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The evil of human and child trafficking is now in our face! The days of hiding the evil are over. They are now trying to legislate laws that allow the government agencies to take your children from your homes. Children ARE NOT government property or livestock to be raised, fed, poked, prodded, and herded into what ever corral the butchers say to put them in. They have not only been abducted and sold into slavery, and used in satanic rituals, they have been organ harvested, tortured and used as sex slaves for perverted, vile people who to do such things. These are demonic acts and those who do them have no conscience, morals, nor values and no regard for life!

So as we watch the COVID -19 horror show, we are also uncovering age old sins of evil perverted acts, perpetuated against innocent children. Rumors of the underground tunnels and child and human trafficking have now come to the surface and are no longer whispers of evil conspiracy theories. They have been found and proven to be horrible truths.

Nancy Schaefer - The Corrupt Business of CPS - YouTube

The Child Protective Services have been infiltrated, and some say from the very start. It’s been a racketeering of sorts, where the agency has quotas and get monetary kick backs for every child they run through the system and now we have its’ hallmarks showing up in the COVID kickbacks. For every sick person deemed to supposedly have it, money goes into someones coffer somewhere. Especially at the hospital, remember for every Covid patient they treat they receive serious funding. We now know that this is the reason almost every one who died in 2020, was diagnosed to have died of Covid. Follow the money and follow who pays it out and follow who is responsible for the entire plandemic Lockstep, RESET, and who is pushing it world wide. You will find the same ones behind this are the ones behind child and human trafficking.

Let's Finish the Job Senator Nancy Schaefer Started! – Painful Silence

Senator Nancy Schaffer and her husband were murdered in their bedroom with gunshot wounds to the back of the head, deemed by authorities as a suicide. Now that is a tricky way to go. They were both killed for blowing the whistle on the CPS and their human trafficking schemes that contributed to the dark side’s billion dollar business. Schaeffer was bold enough to call them out and even take her accusations to the International World Congress of Families in Amsterdam. She had evidence of corruption, including illegal foster care children taken on trips to the White House. The services the foster care children provided to those government officials who desired such services, were of an illegal and perverted sort.

Nancy Schaefer Rally Raffle | Raffle Creator

The same corrupt CPS, are now the ones who will determine which families can keep their children and which cannot, during these COVID illegal mandates handed down to the people. That is, of course, if congress gets their way. It all boils down to those who are making billions in human trafficking. If those who operate these organizations get their way by buying congressional votes to do so, we are in for some fireworks, 1776 style. They are pushing everything they have at taking away all parental rights. Going so far as to call the FBI on concerned parents standing up to protect their children and school board and city council meetings. This has reached a breaking point that not only exposed the broken system, it is blatantly exposing criminal activity that has been going on for a very long time, just as Nancy Schaefer stated in her fight to stop the corruption!

Nancy Schaeffer points out the UN’s Rights of a Child does not protect the children. She exposes all the corruption.

I’m sure Nancy Schaefer knew how bad all this was, but, it is now apparent that it was far worse than even she would have imagined. She was beginning to speak out about child trafficking via foster care homes through underground tunnels just before she was killed.

In an article she wrote and posted on line in 2009, the authorities investigated the bathroom where the tunnel door was and after a thorough investigation, which was very quick, they bulldozed the entire property filling in any tunnel system and called it – case closed.

At the time of her murder, I had been following her website and learning a lot for a foundation for abused children that I volunteered for. It was a shock to hear of her death.

Nancy’s special calling was to help those who had their children taken from them through corrupt court systems and divorce proceedings that favored one or the other spouses and left the other treated unfairly. She was a voice for the ones who had no platform or means to speak out. Her voice was a loud platform for both parents and children.

Which brings us to the personal story of Ricker Yankowski, who after having his 3 year old son abducted by the child’s mother, took to an all out hunt for his child. It was during this hunt that God showed him a bigger picture. He was now made aware of the millions of children who go missing yearly, and are never found.

Yankowski has since formed a movement to expose child trafficking and find the missing children.


Yes, even during the show where the US has two presidents, they have been hunting for the children and stopping human trafficking. While Biden opens borders and welcomes caravans of illegals, someone is still out there arresting the human traffick smugglers.

On JUN 25, 2021


A series of raids conducted by U.S. Marshals in Georgia resulted in the recovery of 20 missing and endangered children, with over a dozen of the victims suspected of being sex trafficking victims, authorities announced.

