Attorney Lin Wood has given a homework assignment to patriots to find out what the THE COLORLESS REVOLUTION is. To do that we need to return back to the teachings of Karl Marx and his influence on the world beast. And so I said, “Here I am Lin Woods, I have a book on it!” So here is a fast track lesson number 1 from my book written in 2009 released in 2010.

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Consider this a free E-BOOK. This is just one chapter and it says it all!

In my book Sly Foxes, Wolves, and Men, Is Marxism Growing In America, I cover the progressive democracy and how it has grown in America into what we were about to see if we did nothing then, and where we would end of if we allowed it. Well, here we are ten years later and yes, we are exactly where I predicted we would be if we did nothing and allowed it to progress. I am putting out chapters of my book that explains the colorless revolution to the T. This, my friends is where we are today…and why Attorney Lin Wood said to write about it!


Sly Fox Karl Marx was a revolutionist, gifted with the intellect to write his philosophies in a manner that would influence social thinking well beyond his grave and continue into the twenty first century.  His Economic and Philosophical Manuscripts of 1844, well express his distain for capitalism, that he termed the “Bourgeois Society”.  These manuscripts have  empowered and instructed the minds of those desiring the formation of whatever form of communist manifesto they have desired.  His first instruction was to define the bourgeois (capitalistic) society as those who own the means of production and calling them the bourgeoisie (business owners).  The bourgeoisie’s “grubby little workers”, as he many times called them, he titled the “proletariat” which he defined as a class of people who have nothing to sell but their capacity to work.  His manuscripts reflect the opinion that money and all forms of credit reach their highest peak in a bourgeois (capitalistic) society and as a result, life “happens” to people in the same way as the weather happens to people, with money flowing according to its own laws.  His work pointed out that people’s lives are driven by money and other commodities, whose value is determined by worldly forces.  Marx’s Economic and Philosophical Manuscripts of 1844 stir up civil unrest and lend ideas to those who desire to control the masses.  And here is how it works:

The proletariat (average laborer) who either reads information or listens to a lecture of this nature, begins to reason that what Marx is saying makes sense.  The vain logic begins to draw the reader into the Marxist way of thinking. 

One sided views presented with exaggerated or isolated scenarios are pushed, and pushed, and pushed, as former White House Green Czar, Van Jones says, until the new convert is indoctrinated.  The words continue to be presented in a lopsided prejudicial view that feeds the worst case scenario fears of the poor and working class.  This gives new life to the ideology that the worker  is merely a tool to make the rich richer, while they stay poor. 

Once the mind takes the bait, the skilled Marxist educator switches the tone very subtly, creating a need for revolt against the modern productive forces of capitalism and its rule. i.e. The false ideology that capitalism is merely a means to enslave the masses.  This presents job opportunities as an enemy, especially those involving manual labor, rather than a means of self reliance.  For the work of Karl Marx reads like a master plan of creating worse case scenarios that place all business owners and corporations in the same pool of corruption against the worker. 

All gratitude for the opportunity of employment with the chance of advancement through a sound work ethic is replaced with prejudicial mantras that promote dictates be made on the employer of how he shall run his business. These dictates generally limit the owners wage earnings through excessive taxation because he earns too much money.  These dictates also grant the entitlement of an inflated self perceived income to the laborer.  i.e.: paid like a business owner, without investment of finances, education, long hours of building and training, reinvesting income and profits to establish the sound structure needed to hire others for employment.  Thus, one can perceive how in the beginning stages, union leaders can be very supportive of this ideology.  An owners pay for the laborer without the required investment is the goal.

Once these scenarios are instilled in the mind, the new convert is controlled and easily led in the dangerous direction of those who are leading him.  Unfortunately, the sly foxes and wolves whose words of fairness sound good, have no long term plan for the survival of the masses once the break down of the bourgeois (capitalistic) society begins.  And because their is no real plan for the people, other than adopting the masses into an ideology, when the goal is reached to create the utopia of equality for all,  the ones that have led the masses will be anointed as their permanent leaders.  While those who anointed them are left to serve their new leaders in whatever capacity they so deem.

I shudder to imagine what could take place should this happen to America.  Presently I have not heard any real concrete plans being shared, the chant of building a better America through hope and change doesn’t explain very much about the results. But, from listening to the radical ideals from many of the appointed czars and congress leaders, and looking at the bills they’ve presented before the house; they appear to prefer the style of shooting from the hip and writing the details as they go along.  Get the permission first, then decide exactly how to do things later.  A sly fox way of governing carte blanche.  This seems to be the standard of acceptable practice, but it doesn’t go over with the majority of a free public very well.  However, this approach does render lots of flexibility to experiment since the writings in the bills encompass all possibilities of change.   

