Keep On Truck’in!

TRUMP TAKES A BLAST AT PENCE! TAKE A LOOK! Now that is the proof that many sleepers needed to see. PROOF PENCE DID THE WRONG THING! Trump said, Pence had the power to do the right thing…and he didn’t. Meanwhile in Canada…Jim Watson the Mayor of Ottawa declared that he wants everyone gone by Sunday…Continue readingKeep On Truck’in!

How Many Were Exposed!

God gave Kim Clement a vision of a mesmerizing November and December…in these months he said that much would be exposed. Kim Clement Prophecy … did you see it taking place? Did you know what it was? Looking at this video again today, I have to say at the time this was unfolding, I was…Continue readingHow Many Were Exposed!

Of Truckers and Prophets!

IS THIS THE FEBRUARY SPOKEN OF BY KIM CLEMENT? All things appear to be in place… to fulfill the word spoken of by Kim Clement of the times… especially with the bold movement of TRUCKERS ACROSS AMERICA, CANADA, AND THE WORLD! Listen to the words of Kim Clement…and you decide. What do you believe is…Continue readingOf Truckers and Prophets!

Convoy to DC 2022!

American Truckers say enough! They are hitting the road and headed to D.C., starting in California! They say they will stay in D.C. until all the RESET MANDATES and restrictions are ended. They are giving everyone a heads up to prepare. From what I gathered this isn’t just about the vax mandates, this is about…Continue readingConvoy to DC 2022!

Covid Exposed As A Lie…

People are done with the RESET hunger games and many in the medical field are coming forward whistle blowing that patients have died from improper care not Covid. Once this news permeates into the minds of all who have suffered there will be nowhere for any of the tyrants who ordered death jab mandates and…Continue readingCovid Exposed As A Lie…

Trump Rally In Texas!

IT’S TIME TO SAVE AMERICA WITH PRESIDENT TRUMP IN CONROE TEXAS! LIVE COVERAGE HAS BEGUN! Guest speakers with Trump are Gov. Greg Abbott, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, Attorney General Ken Paxton and Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller! THE REAL STARS OF THE RALLY ARE WE THE PEOPLE! Prior to the rally, Trump made a stop at the…Continue readingTrump Rally In Texas!

R.I.P. Officer Jason Rivera

A RIVER OF BLUE FLOWS THROUGH THE STREETS OF NEW YORK as fallen officer Jason Rivera is remembered and not forgotten. The sheer number of Police Officers coming out to pay respect for fallen officer, Jason Rivera, is mind boggling. It is a show of solidarity that speaks volumes! The pictures tell the story… words…Continue readingR.I.P. Officer Jason Rivera

Doug Billings Said What?

Douglas Billings has had enough of questions from his audience and people who question General Flynn about the things that General Flynn has said, of which regardless of exhibit A, B, C, D, E, etc. which are videos of the general saying the things others are questioning. According to Billings, Flynn never said any of…Continue readingDoug Billings Said What?

Elon Musk – Truckers’ Rule!

Billionaire Elon Musk who owns Tesla and SpaceX and is never afraid to speak his mind, tweeted Thursday: “Canadian truckers’ rule.” Canadian truckers were required to be vaccinated as of Jan. 15 by the federal government and the American government has followed suit. The Toronto SUN reported: “The move has prompted Canadian truckers to form…Continue readingElon Musk – Truckers’ Rule!

Mandate Narrative Take 2

LET ACTORS ALL WEAR MASKS BECAUSE? TELL ME AGAIN WHY? Hollywood Unions are having a dilemma on how to mandate masks… red for unvaxed or whatever color for vaxed? What’s the need for coding masks for unvaxed and vaxed if they are so protective? Why are the vaxed and boosted still at risk? It sounds…Continue readingMandate Narrative Take 2