days of the great sacrifice.  I have hidden A LEADER for a little while because many have foolishly looked to men and not to me? Awake people and behold before it is too late for the Lord’s wrath is kindled and it is fomenting.

The Trumpets are Blowing! |

Thus saith the Lord, I shall end this evil and bring the oppression and my wrath down upon their own heads. The heads of those who seek to oppress my people I shall smite them all from the greatest to the smallest! There will be no escaping for I the Lord hath said it and it shall not be annulled! Search now the words of my prophets of old and know the hour is at hand that I shall shake the earth exceedingly and it is now even shaking.

But to my people called by my name, I say to you, stand still and watch the salvation of the Lord. For you were not appointed to the great wrath of the Lord God Almighty. I will send forth justice throughout the world, for the sins of the wicked ones have reached into the heavens and I am not mocked, saith the Lord of Hosts!

 I have already unleashed my angelic army to guard my anointed and to unleash my fury out on those who desire to oppress and to devour my word, and my people! What they do in the dark shall be brought out into the light and they shall be found naked and shamed. There will be no escaping for what they thought to do to my people shall be heaped upon their own heads. Stand still and behold the coming of the great army of angelic host!

Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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