I can perceive a situation where there would eventually be no unions only a social working class who would bear the entire tax burdens on their backs.  For when the industries are nationalized, the rich will not pay the majority of the tax, they will disappear.   And since the government does not pay taxes, they collect them, where else could the tax burden go?  All incomes, except the privileged few, will be limited to a government fair wage plan.  Similar to the government minimum wage.  With the government nationalizing the system fair and equal, the people won’t need a lot of income.   For the unemployed will be positioned into the compulsory work system, and the ration cards of fairness will be doled out for all.  This new system that tolerates none, if little, feedback from its’ citizens will eventually go broke or hand itself over to a New World Order.  For with the governments expeditionary work forces (standing armies), there will be little chance to revolt.

In the propaganda process of becoming a fair and balanced free society, they will quote Karl Marx changing around the words to suit their goals, and take the credit for the ideals of their cause that prove the Capitalistic society is the root of all the evil. Listen carefully to the underlying message in this excerpt of Karl Marx from the “Manifesto of the Communist Party”:

Concerning the epidemic of a capitalistic society’s over production.

“Society suddenly finds itself put back into a state of momentary barbarism; it appears as if a famine, a universal war of devastation, had cut off the supply of every means of subsistence; industry and commerce seem to be destroyed.  And why?  Because there is too much civilization, too much means of subsistence, too much industry, too much commerce.  The productive forces at the disposal of society no longer tend to further the development of the conditions of bourgeois property; on the contrary, they have become too powerful for these conditions, by which they are fettered, and so soon as they overcome these fetters, they bring disorder into the whole of bourgeois society, endanger the existence of bourgeois property.  The conditions of bourgeois society are too narrow to comprise the wealth created by them.  And how does the bourgeoisie get over these crisis?  On the one hand, by enforced destruction of a mass of productive forces; on the other, by the conquest of new markets, and by the more thorough exploitation of the old ones.  That is to say, by paving the way for more extensive and more destructive crises, and by diminishing the means whereby crises are prevented.”

Karl Marx – Manifesto of the Communist Party – Chapter 1: Bourgeios and Proletarians.

      This excerpt, explains the present economic and financial problems our country is experiencing today.  It gives new light to how the ground work might have been laid, by an infiltrated system of worker wolves that made its’ way into America’s Bourgeois “Capitalistic” enterprises, and its government.  Wolves who manufactured a financial crisis designed to replace the existing structure with a new concept the manipulators call progressive democracy.  Could it be that the true leaders behind this are the world financiers who run the world banking cartels, whose interests are global.  For they aren’t concerned with just one nation, they are heavily vested internationally. 

 The fact is the only remaining free capitalistic  “Bourgeois”  society that stands in the way of a New World Order and a new monetary system is the United States of America.  Those dang patriots who appreciate their jobs and pay their taxes are in the way.  Too much civilization, too much means of subsistence, too much industry, too much commerce.  Did they try to override the system by pushing bad loans into the housing industry, push it, push it, push it?  Is that why no one caught it in time?  Did they manipulate the stock markets so they would come crashing down creating the crisis for the government to borrow trillions.  Money we needed or else, and almost a year later, they’ve only spent 15% of it?   Now we see in the Marxist strategy above, it is designed to destroy a capitalistic society.  It is right out of the Manifesto playbook. 

  Create an energy crisis, cap and trade people as well as carbon emissions!  Give the “smelt” legal water rights and deny the delta farmers in California irrigation for their crops, thus increased food shortages and more unemployment. This really happened!   Nationalize health care, dictate professional wages and how hospitals and clinics operate; accuse insurance companies of villainy so you can force them out of business, thus, adding to the unemployment; crash the markets, borrow trillions, create massive unemployment by controlling every penny in the system.  This is all real.  Those sly foxes and wolves have already done or are in the process of establishing this. Cap and trade has passed congress; the smelt are still hogging all of the water in the Delta while the farmers go broke; nationalized healthcare is on the table and creating a mass outcry of disagreement from the majority of the citizens; all the while congress is trying to figure out how to push it, push it, push it!  Unemployment is skyrocketing, and no new jobs are being created except for the government positions.  It seems that those who support the progressive ideology have been appointed czars and the Acorn Organization will take charge of the census. The words from Karl Marx show us the plan.  Remember it said, “And how does the bourgeoisie (business owner) get over these crisis?  On the one hand by enforced destruction of a mass of productive forces; on the other, by the conquest of new markets, and by the more thorough exploitation of the old ones.  That is to say, by paving the way for more extensive and more destructive crises, and diminishing the means whereby crises are prevented.”

