NEVER FORGET WHAT THEY PLANNED TO DO AND DID FOLLOW THROUGH ON. They just didn’t succeed. Never forget that Pelosi  and McConnell were in charge of Capitol Security. They arranged all of this. They had planned to blame Trump Supporters and Trump and go after all of you. They fired the Capitol Police Chief and others, to insure no one would talk. The plans back fired big time and now…they will be held accountable for their real premeditated, organized siege on the capitol and treason.
They finally got reinforcements ready…they were tired of waiting.


These social media censor giants are guilty of conspiring with those who desire to commit genocide and overthrow the government. Isn’t that treason?

99 percent of people who get it recover just fine!! Death from it is rare and not likely in the average covid case. Stop living in fear!

 Here’s what they think of you….

And then we have more lies or is it the handler talking in the ear piece who is lying? I lose track anymore.

Fauci: ‘I Prefer Not to Comment’ on Gov. Cuomo Mishandling Coronavirus

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“You know, Jim, I can’t,” Fauci replied. “I mean, I’m sorry. I’m really — I’m honestly not trying to evade your question, but I’m not really sure of all the details of that, and I think if I make a statement, it probably could either be incorrect or taken out of context. So, I prefer not to comment on that.”

It’s looking like Fauci is all but done. Where’s Birx these days? What’s taking place at the CDC? Why can’t Biden roll out his COVID plans? What are they?

Where is Harris?

image 159

National Guard troops patrolling in Washington, D.C.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has approved a plan to retain 7,000 National Guard soldiers and airmen in Washington through March 12 and then 5,000 indefinitely beyond that date, Army and National Guard officials have said. There are now about 6,200 National Guard soldiers and airmen supporting the security mission in Washington, a Guard spokesman said Monday. But the number includes some troops who are scheduled to leave soon. Martial law? If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck and walks like a duck – it is a duck.

siege on america a different type of war

So, these are the distractions…the real war is raging behind the scenes on levels we can’t comprehend. We are fighting a new type of war, dealing with layers and layers of RESET options, and deadly bio warfare, along with space based weapons, weather wars, propaganda, censorship, betrayal, complete with Gates introducing microbe meat grown in a lab and acting like he is some doctor and scientist pushing deadly vaccines and toxic meat. But we don’t really know for sure what the cravings might be for transhumans who survive the altering of their DNA and RNA? But, I’m just a conspiracy theorist and none of this is taking place because someone is going to be sure and tell me how stupid I am for thinking this way. Wait for it. After all, the cabal is just a myth and everything is Trump’s fault.

Hold the line and peak behind the veil. God is watching all of this too.


president trump speaks out

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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