LOOK TO THE PROGRESS AND THE GOOD NEWS! The Left wishes to make you feel isolated and hopeless, by pushing lies 24/7. Turn that off – look at the progress and listen to the truth!

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Sidney Powell is working diligently for “We The People”. The Lord is leading her as a shepherd for the flock of America and has given her a warrior’s heart! Powell is a devote woman of God who will go down in history as the one who perservered when all the odds said to give up, for the giant is too big and you can’t beat the system.

She has been threatened, sued, smeared, lied about, and every fear tactic imaginable has been slung at her. We are talking total Cabal onslaught for her very life, her very existance, not just getting banned from social media!

Imagine if you will, they hate just one person on Facebook saying anything against their lies, what do you think they have bombarded at the woman who boldly stepped up to the plate to defend the people of the Republic of the United States of America? The woman who dared to say…”You will not take away the constitution on my watch!” The woman who dared stand up and declare to the people, “PRESIDENT TRUMP WON THE ELECTION BY A LANDSLIDE!”

Trump Met PA Lawmaker Who Wants Arizona 2020 Election Audit: Report

Powell’s boldness and her determination to save the Republic placed her front and center in the fight for FREEDOM! Her committment for preserving the Constitution and Bill of Rights that was hanging by a thread ready to snap, has placed her in the limelight and the people await to see justice served!

So when Sidney speaks…the world stops and pays attention. Both, those who side with the globalists and those who side with patriots and freedom fighters to preserve the Republic. They all pay attention. The world watches both sides for different reasons. What side are you rooting for? Mask on or Mask off? Essential or Non-Essential? Legal Elections or Voter/Election Fraud? Global Tryanny or Freedom?

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Today, Sidney wants America to know there is good news to be found!

Good News Friday !!

Trump plans to rail against Dr. Fauci and harp on election fraud  conspiracies as he returns to the rally circuit
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Dear Patriots:                                                                

It is all too easy to run across” bad news” especially if you rely upon The Left’s Drive By Media. We will give you The Good News to take you into a summer weekend. Whether it be on the election fraud/audit front, or the Covid-CCP lies, or just in general, there is plenty of Good News to be found.

It is important to share this as the Left wishes to make you feel isolated and hopeless, which is why these stories do not get much attention in the Drive By Media. Here are some quick hits with links provided if you need to read more.

Arizona GOP's desperate attempt to prove election fraud sparks outcry - CNN  Video

Election Audits

  1. Many more states are sending delegations to Arizona to observe how they are proceeding with the audit in Maricopa County. All have come away impressed. It is anticipated that more states will do similar audits of the 2020 election. Nine more states are sending delegations this week.

2. Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds signed a bill that bans the often used Democrat tactic of ballot harvesting.
Parents protest Palm Beach County's school mask requirements

Citizens strike back

1.We have seen several examples this week of citizens pushing back on local school boards over the Critical Race Theory curriculum. These are brave people who are good examples of how to fight back.

2. Governor of Florida Ron DeSantis is working hard to fight back on CRT.

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1. It seems that we have had not only the prevention for Covid-CCP but also the cure from the very beginning.

2. The Trump Administration had 60 million HCQ tablets that Dr. Fauci refused to let the American people use. Several Democrat Governors even banned the drug in their states.

3. In Florida, at the largest concert held since the panic on the pandemic started, Gov. DeSantis was called to the stage.  The 22,000 people went nuts!

4- States that did not shut down are seeing their economies soar past pre-Covid-CCP levels.

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General Media Lying Debunked

So much of the narrative pushed by the Left’s Drive By Media is being proven to be made up lies. These are not mistakes. They are made up lies.

Other News

President Trump’s speech to the North Carolina Republican Convention last Saturday drew more than 1.8 million viewers to Newsmax as the network beat Fox News in a key demo rating.

A shocking victory in McAllen, Texas where 85% of the population is Hispanic. They elected a Republican Mayor!

The Supreme Court has ruled 9-0 on numerous cases this week. Some think these 9-0 rulings are a subtle message to the Democrats to not attempt to pack the court.

Be hopeful and keep praying for our country. Many are working to save it.

Hold Fast …This is not over.

Sidney & Team Kraken




By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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