You Explain It To Me…

Things in Psyop land are starting to kick off into a very odd phase… do they really believe people are going to buy it? Or is this all to make people cower in fear? They introduce their new creator…??? Gotta love Katie Hopkins… she always says things to make people think! S.M.A.R.T.? GET OUT THE…Continue readingYou Explain It To Me…

Bioeffects of Non-lethal Weapons

It’s a real thing! Welcome to the Psyops! Classified, lies, secrets or just none of your business? Which is it? The world and those who desire mammon belong to Satan and it is their ministry of truth that contains some truth and lots of lies. We are maneuvering through it like a swimmer in the…Continue readingBioeffects of Non-lethal Weapons

So Who’s Being Brain Washed Exactly?

So here we go… the last of the liar schemes and the one that they have rested all their bets on…. CLIMATE CHANGE. And MTG is into the planet rotating around the sun, spinning like a top. So what is worse…believing the earth will explode because it’s a climate changing planet that needs to rid…Continue readingSo Who’s Being Brain Washed Exactly?

The Ministry of Truth Psyop Bubble Has Burst…

It’s sick, it’s twisted, it’s pagan, it’s Mad Max Beyond Thunder Dome! It’s Biden’s Ministry of Truth, it’s Orwellian 1984! It’s Black Rock City Burning Man! Trump, TRUTH and all of God’s children are merely in the way. It’s all making sense now because everything is designed to make no sense! It’s all designed by…Continue readingThe Ministry of Truth Psyop Bubble Has Burst…


Is it Klaus Schwab’s have nothing and be happy? Or do they even have one? More than half an inch of rain did the burning man in. Do they have a plan B? C? D? or are did they go straight to plan F as in FAIL? So much for the wind fires… it’s hard…Continue readingBURNING MAN’S PLAN B?

Frequencies, Variant and Wet Man Can’t Burn, 73,000 Left Stranded…

New Variant has been launched… what will happen is unsure, but there are many fear filled ideas. Stand strong, and fear not. Keep your faith strong and your head on a swivel. Pay attention to all things. Remember they say one thing and DEW another. They lie and can not be trusted at all. W.R.…Continue readingFrequencies, Variant and Wet Man Can’t Burn, 73,000 Left Stranded…

What Is This  Piedmont  Atlantic  Megalopolis [PAM]?

And what on earth is the new Southeast SuperCity Region? When were they going to tell us about this? Suddenly, and just like that… the weather wars are beginning to make more sense in its tactical battle strategy! It’s appearing to take direct aim at achieving multiple goals. What are they trying to tell us…Continue readingWhat Is This  Piedmont  Atlantic  Megalopolis [PAM]?


Will the billionaire driven WEF Lizards be exposed for being the perpetrators that they are and arrested for their crimes against humanity, or will they succeed in their evil schemes to kill, steal and destroy? The Lizard People’s goals include killing all but 500 million people on the planet. It is not a secret, people…Continue readingTOP DOWN, BOTTOM UP, INSIDE OUT…. IT’S HERE FOLKS!

“Let Trump Be Trump”, It’s His Move!

It’s not where you start it’s where you finish… and that means little unless YOU WIN! Trump Plays To Win! Every once in a while… it’s good to pause and reflect in order to refocus the mind, and look at the chess board. The psyop war wants us to chase our tails… instead, of fuming,…Continue reading“Let Trump Be Trump”, It’s His Move!


TODAY IT WILL BE CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF MEATBALLS! LITERALLY ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE! Florida is preparing for hurricane Idalia as tropical storms hit in the southwest region and people gather water, supplies and gas. And just like that… many are filling up at the pumps only to find they have just put diesel fuel…Continue readingWIND FIRE, HURRICANES, AND NOW GAS!