Setting The Record Straight, It’s All About The Children!

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH… It’s Time To Speak Up and Speak Up Loudly!

Sandi Krakowski – Investment And Finance Coach, Entrepreneur, Investing & Biz Coach speaks out against pedophilia and a new in your face pedo-driven fashion line. As a child victim herself, Sandi speaks out boldly against the silence of adults that need to be standing in the gap to save the children from pedophilia, instead of closing their eyes and ignoring the horrible abuses that take place.

In an open demonstration of what it will take to bring these giants down, Sandi took the scissors to all of her GUCCI because they also own Balenciaga.

Sandi makes her point and doesn’t hold back.

“Destroying my entire collection of Gucci because they’re made by the same company that owns Balenciaga” – Sandi Krakowski.

Those who defend the world of pedophilia would like to make Sandi Krakowski out to be the crazy person instead of those who are doing the crazy things. Why? Because she openly took a stand against those who thought it was time we have the pedophilia pushed in our faces a lot closer. They’re conditioning us to look at child porn advertising as normal or cool or some odd thing when it is clearly not.

The question is, who thought up the idea that it would be cool to call a children’s clothing line ‘Balenciaga’, which translated from Latin means Baal is the king… that is the big question. Don’t believe for a minute that they didn’t know what they were doing with that one. The content of the ad campaign gives it all away.

image 76

So, while pastors may be offended at the harsh language, the truth is Sandi Krakowski has the boldness to do what the church is silent on, and that is call the pedophilia out as a serious issue that must not be ignored any longer. It never should have been at all. She points out the fact that pedophilia takes place by many who are leading others in their church (501c3) positions. These are not pastors they are imposters. Sandi has said, “I can recognize religious gaslighting a mile away. Many pedos carry Bibles.”

Have the people defending the fashion line even looked at the advertisements? It reeks of child porn, pedophilia, and occult ritual child sacrificing. It’s not just a child’s clothing line?

image 77

Pushing pedophilia in our faces and saying it is fashion is gaslighting and if anything it is condoning child sex abuse. To be silent is to allow it. Because we have been silent for so long… they are now in your face. Elon Musk is letting people like Sandi express their thoughts and their facts on the subject. It’s not the one sided bull they have been getting away with.

Twitter’s new owner isn’t going to keep the people like Sandi shut up. She is able now to point out the facts and tell the truth about what is taking place. I don’t think they planned on that when they put the brand together… but, now that they’re out and fumbling, they’ll have to deal with a lot of Sandi’s and Becks!

Ye can shout it’s fashion all day long and all that has done for him was put him as an enabler of the porn, pedophilia push as he wears the attire himself as a badge of endorsement.

Maybe it’s time to have a discussion on many things the bored and famous have been doing? Let’s talk about human and child sex trafficking, pedophilia, adrenochrome, ultra mind control, spirit cooking, and that sort of thing. How about we have that conversation?

The dude wearing the boots with no name who is now a Ye… has tried to brand himself as a prophet, while wearing his Bal- enci- aga boots. He is claiming to be of God while standing behind a pedo brand. It appears he needs the boots to wade through the mud he has slung at little children and good people in his reality show life. Will someone tell him that he has wandered off the set? He thinks he’s still acting out his script where he gets to be outlandish with no real consequences. Someone needs to tell him that he isn’t in Hollywood anymore.

image 79

He sounds so much like the serpent Satan here… “Ending trafficking doesn’t start or end with a fashion campaign ….” echoes like… “You shall not surely die.” And reminds us all that even the devil believes and trembles.

image 80

All of these laptops were filled with nasty things that fit right in line with the Balenciaga fashion statements… and those were loud statements.

image 82

Why isn’t the church speaking out about this big issue? They have remained silent…why? Sandi’s right… the pastors and all who are silent are agreeing to this in their silence!

A photo is just a photo, but, pedophilia and child porn is real. And this looks like both.

image 83

“Reality- Balenciaga needs to give account for their blatant abuse of children. But there’s other brands, political figures, elite, FBI and more involved in the trafficking of children everyday. Protect every child around you! If we can’t shut them down STAND IN THE GAP! Protect!” Sandi Krakowski

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image 81

Keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God. Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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