Unicorn Valley is Fallen is Fallen!

DOOMED FROM THE STARTUP! The illussion is the only part that is real! Clawing back our nation? Or just laying out the truth? When the Joey Avatar Administration’s Attorney General speaks and tells way too much, are we listening? AG Merrick Garland said this of January 6, 2021: “The Justice Department has conducted one of…Continue readingUnicorn Valley is Fallen is Fallen!

Supercomputers, Giant Accelerators & Corona Virus?

Introducing Argonne National Laboratory in Lemont, IL in Dupage County where they conduct fundamental research to understand, predict, and ultimately control matter and energy at the electronic, atomic and molecular levels. How many knew that the Scientists at Argonne National Lab, in Illinois is the home of some of the most powerful tools like supercomputers…Continue readingSupercomputers, Giant Accelerators & Corona Virus?

Clearing Up Some Trump Rumors…

No, Trump did not create the COVID 19 PANDEMIC CRISIS. Good grief some people are way out in left field leading people where? Before we begin to clear that one up. I want to introduce you to the person who almost single handedly stopped the world from going through a horrible plandemic in 2009, way…Continue readingClearing Up Some Trump Rumors…

Child Trafficking In Huge Numbers For Evil Purposes…

Purposes such as Pedophilia, Sex Slaves, Adrenochrome Production, Ritual Sacrifices, Bio lab Experiments, slave labor, organ harvesting, ultra mind control and other horrid things. It was quite interesting and eye opening reading the hundreds of comments on the news announcement on Twitter about a correspondent named Sophie Maisel who reported on a massive arrest of…Continue readingChild Trafficking In Huge Numbers For Evil Purposes…

Nothing Is Hidden, It Is Right Before Your Eyes!

“You have not for you ask not” is Biblical! Are you ready to open your eyes and see and let your ears hear? Or are you going to wait with baited breath for a psyop podcaster (of which there are many) to give you clues as they snicker in the background while you try to…Continue readingNothing Is Hidden, It Is Right Before Your Eyes!

UNICORNS In Your Face Who Has Eyes To See?

It’s all about the children!!!! UNICORNS AND ANDRENO-CORNS! The day after his resignation on December 14, 2020, AG Barr was arrested and sent to Guantanamo Bay for high crimes and misdemeanors. What else was he ignoring on purpose along with the stolen election? Remember Attorney General William Barr recused himself from Jeffrey Epstein’s child sex trafficking…Continue readingUNICORNS In Your Face Who Has Eyes To See?


WHO WOULD HAVE EVER IMAGINED SUCH A THING… WE TRULY ARE LIKE ALICE IN WONDERLAND…. There were new clues something was going down like … the gamers… the 21 year old Air National Guardsman who hacked the Pentagon top secret docs and made a cyber drop on Discord Group Chat. Loads of secret docs –…Continue readingSUPER UNICORNS – RISING IN SILICON VALLEY…


It used to be that the news left people hanging on whatever topic they wanted them to hang onto and mull over on Friday… and people had to wait until Monday to hear any more on the report… excluding  opinions from live Sunday talk shows…. Today, the news continues via social media and independent sources.…Continue readingWALL STREET CORPORATE ICONS, ANHEUSER BUSH AND DON JR. SAID WHAT?

Russia Calls Out War Crimes In Ukraine And Western Nations!

LACK OF HUMAN RIGHTS BUT PLENTY OF DARK WEB, DARK MONEY, AND DARK DEALS CALLED OUT BY RUSSIAN AMBASSADOR VASSILY NEBENZIA! This has been an agressive month in the United Nations meetings with Russia opening a giant box of scathing truths that show the UN stands for the OPPOSITE of what it tells you it’s…Continue readingRussia Calls Out War Crimes In Ukraine And Western Nations!


THERE HAS BEEN A LOT HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT! OPEN YOUR EYES AND SEE IT! Has anybody wondered at all as to why the biggest loud mouths of the left wing drama club have been quiet during the Joey Avatar Administration? From the day of Joey’s inauguration which would normally be a day of gloat…Continue readingEVERYTHING HIDDEN SHALL BE REVEALED!