“Liar, Liar, the World’s on Fire…what we gonna do when it all burns down”…suddenly that Dolly Parton song has a whole new significance! When we first heard that song there were mixed feelings and interpretations… but who knew it was a literal forewarning? Many thought that was a double Dolly, of which I was one…Continue readingTHE WORLD IS LITERALLY BURNING!

The Blue Mystery In Maui?

Are you ready to take a deep dive into the blue? DEW you want to know what they don’t want you to know? The aftermath in Lahaina, Maui is stunning and explicit in meeting the criteria that implies all the hallmarks of a horrendous crime against humanity. Selectively setting ablaze what they will as though…Continue readingThe Blue Mystery In Maui?


For those who say, “I’m so glad I’m awake and not a normie”, the time has come to ask the question… What’s a normie?  Who coined that label? What’s awake?  Who coined that label? In this war of testing, there are psyops and many psychiatric professionals have been organized into task forces to analyze the…Continue readingWHAT’S A NORMIE?

More Dots and One Big Flynn Fail!

“When you go to a patriotic church put the Bible aside?” What did Flynn just say? Read the constitution instead? And he gets a big applause for that? John Fea of Current News wrote: “This is Christian nationalism in its most extreme form.” Did Flynn say Jesus was the first politician? Yes he did. Flynn…Continue readingMore Dots and One Big Flynn Fail!

What’s Up With Jordan Peterson?

JORDAN PETERSON  EXPOSED … Jordan Peterson is making quite the circuit now. Just one of his Rumble Page names has over  200 pages of listings. From the first 105 pages, I added up 2,376 lengthy podcasts. My goal was to add them all, but growing tired of counting as it was a tedious process with…Continue readingWhat’s Up With Jordan Peterson?

President Trump’s Words Always Tell Something More!

Why did it take Biden so long to address the people under fire in Maui? And why when he finally did so, did he answer, “No Comment”, with laughter and a grin?” The words of President Trump’s speech to the people of Maui written out so you can ponder them. There is always a message…Continue readingPresident Trump’s Words Always Tell Something More!

It’s Not Wind Fire, It’s Genocide!

And it’s not the first time! Tribunals are coming! You can Count on that! Christopher Greene brings his truth to the public. He lives in Lahaina on Maui! Describes a martial law situation like Hurricane Katrina. Devastating with no help at all! Is this what they meant by “Wind Fire”? Coincidence or preplanned? One life…Continue readingIt’s Not Wind Fire, It’s Genocide!

WEF Global Goals For Hawaii Include Smart Cities!

Hawaii Mayors and Governors Embrace the World Economic Forum! What could go wrong? In August of 2018 Hawaii made plans to be the first US state to run entirely on clean energy, whether the citizens wanted it or not… the rich and famous did! In a significant move, four mayors from across the state have…Continue readingWEF Global Goals For Hawaii Include Smart Cities!


DRONE FOOTAGE OF DEW FIRES IN MAUI… I mean the fires caused by wind. Wind always causes fires… weren’t you taught that in school? Didn’t you always see that growing up? Silly you for thinking wind didn’t cause fires. You must wake up! Fire always blasts through and selectively makes a burn trail… leaving leaves…Continue readingPSYOPS and OTHER FREQUENCY WEAPONS!

Jarring Flynn and Ballard’s Memory…

They think you are mindless, gullible, puppets on their strings who can’t remember a thing! Amnesia is a big issue these days with a lot of people in the Road Show limelight. But, patriots are coming forward to jog their mental fog into focus for them. Where to begin? It’s hard to decide what to…Continue readingJarring Flynn and Ballard’s Memory…