So What’s Up Generals?

Throw us a bone here, we’re tired of decoding the show!

According to Martin Brode, the military is in charge and they are taking a soft approach…and he suggests to the Generals in the video below that if they are doing a soft approach, they need to send something written out to let us know because they are doing a terrible job of keeping us informed. He let’s the generals know that those who are reporting the real facts are doing all they can and they need to do better at releasing the information they want us to know. Martin told the Generals it would be a smart move if they started to make the arrests of the sort of people who have broken the law that everyone knows about, instead of letting them stay free and keep doing more. He clearly states he believes it is time for them to start to make some arrests and send a few shock waves throughout the democratic community and the RINO community.

Please watch this video and listen to Martin Brode. This guy is good!

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Click link for video: Military Arrests White House Deputy Chief of Staff (

Brode reads some more stupid things the people in office are doing that are lawless and crooked then asks the generals… “Is all this stupidity really necessary? Does America really need it? Maybe some of it…” (he winces) “… but all of it? No, no.” he says shaking his head, “It’s not needed, not at all.”

One of my favorite lines Martin said was, “You’re doing a really good job of making everyone look normal. (Meaning the doubles who keep getting away with proclaiming stupid things and having no consequences.) You’re putting people to sleep. Ya know, if I were to hire someone to put a child to sleep, I would hire you generals. That’s who I would hire. You guys would do a great job of putting them soundly to sleep.” Then he added, “By the way that’s not a compliment to you generals, just so you know.”

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Martin gave the Generals a wakeup call telling them they are daring the people to take things into their own hands. He speaks a lot of what is on the minds of many people, and I found his talk right along with what I, and many have been thinking. He hit many things out of the ballpark. Especially his input on Putin and his praises of Putin taking care of Ukraine and having their mission accomplished and now waiting on Trump to catch up.

It appears that Putin came out by way of Real Raw News the other day and told Trump, get a hold and get back into office before it’s too late. Martin commented that Putin accomplished his mission in Ukraine and started doing things a little sooner than the White Hats wanted him to do and now they have to play catch up.

“You know Generals, just so you understand something here, people have known, for those of us…we’ve known for almost two years that this is not the real Biden. We get it, we got it a long time ago. Ya know, and yet you want to keep up the charade… I mean honestly, this sh….t is old. It’s old Generals, it really is. And all you’re doing is putting more and more people to sleep.”

Martin Brode said a whole lot more… but these openers were great.

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Which all this got me to wondering… is Zelensky really that stupid or is he a plant also? Is he part of the plan? Trump did get along with him when he met him?

Well, things are taking a shift and hopefully a fast track is in order. Here’s what we have seen take place in this episode and season of the “show”.

We have now seen the majority of nations take a stand against the UN WHO Big Pharma, and their games to rule the world under the direction of their Villain named Klaus Schwab. NATO has showed the world their weakest links and indecisive puppet leaders who need help tying their shoes. We have heard the unamazing grade school whines of failure and dumb ideas from the DAVOS think tanks. They really don’t know much about human behavior or sheep herding…and have proven themselves to be sheep themselves needing their fearless leader Klaus to praise their stupid ideas and herd them over or pawn them off to other round tables where they can talk stupid together and hold hands.

We know Biden is a double, and there are a lot of other doubles like Fauci, Birx, Kamala, Pelosi, and a bunch more. 84 year old Klaus looks much younger this year than he has in a very, long time. In fact his 2014 WEF Assembly has him looking much older and his features are less prominent.

So you can call this satire, or call it fake news… all the while watch what is taking place in the real world and tell me that Klaus wanting to turn children into trans-humans and take away every humans ability to think for themselves and promising you will have nothing and be happy doesn’t sound a lot like satire? Even when everyone is watching him and others say it?

The point is… if you don’t want to hear what is happening… saying it isn’t so does not, nor ever has made it so.

Keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God! Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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