Sidney Says The Kraken Is Having Thanksgiving Dinner!

The Kraken is cracking the case just like Sidney Powell said it would. The American team is pushing hard and fast, with little sleep if any, fighting the front lines of defense to save America from the sedition that has raised its’ wicked head and threatened our nation’s very survival!

The tireless efforts of every patriot that have joined together to stop the invasion to destroy the constitution and overthrow the United States Government is remembered in our Thanksgiving prayers as we bless the food the Lord has given us this day.

Sidney Powell: Trump's getting ready to overturn election results in  multiple states – Headlines 360

Patriot homes are sending powerful prayers to all who fight the good fight to protect “We The People” and asking for God’s mighty power to lift up those who have come forth to defend this great nation against those that seek to destroy her by stealth. We thank the Lord for their brave perseverance to stop those who desire to strip us of our God given rights set forth in the constitution of the people, for the people, by the people. The same ones whose desire is to usher in a lockstep Global dominance over the entire globe.

Happy Thanksgiving from Kraken Aquatics! We hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving  Day and cherish… | Happy thanksgiving, Cherish every moment, In this moment

On this day of Thanksgiving as many governors demand their lock downs, masks, and limit our gathering, we will not be dismayed for God has given this nation great hope in sending an army of patriots led by a mighty team of America’s best civilian and military might to defend and protect us all against enemies foreign and domestic !

In the Michigan Filing alone we find in Exhibit 105, the Countries/Groups Involved in US Election 2020 Access/Manipulation a shocking number of nations involved – Belgrade, Serbia Iran (address tied to Netherlands server) China Canada HSBC Bank Canada BMA Capital Management DVSCORP (Chinese Domain) Indivisible (formerly ACORN). Click on this link to read all of the Kraken decoded evidence released so far: gov.uscourts.mied.350905.1.15.pdf (

And then we have the complaint filed against Georgia. At the end of the massive 104 page complaint, Sidney Powell states on page 100:

For these reasons, Plaintiff asks this Court to enter a judgment in their favor and provide the following emergency relief:
1. An order directing Governor Kemp, Secretary Raffensperger and the Georgia State Board of Elections to de-certify the election results;
2. An order enjoining Governor Kemp from transmitting the currently certified election results to the Electoral College;
3. An order requiring Governor Kemp to transmit certified election results that state that President Donald Trump is the winner of the election;

On page 101:

4. An immediate order to impound all the voting machines and software in Georgia for expert inspection by the Plaintiffs.
5. An order that no votes received or tabulated by machines that were not certified as required by federal and state law be counted.
6. A declaratory judgment declaring that Georgia Secretary of State Rule 183-1-14-0.9-.15 violates the Electors and Elections Clause, U.S. CONST. art. I, § 4;
7. A declaratory judgment declaring that Georgia’s failed system of signature verification violates the Electors and Elections Clause by working a de facto abolition of the signature  verification requirement;
8. A declaratory judgment declaring that current certified election results violates the Due Process Clause, U.S. CONST. Amend. XIV;
9. A declaratory judgment declaring that mail-in and absentee ballot fraud must be remedied with a Full Manual Recount or statistically valid sampling that properly verifies the signatures on absentee ballot envelopes and that invalidates the certified results if the recount or sampling analysis shows a sufficient number of ineligible absentee ballots were counted;

On page 102:

10. An emergency declaratory judgment that voting machines be Seized and Impounded immediately for a forensic audit—by plaintiffs’ expects;
11. A declaratory judgment declaring absentee ballot fraud occurred in violation of Constitutional rights, Election laws and under state law;
12. A permanent injunction prohibiting the Governor and Secretary of State from transmitting the currently certified results to the Electoral College based on the overwhelming evidence of election tampering;
13. Immediate production of 36 hours of security camera recording of all rooms used in the voting process at State Farm Arena in Fulton County, GA from 12:00am to 3:00am until 6:00pm on November 3.
14. Plaintiffs further request the Court grant such other relief as is just and proper, including but not limited to, the costs of this action and their reasonable attorney fees and expenses pursuant to 42 U.S.C. 1988.

Click on link to see the filing: COMPLAINT-CJ-PEARSON-V.-KEMP-11.25.2020.pdf (

Marc E. Elias on Twitter: "🚨NEW: Sidney Powell files an odd election  lawsuit in Georgia. Evidently the Kraken doesn't use spell-check.… "

The names of those that make the headlines are backed by the tireless efforts of those behind the scenes diligently laboring to save this great nation. Those people although not seen, named, or highlighted are the back bone of President Trump, Sidney Powell, Rudy Giuliani, L Lin Wood, General Michael Flynn, Jenna Ellis, and the entire United States Military and special forces. From every digital warrior, to the least of those who bend a knee in prayer…no one can say who is greater than the other for together WE THE PEOPLE make up this GREAT NATION. And no one is above the other in this great stand we take together to save AMERICA’S FREEDOM!

God bless each and every one on this day and each day forward for the storm is here and we are marching through it TOGETHER to the end! Remembering always that the victory belongs to God for it is nothing short of a miracle to take down this giant that has stomped on our God given liberty and justice for all!

Sidney Powell – Kraken has been cracked “We are at war!” – YouTube

Dianne Marshall

Sidney Powell Releases the 'Kraken' in Georgia: Explosive New Lawsuit –  Jane Jane Jane

By Dianne Marshall

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