 That explains what happened to offshore drilling, and clean coal.  It was destroyed and thoroughly exploited to pave the way for the more extensive and destructive crisis of “Green” projects like “cap and trade” being shoved through congress, thereby diminishing the means to prevent the crisis of affordable energy.  To quote our President, Barack Hussein Obama, “This will sky rocket energy costs”.  Why, at a time when the financial stability of a country is in a free fall, would a responsible government impose such a sky rocketing taxation on its’ citizens?  The answer lies in the writings of Karl Marx. It is to enforce the destruction of a mass of productive forces, by the conquests of new markets; and diminishing the means whereby crises are prevented!  Running electrical appliances, heating and cooling our homes, schools, and workplaces are in limbo until new markets are developed, thereby impoverishing a nation.  Why?  Is it to produce an enslaved society, that will do anything the government says in order to survive with a sense of normality? 

  We are presently experiencing a revolutionary process that Marx writings confirm must take place in order to establish the new utopia.

“Freedom consists in converting the state from an organ superimposed upon society into one completely subordinate to it; and today, too, the forms of state are more free or less free to the extent that they restrict the “freedom of the state”.

Between capitalist and communist society there lies the period of the revolutionary transformation of the one into the other.  Corresponding to this is also a political transition period in which the state can be nothing but the revolutionary dictatorship of the proletariat.”

Marx/Engels – Critique of the Gotha Programme, Part IV

 What freedom is Marx referring to?  Oh yes, the freedom from capitalism.  And in this revolutionary process the proletariat (laborer) will be dictator over the state while capitalism is destroyed.  Does this make anyone wonder of the presidents motivation for handing over the majority of General Motors to the union laborers?  Does anyone want to investigate the entire process of the death of our auto industries again?

Presently in the Pelosi/Reid run congress, we are witnessing a revolutionary dictatorship, right before our eyes.  If I sound ranting, it is to alert the reader of the process that this congress are walking us, or steam rolling us into.  Sly Foxes and wolves use slight of hand to implement their strategies, and stick to the directions in the words of the experts in their strategic playbooks.  Does this sound familiar?

” This dictatorship consists in the manner of applying democracy, not in its elimination, but in energetic, resolute attacks upon the well-entrenched rights and economic relationships of bourgeois (capitalistic) society, without which a socialist transformation cannot be accomplished.  This dictatorship must be the work of the class and not of a little leading minority in the name of the class – that is, it must proceed step by step out of the active participation of the masses; it must be under their direct influence, subjected to the control of complete public activity; it must arise out of the growing political training of the mass of the people.” Rosa Luxemburg, The Russian Revolution, Democracy and Dictatorship.

The best way to reverse the revolution is to use the same methods in the Marxist  playbook, when one does he will have the advantage, for those who appose this revolution  are the majority not the minority.  It is time for the majority to stand up and lead the way, actively participating in the freedom of assembly, and expose the agenda as they publicly denounce it.  They must encourage the majority to vote out of office those who have participated in this progressive liberal takeover, all who have voted to insure our increased taxation without representation and all who have voted for the “Bills” that have little by little jeopardized our free capitalistic society.  All who put “smelt” and “mother earth” ahead of human beings and their livelihoods would do well to remember that the smelt and the earth’s mother are not allowed to vote, at least not yet.  They would be wise to remember the registered voter who liked their country the way it was; as well as those who wanted change for the better, and not demolition, hold the power to fire them out of office.  That is the tool U.S. citizens have to stop the destruction of their country before it is beyond retrieving.

  As an American proletariat (a citizen who had nothing to sell but my ability to work), I never felt oppressed by the capitalistic system.  Growing up poor, I was glad to have the privilege to be hired for my first jobs.  Those were shoveling snow, and doing yard work for neighbors.  I’d work all day and was grateful for the 75 cents from Mrs. Newman.  Those were my first entrepreneurial efforts.  I was not alone, in the 50’s and early 60’s that’s what most kids did!   Being poor was a bit more motivation, but when I was sixteen and got my first real job, it was called having an opportunity to better yourself;  not oppression.  A person did their best to please their employer.  Just because they were taught to take pride in whatever work they did.  For years I worked in this system and then one day I stepped out an took a risk as a business owner.  I had the privilege of doing without so I could reinvest and build a business.  Crazy? 

Capitalist business owners are supposed to be rich right?   Well, that’s one big lie that Marxism created along with many more.  The point is, there is no such thing as a free pass, for the majority of any society.  The Biblical scripture agrees that if a man will not work, he shall not eat.  Work is more abundant to the proletariat worker in a free society based on capitalistic values and principals than any other system.  But, you need one important thing to go with it or it doesn’t work well.  I was fortunate to have had that one thing instilled in me from my youth.  That thing is called a good work ethic. Our founding fathers instilled a hard work ethic into their children, and that passed down throughout the generations. 

