RBS (Rubber Mask Syndrome) In Our Face!

Many have heard me use the phrase Rubber Mask Disorder (RBD) and pointing out Joey Avatar and his bad case of it… and along the way finding others who caught the same disorder… of which then it became a Syndrome as it became a group of signs and symptoms that occur together and had characterize…Continue readingRBS (Rubber Mask Syndrome) In Our Face!


There is no place for the wicked ones to hide. Not any more. They are now left to face angry world leaders and billions of angry citizens. The WEF, and puppet masters behind an enslaved world have told us openly what they have planned to do to rule the entire world and nation leaders have…Continue readingTHE VIRUS LOCKSTEP IMPLODES ON ITS PUPPET MASTERS

Will Biden Still Go To Mexico?

Cartel’s are firing in the streets and in the air! While all eyes are on the Speaker games, the world continues on doing its own thing for their puppet masters and the RESET goals. Never let a crisis or a game go to waste. Learn the KM Oligarch Globalist Games! We talked about this before,…Continue readingWill Biden Still Go To Mexico?

Deepstate Versus We The People!

CONGRESS SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE DAY 4… IT’S ALL OUT DEEPSTATE WAR! We are at war and the battle is raging in the house! But the problem is MUCH BIGGER! It has now been noted by Seb Gorka in the Bannon War Room that “80% Of Republican Voters” Do Not Want Kevin McCarthy as Speaker…Continue readingDeepstate Versus We The People!

Trump Calls Out a Forgery, and Look What Lin Wood Found…

The set up is in… it’s very messy and is bound to be explosive by the time it is all done. Nothing is as it appears… President Trump announced the following. Today, he followed up with this… So, someone used a Save America Mast Head and gave a fake Trump endorsement for Byron to be…Continue readingTrump Calls Out a Forgery, and Look What Lin Wood Found…

How SMART Are You Willing To Be?

The War is raging for your mind and the mind of your children! Psychological Warfare is FEAR BASED! We are at war. The main weapon is psychological warfare. The problem most are having is they are not understanding that we are at war. Why is this? Because of the fact that they can’t see the…Continue readingHow SMART Are You Willing To Be?

2023 Psychological Warfare Year 3?

President Trump is starting out 2023 by telling more cold hard truths about the fake narrative of the “save our democracy” coup who are pushing their progressive Marxist Agenda – Including all the RINO republicans. With a Happy New Year to all MAGA supporters and those who love America. So while the fake news and…Continue reading2023 Psychological Warfare Year 3?

The Fall of The Dark Ones!

Others are now buzzing… Epstein Islander Alan Dershowitzt was the first to push mandatory vaccines. Who was he appeasing? Who does he work for? What do the puppet masters have on him? What has he done that makes him a puppet? Was he always a puppet? Is he by nature one of the ones that…Continue readingThe Fall of The Dark Ones!

The Beehive Is Out Of Honey…

In the case of Global RESET Epstein Island, the Queen Bee has fallen and the worker bees are restless and can’t make any honey. What is left is an abandoned hive, some male drones and lots of misplaced worker bees. So, the question is… “Will bees swarm without a queen?” In nature, the answer is…Continue readingThe Beehive Is Out Of Honey…

The Bee Hive is Buzzing…

It’s getting louder and louder and louder… Detective games are a favorite thing for those who love to solve mysteries. Which bring us back to the show and Hollyweird and how those who have lusted for their new world domination have always used their own stories to show us what they are doing. Their own…Continue readingThe Bee Hive is Buzzing…