Why Questions Go Unanswered…

… because the answers lead to more questions! Folks can deal with testimonials such as, “I once was lost but now I’m found”, but the kicker that’s been gnawing at people is the arrogance and side show stories from the one who claims he is chosen to save America. And it doesn’t help to hear…Continue readingWhy Questions Go Unanswered…

Lin’s At It … Again!

They should have known better than to start this squabble, laying this egg in Lin’s own home and hatching it on the road show! So Lin Wood is on the “EXPOSE THEM ALL” PATH again? Sure looks like it. Today on Telegram he is saying some very strong things….. “Many of you may wonder why…Continue readingLin’s At It … Again!

Hold Up The Stone!

What Does A Simple Stone Have To Do With Israel? The stone of Israel is spoken of throughout the entire Bible. It has all to do with the inheritance of Israel coming together under one KINGDOM OF GOD for all of God’s people. For you see, the birthright went to the sons of Joseph, Manasseh…Continue readingHold Up The Stone!

A Taste of What’s Going Around-

I step away for one day to do a deep dive research and boom – Many little nasty things taking place here and there, and lots of people I know personally asking me what the heck is going on with the ones that are supposed to be on our side? What’s going on with Russia?…Continue readingA Taste of What’s Going Around-

Blinken Blinks and Joey Winks!

IT APPEARS JOEY ISN’T THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN’T REMEMBER WHAT HAPPENED YESTERDAY? THE ENTIRE BIDEN ADMINISTRATION, AND NATO MEMBERS CAN’T REMEMBER EITHER! Blinken reports that Russia has just pushed aggressive tactics like pushing troops to border of Ukraine, for no known reason at all? I guess he is clueless to what has and is…Continue readingBlinken Blinks and Joey Winks!

Who Is Your Defender?

With all this talk about judgement, bioweapons, doomsday events and fear mongering… let it be known what it says about God’s people and JUDGEMENT? Just read Leviticus Chapter 26 to see God’s blessings for a Nation Called by His Name who keeps his commandments and what happens when they don’t. America is already under judgement…Continue readingWho Is Your Defender?

If It Looks Like A Brandon…

Talks like a Brandon, walks like a Brandon, chances are it is a Brandon! With all the infiltration taking place in everything from A to Z, and especially the patriotic movements, and rally’s, we have to look at who we are listening to and not just take everyone’s word for who they say they are.…Continue readingIf It Looks Like A Brandon…

Cabal Moves Who Has Dots?

Who has the dots to connect with the dots that keep falling from behind the veil? Nothing is as it seems, and people are suffering in the world while the cabal regimes play their wicked games. We don’t have to go way back into ancient history to figure out the mess in Afghanistan, at least…Continue readingCabal Moves Who Has Dots?

They Were All One!

TRUMP RALLY IN ARIZONA, A BRAVEHEART MOMENT! Now Comes The Hard Part! Trump is one man. His ambition since the day he entered the race to become the President of the United States has been to awaken the people to stand for the Constitution and Bill of Rights, formed by the founding fathers at the…Continue readingThey Were All One!

The Trump Has Sounded!

PRESIDENT TRUMP CAME OUT LIKE A TIGER! PROCLAIMING THEY HAVE EVERYTHING; TRUMP TOOK JABS AT ALL THE ELECTION FRAUD! Trump opened the rally by saying “The Big Lie is a lot of bulls***.” Trump entered the Arizona rally with the walkout song for WWE wrestler “The Undertaker” which left many wondering what that nugget was…Continue readingThe Trump Has Sounded!