In the days of the forming of the constitution, 85% of Americans were self reliant, God fearing people.  A good work ethic and the opportunities found in a free Capitalist society, based on Biblical principals and values is what built America into the wealthiest nation in the world. Our forefathers did not need any help or favors from the government, nor did the millions of immigrants who by settling here found a wealth of opportunities far greater than the socialized governments overseas could ever offer. Marxist strategies were not designed to be admired by the free entrepreneurial spirit, they only lent appeal to those in real or perceived bondage.   The strong American work ethic is truly the biggest enemy against Marxism.   People who believe in an honest days work would never agree to the false lottery based promises of a Marxist agenda.  Commune living is not an option.  It’s not American.    

There are big differences between an honest days work in exchange for an honest days pay and redistribution of wealth.  Marxism teaches the redistribution of another mans labor.  Marxism defines distribution as the process whereby the total social product is divided up among the population.  Such ideology not only breeds discord, it goes against Biblical principals.  The only ones it appeals to are those who do not work; will not work;  don’t understand that they need to work (generally those still living at home or off their families); or those who now unemployed have lost everything and are in desperate need to provide for their families and will do whatever it takes to survive.

The direction our present administration is leading us, with all of their proposed factions in place, if left unchallenged can only produce higher unemployment, increased foreclosures, increased crime, civil rioting, possibly resulting in the horrors of martial law and  when the dust is cleared, ending with a redistribution of all social products and commodities including food, healthcare, housing, transportation tokens, and government rationing. 

Many conservative talk show hosts share the observation that this present economic state of affairs appears to have been strategically manufactured by outside influences in order to move the masses over to a new way of thinking.  The continued rise in unemployment serves the Marxist agenda.  It prepares society for the next phase of the revolution.  Again, this must be carried out by the enforced (generated crisis) destruction  of a mass of productive forces (like employment).  

When one looks at America’s economy and its’ industries, especially those in the news like the energy, auto, healthcare, and banking, one can hardly not think about the possibility of a revolution, and wonder how far into the process we have come.  There is little doubt left that these are not being exploited to pave the way for more extensive and destructive crises, called nationalization.  The same for our children’s education, that is being manipulated as well.  Many parents and teachers are outraged at the mandatory educational curriculums for their children and grandchildren that are targeting topics that should be left up to the parent for instruction such as: personal religious beliefs; sex education; gender and transgender issues; theoretical mandatory beliefs like evolution; and political bias.  Text books have made their way into public media debate for their content and questionable authenticity in truth and facts, and much investigation is being done in the “adopt a text book” program.  This program allows educators to alter the McGraw Hill or any text book teaching format to interject their style of teaching and views.  This type of educational indoctrination of our children pre K and up is getting hard for many parents to swallow and they are speaking out at school forums and to the press.  

We must take a stand to refuse the Marxist views on the value of life based on perceived societal contributions, and the indoctrination of our children’s’ minds.  The question is, how long did these sly foxes and wolves think that “We the People” would  follow along before we caught on.  Now that we are alerted, what do we do to stop the roller coaster on the way down?  Do we just hang on tight to the Republic for which it stands, with our hands in the air screaming?   And when the ride swings on its’ way back up do we try to jump off?  No, we must follow the path of our founding fathers and unite as a people to preserve our liberties and our God given constitution.

We must follow the course and stay on message.  As citizens of the United States of America, we have inherited a profound history that not only shows us  how to follow in our founding fathers footsteps, but, we  have also inherited documents of truths to serve as great guides to steadily steer us onward in this great journey.  These documents of truths are layered with warnings of a past that serve to alert our present of the dangerous actions of others.  They serve to identify the sly advances of foxes and wolves and the small breeches that build bridges to tyranny.    They serve as a warning that we may recognize the subtle deceits of the forth-coming advancements, designed to steer us off our course.   These great guides of inheritance are the Declaration of Independence and The Constitution of the United States of America.    Within these documents, we have the truths written by God-fearing men, which will forever serve as a strong frame of reference and guidelines that determine what exactly are the rights of each citizen and what constitutes oppression and tyranny.   

These documents are that of a dear abolition of bondage.  They are based on biblical principals and were carefully written by God -fearing men—men who deserve the respect and gratitude of each beating heart that make up the collective conscience of “We the People.”

As a frame of reference and as a reminder for today, let us reread some of these great words that our Founding Fathers, brothers, and sisters so willingly gave up their lives, their fortunes, and sacred honor to fight for.   As in the beginning and throughout all of the years of this great nation, “We the People” of today forever hold an obligation to follow suit to uphold these truths for our future generations.  May we remember them always.

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End of Book Chapter… Consider this a free ebook for that is what it is.
Sly Foxes, Wolves and Men is a book full of facts, documented with executive orders, patents, all sources sited, and follows what are now historic events.
One that must be read by every American who wants to know what their progressive democracy is and why they are pushing it! I will try to put the chapters out for free on the Marshall Report as we go along. Saving America is what this is all about!

Dianne Marshall


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