Seriously? CNN Admits China Gave False Report?Looks Like The Coup Is Cut Off At The Knees!

“CNN FINALLY REALIZES CHINA LIED 10 MONTHS LATER,” Tweeted Donald Trump Jr.! CNN discovers that China underreported its’ COVID -19 case numbers. President Trump has been saying this all along and CNN just learned this? Heck we all knew this. So what appears to be happening is a pull back of their takeover, especially since they no longer have the Pentagon, CIA, FBI, and Justice Department infiltrated and many of their useless Governor heads are going down like Whitmer and Kemp…next on the list is Cuomo and Newsom. The only question is who will go first? Or will it be Oregon Governor Autonomous Zone? I mean Kate Snitch on your neighbors…I mean Kate Brown.

AP report claims China knew of pandemic danger in Wuhan even as officials  downplayed risk of virus - CNN

Either way in the case of China underreporting cases, out of a nation of over a billion- 5,918 cases doesn’t hit the charts. And to think they shut down the entire world for 2,478 reported cases from a land of 1,441,388,564! Do the math! Why did Birx and Fauci feed President Trump a line of plandemic Lockstep Reset bull? That is treason. What happens to all the small businesses that had to close permanently and those who lost homes, jobs, loved ones and peace of mind? What CNN is actually trying to do is justify their big COVID push to shut down and keep people masked six feet apart. That false flag has sailed far, far away and even the Karen’s are waking up!

What really happened? Looks like the vast trove of leaked documents showed much more than China COVID-19 numbers!!

It is looking like China is backing up or shall we say Globalists are backing up. General Flynn no longer has a gag order and he knows all about the dirty deals in Ukraine, China, and the rest of the world. He has the goods on all of them and he is at the wheel stirring a missile of information right at their propaganda shields! I can see them all melting. The media is desperately trying to cover their progressive bosses butts. The evil ones will not get away with their plans for America! Not on President Trump’s watch and he is watching everything along with many eyes in his command.

Keep spreading the truth! God Bless America and God Bless Every Patriot!

Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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