I love the brilliance of President Trump and how he has given Americans encouragement and tidbits of the future of America through Pompeo all day long. Actually all weekend and before. I was beginning to figure it out and now…it is so obvious. In light of all else we who went down the rabbit holes for truth over the years have discovered, this is a great big connect the dot speech. And a great in your face Twitter slap. I will show you a few of the messages we have been given. I don’t know how they are to be tied together what comes first or last….but there is a message in these.

President Trump and The US Military are brilliant. For four years they have been building a world coalition to MAGA and to have a new currency, no central banks, restore natural resources to the US and extend these rights to all nations, and to give all nations a hand up to becoming the American Dream. Building a safe nation and a safe world through prospering nations. It is amazing what they have been achieving while the press yelled Russia, Russia, Russia and congress yelled impeach, impeach.

Remember we left many of the UN organizations like UN Human Rights Council, Rights For A Child, WHO; etc. and NATO less funding Pompeo has almost totally reworked a new alliance that removes us from the UN all together, along with leaving the Paris Climate Accord and more. Are you seeing why wicked cabal hates Trump and wants him out yet?

President Trump is letting us know what he has done to insure safety and prosperity for our nation. He is telling us through Pompeo that the world is on board to work with President Trump for a new way of life. One that is governed with the natural laws of God where all humanity is entitled to certain inalienable rights (rights God given, we are born with) liberties and freedoms. He isn’t leaving America out of this deal, America is the head of this deal!! We are the Guardians! We own the skys…that is what President Trump has also achieved while the left made deals with China and the cabal met in the groves.

America isn’t going to be the land of Biden Harris tyranny. Not at all. President Trump is telling us that right here and right now. America is first and we are going to continue to be the land of the free and the safe harbor for others.

He told us today that China was one of the biggest threats for human rights. So as patriots are being threatened by a Biden voter theft regime…to send us to GITMO for being patriots and censoring every one of us…..we hear the message that the biggest threat is China who is interfering with international human rights to pervert the norms.

He told us today that when we started calling out votes on @UN resolutions with #XiJinpingThought and #BeltAndRoad language, it was just us. Now we’ve got +50 countries with us. #EffectiveMultilateralism . Biden and Pelosi et al are not on board. They are bribed, pockets stuffed, and mouths full of pork for China. I always though McConnells speech sounded like he had a mouth full…now I know it was stuffed with pork.

He told us today that China’s theft of intellectual property was real and it was no longer going to continue. Now how many businesses have been stolen from and robbed and what will the recourse be? How many people who sold us out in Congress and the Senate will be held accountable for their bribes and betrayal for 30 pieces of silver?

He told us they have made sure that the WIPO had a strong leader who would protect our IPR. (Intellectual Property). One of the things China was notorious at doing and busy bribing government on local, state and federal levels. Bet Pelosi’s ears were burning, along with Biden and Harris. Their CHINA is going by by…unless they want to relocate. Without their stolen offices…I doubt they have anything China wants.

Then there is the WHO, and the covid corruption. My, my….that is going to come to a halt. Fear not…masks and social distancing and contact tracing is exposed and it will not continue as it was intended.

The administration is telling us who the real viral threat is….CHINA!

There is more…but the reassurance that President Trump, the secretary of State Pompeo, and the Military have been working hard…tells us this isn’t over and four more years are coming for President Trump to complete the second phase which is Make America Greater. And looking at how things are positioned in DC and throughout the land…it looks as though he is about to complete all of his promises that he set out to do in his first four years…and there are only two he hasn’t done yet – DRAIN THE SWAMP AND LOCK HER UP!
Why is this picture chosen? It sure appears that he is telling us that these swampers did not represent American Leadership. Wonder what else he is telling us? Remember there are lots of indictments and Trump keeps teasing to release all the investigation docs on these people. I think indictments are going to be acted upon. Maybe they have been already?

It will not be easy. The next weeks will be hard for everyone. If all communications are lost, write your memoirs, log events, draw, organize your gun rack, read the Bible, have a prayer group with friends and family. Do something productive …do not sit in fear and fret. Have deep conversations with God and or family or friends. Be strong and be safe.

Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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