MSM, CNN, What Would The Left Do Without Them?

FAKE NEWS REPORTING GETS SLOPPY WITH WRAP UP SMEARS. CNN CALLED OUT FOR SMEAR FACING. Anderson Blooper interviews multiple fathers of same child in nonemotionally charged, lie based, gun grabbing, fake dad, made for fake news, “crisis actor fake help us repeal gun laws” move. Truthers combat the fake crisis actors with multiple videos exposing…Continue readingMSM, CNN, What Would The Left Do Without Them?

No Crime Scene Yellow Tape?

What the? They really believe we are all like 5 year old’s and believe anything we are told without discerning it? Okay guys, in the video below, we have the home of the bloody shooting of the Grandmother and this is not a marked off crime scene? The grandpa has been cleaning up the blood,…Continue readingNo Crime Scene Yellow Tape?