Apollo Manifesto!

Lizard People Conjure Demons and Worship The Sun, NOT The Son! The god of this world is not the God of All Creation. There are many historical facts and empires who worshipped pagan gods that have been erased from our history books, and yet, they are in our face on names of rockets, science projects,…Continue readingApollo Manifesto!

Barbie X and Hollywood X, Fashion X, and Everything X!

Hollywood Barbie brought to you by Mattel… or is that the other way around? If you think this is just a crazy movie for Barbie enthusiasts… you are dead wrong! Maybe it’s because I’ve been down so many rabbit holes but this appears to be grooming for the new 15 minute smart cities, and no…Continue readingBarbie X and Hollywood X, Fashion X, and Everything X!


What on earth is Musk doing with his X project? Or was it DARPA’s original plan all along? Or is it just a crazy Musk 2.0 idea? Or was it Elon 1.0 intercepted and replaced by 2.0, now acting out a new script to show what Musk 1.0 was originally programmed to do to humanity…Continue readingX WORLD PLATFORM… WHAT THE HECK IS X?

President Trump

President Trump was born for a time such as this! We are at war and everything is on the table! Our very lives are on the line. It’s not about who holds office, it is about who will get to control your very life! President Trump is fighting for every child and human on this…Continue readingPresident Trump

Hari Kari… or Something Else?

The Truth Channel posted a video yesterday titled, “Fox News Matches Donations to Satanic Temple”. WHAT? YIKES! “Whistleblowers within FOX report to Blaze Media that FOX News is using their employee app to match donations to the satanic temple. In the 50s and 60s the ClA worried about UFO groups becoming honey holes for Communists…Continue readingHari Kari… or Something Else?

Lin Wood… Answering The Call

Here I am Lord, send me! Lin Wood is a strong man dedicated to protecting children and ending human and child trafficking. LAWFARE the new weapon to take down law and order. “ Truth, Justice and the American Way”… that old cliché’ is it still ringing true or is it just a cliché’?  Today people…Continue readingLin Wood… Answering The Call

Who, What, When, Where, Why?

Are we waking up or are we in a dream? Sadly many never had to wake up… they have from early childhood had their head on a swivel… the real world was smacking them left and right. Today, those who were shielded from the storm are now finding themselves being smacked left and right and…Continue readingWho, What, When, Where, Why?

If I Had a Hammer I’d Want It To Be Like Trumps!

It’s the HAMMER OF JUSTICE!!!! Liz Cochran wants to know WHEN the rest of the history and present story of Child sex trafficking is coming out, especially since now the conservative media is onboard with exposing it! Then we have this email from WikiLeaks and more like this… and you all wondered why Assange is…Continue readingIf I Had a Hammer I’d Want It To Be Like Trumps!

It’s A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood…

Maybe? Well, I see there were some that really got a bit ruffled with some truth. But that was expected. Human and Child trafficking and all that goes with it is a touchy subject. Whenever you reveal the truth about key figures that is often perceived as a horrible attack. And then there are the…Continue readingIt’s A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood…


It is time to STOP being the HUNTED and learn to BE THE HUNTER! It’s time to become empowered from within and let the boldness of truth shine forth as the sun exposing the wickedness hiding in the shadows. The scripture “My people perish for lack of Knowlege” is an absolute. So is the scripture,…Continue readingBE THE HUNTER!