Senate Abortion Bill Fails~

‘Baby Roe.’

Why on earth did this even come up in the Senate to begin with? Oh right, Speaker Nancy Pelosi shoved it through her house of cards and hoped the Senate would overrule the Supreme Court which is supposed to be the branch of government overseeing the law of the land to keep the Queen Nancy checks and imbalances act in line, and to avoid such out of control mob action as we have been watching.

These derelict of elected duty have even applauded their minion base for protesting in front of Supreme Court Justice’s homes. One of their many lawless leaders, Senator Warren, publicly went on record leading the charge to create such havoc. Which such havoc is not a constitutional right and it is a criminal offense to do to any Supreme Court Justice, or any Judge in the land. Thereby, these so called elected officials are breaking the law themselves. But this isn’t new. They often fail to recognize the law in the progressive makeshift body of their leftwing congressional hive!  It must be some sort of zeal for their long and short term goals.


Warren pushes to eliminate filibuster over Roe v. Wade, says she's 'madder  than hell' | Fox News

The bill’s failure to advance in the Senate comes as Republican-led states have introduced and advanced bills across the nation that make it harder for women to access abortions and threaten health-care providers who perform the procedure. The bill failed to get the 60 votes needed 48 to 51. Read: Abortion rights bill dies in Senate from lack of GOP support (


But what about the baby whose life was saved in spite of Roe Versus Wade being passed. The child who lived with the struggle of her life for the rest of her life, because her life became a political football for the democratic progressive movement.

Baby Roe, Shelley Thornton, tells her story….

Norma Roe died in 2017.

When Norma Roe was on her deathbed, Shelley thought about whether she should meet her mother or not. She decided to not meet her. When asked why, Shelley said, “She didn’t deserve to meet me. She never did anything in her life to get that privilege back. She never expressed genuine feeling for me or genuine remorse for doing the things that she did, saying the things that she did.” She said she had no regrets that she never met her.

On her death bed Norma confessed that she was the left’s trophy and said, “I was the big fish.” Her daughter never met her. What would have taken place had they ever met? That will always be unknown and fake news will have no trophy in that.

But you will hear none of this from any of the evil progressives. You will hear none of the value of life and nothing from those who have lived to tell their story in spite of all the liars pushing lawless murderous acts in Congress and the Senate in DC and States across the land. Nor will you hear of Roe’s death bed confessions and how she rued the day she let the devil take her down the wide path of fame for killing babies. She meant nothing to any of them, and represented no one but instead, was used as a tool for their eugenic goals of destruction.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer speaks during a news conference following the weekly Democratic caucus luncheon at the Capitol in Washington, May 10, 2022.

Schumer with the mouth of the dragon spoke, “All of us will have to answer for this vote for the rest of our time in public office. Before the day is over, every member of this body will make a choice stand with women to protect their freedoms or stand with MAGA Republicans to take our country into a dark and repressive future.”

Well for once Schumer is correct. Each one will have to answer for their vote with only one exception. Their vote will outlive their time in public office, it will follow them to hell if they don’t repent. It is what it is. Ahh… but there are always death bed confessions, if there is yet time and opportunity for such things… for no one knows how long they are given in this thing called life that we have all been gifted. It’s not wise to put off changing your ways and asking for forgiveness.

Only God judges the heart. As always when the smoke is cleared and the dust is settled… and especially when all the money is spent… it’s time to move on and find new means. But, then again… know one knows the heart. That movie Doonby is a real mind boggle. Something to watch and ponder.

Abortions are not about the woman, they are about the money that can be made.


“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” – John 3:16

Keep on Pressing Into The Kingdom of God! Press, press, press.


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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