The mission dubbed “Operation Not Forgotten 2021” was led in the metro Atlanta area over a two-week period and was the third of its kind, with the previous operation dating back to August 2020.

Source one: NTD

Source two:  US Marshals 

Read full article here: RESCUED CHILDREN 2021 (

Saving The Children Group
"One Voice One Mission"

From the “Saving The Children Group”


800,000+ Children Vanish each year in the USA

25 Million+ children and Women Vanish each year worldwide

You are their voice

 Become A Voice

1 person 1 Voice – 2 people  2 voices

Become a Voice – Louder than the enemy!

Isaiah 49:25

25 But this is what the Lord says: “Yes, captives will be taken from warriors, and plunder retrieved from the fierce; I will contend with those who contend with you, and your children I will save.



Together we can become Louder than the enemy. But what does Saving the children even mean? Saving the children from what? Saving The Children Group Provides awareness to others from researchers around the world to document and Source the true evil of our Vanishing Children. 

What vanishing children? Exactly. That’s what saving the children group does and explains the factual numbers with documentation.  Did you know there over 25 Million Vanishing women and children worldwide each year?  Where do they go and who is doing this?  When President Trump left office to conduct the show….he ordered the mission to end human and child trafficking to be fully funded endlessly.  May our one voice merge together and become strong and loud as we continue non stop to SAVE THE CHILDREN! All the systems are broken from health, education, social services to any thing that has to do with basic rights. It’s time to tear them down and rebuild them into what we were told they were supposed to be but never were. And in the process, eliminate some all together.

 How Saving The Children Group Started 

“Over a year ago The Mother of my child took off with my son. Why? we were fighting. Not getting along. She didn’t want me to take him from her. I was in the Court system with a open case and did every Legal thing I could possibly do.  She Left against the order of the Court. I was mad.. Full of hate. 

“Never felt hate before. But I was full of it. I started Saving Baby Rian and Finding Corrie Marino . Full of Anger, I went on a Mission to find them. I had soooo much hate inside me I felt like nobody in this world could ever hate again Because I have all the hate of the world inside of me. Where is my Son Dammit! 

Then in my search for my 3 year old Son.. God from above Opened my eyes to The Much Bigger Picture and The Evil all around us. It is so bad, and So much PURE EVIL. Your mind will have a very hard time accepting the truth because everything we grew up to know and think what is real… Is all a BIG LIE

“After I found out what is happening with our children and the TRUE Ungodly evil that is Really and truly on this earth… I No longer have any hate in my Heart. The Evil of what they are doing to our children Saving The Children (Millions of Children worldwide) is much more important then me being upset at my childs Mother. 

“I no longer have any hate in my heart. I no longer am mad at Corrie Marino. The Only thing I want for the Both of them is their Safety, well being and protection of God’s Angels around them. I have changed the website and placed happy pictures.. love and peace..

“The entire Secret(But was never a secret) We are God’s children. He gave us the Gift of free will. It’s all in what we say out loud with our voice. All you have to do is say and talk out loud (more to come on this latter) If you want to Wake up.. all you have to do is say out loud.. “Jesus open my eyes so I can see the truth.” 

Very soon you also will see what I see.

image 64
Ricker Yankowski

Once you See the True Evil of the World happening around us and Under us. There is no going back. You cannot “Unsee it” I could care less about my reputation or if you think I lost my Mind. I see it.. . This isn’t about me or even you. This is all about #SavingTheChildren. Once you see it do not be afraid.. (IT) feeds off of Fear. We must have faith in God.. faith destroys fear. May GodBless you all.. You are not alone! 

Once I started the Saving The Children page and Saving The Children group, I was able to connect with people all over the world. Blessing from God allowed these people to Connect with me. 

“Since then, “Saving the Children Now” has talented researchers from all over the world helping me and the cause to share knowledge with others. We research and all used sources for truth.  Due to facebook and being threatened to be unpublished, action was made to build this site.  One week later, we here are today on a website. I could never have done any of this without my teams help and I am very grateful to them. Thank you!

“So subscribe, learn, research, be an Independent thinker and then share that knowledge with others.

That’s how you help Saving The Children. 

Faith in Christ

Ricker Yankowski

Will You Drink?

Find out more Here: General Flynn – Saving The Children (

Keep on pressing into the Kingdom! There are a lot of children to save!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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