Colin K., Netflix Controversy?

Yes! So is there a difference in getting fame and millions overnight for being selected, prodded and prepped versus slavery? In other words, is the new fame and fortune modern day enslavement or is it privilege? The new Netflix series, starring Colin Kaepernick takes a comparative view on “NFL Sports Fame” versus the “Color Purple”…Continue readingColin K., Netflix Controversy?

Parody is Now a Red Pill…

THIS ONE IS JUST BECAUSE IT’S TIME TO LAUGH A BIT. LAUGHTER IS GOOD FOR THE SOUL! Next they will say you can’t run for office unless you’ve been jabbed! Wait congress and the senate are exempt? They’ll have to write in a clause that says after winning they are exempt…but while running they are…Continue readingParody is Now a Red Pill…


Virginia has set the pace in the midst of the storm! Attention all gun grabbers…meet Winsome Sears the new Lt. Governor of Virginia! And this is just the beginning….keep on pressing forward…the tide has gone out and will return as a tsunami for FREEDOM! There is help coming to Seattle…. Congratulations to Ann Davison! Law…Continue readingFREEDOM IS SHOUTING!


Glenn Youngkin Wins Virginia‚Äôs Gubernatorial Race! It appears we have a winner when ABC and CNN call the race for a Republican! You know they can’t push it like they did with Trump when the masses are out voting in hoards for Glenn. The only thing they will be able to do is make it…Continue readingHYPNOTIC NOVEMBER!

What Do We Really Know?

Time Travel Patent… Is time travel possible? If so, how long has it been available? There are past experiments performed by top secret government programs…going back to Tesla and Einstein who participated in the Philadelphia Experiment, and before that, Tesla had actually claimed to achieve time traveling and spent a good part of his research…Continue readingWhat Do We Really Know?

Things Are Sinking In & Out!

This can’t be real…it has to be a movie…live theater at its’ worst! Now let this sink in…! I wrote in 2008 in Sly Foxes, Wolves and Men – Is Marxism Growing In America…about how a hand full of companies own everything we have. I challenged people to take their tooth brush and follow it…Continue readingThings Are Sinking In & Out!

The Tide Is Turning!

D.C. Judge supports religious vaccine exemption! Blocks Biden From Firing Unvaccinated Employees, and Active-Duty Military Members – it is UNCONSTITUTIONAL! A temporary restraining order was issued on Thursday, blocking President Joe Biden from firing unvaccinated federal employees, including active-duty military members, named in a law suit challenging the Biden’s jab forced vax mandate as unconstitutional. The…Continue readingThe Tide Is Turning!

UN Agenda & Covert Liars

The world is under the influence of Sociopaths and Narcissists pushing an evil agenda. So how do we fight that? Globalists are attempting to take over the world city by city entering in by deceit and lies. It is time to see it and end the deceit. Take back your city! Expose their treasonous plots!…Continue readingUN Agenda & Covert Liars

Narcissists Rule The World

If you think the fake news and puppets in power are bad, what do you think the ones who select them to rule are like? Can we even imagine what they are capable of? When those we see are so bold to lie to our faces and demand immoral and illegal mandates to be followed…Continue readingNarcissists Rule The World


OR NOT – ALL ROADS LEAD TO “In-Q-Tel”. BIGGER THAN BIG BROTHER! Because of all the truth rising to the surface, it was time to go back into the archives and dust off another article written in November 24th of 2017. It was pretty much ignored then as everyone had all the answers they wanted…Continue readingTHE MYSTERY “Q” – SOLVED…