Saul Alinsky Tactics A No NO For Conservatives, Unless You Are The Conservative Using It? Oh My Head Hurts.


Why is it when conservatives use the same Saul Alinsky tactics to battle the enemy that is using them, they are pulled back down like lobsters in a bucket by their peers?  I mean really why is that?  Why can’t conservatives use any means of ammo they have?  Especially when their gun is out of rounds and they have no bullets to reload with?  Why can’t we throw a stick or a rock or two?  Why does it always have to be like the British soldiers who wore bright red uniforms and marched in lock step and fired at will at the same exact time.  All sitting ducks for the enemy as they reloaded?

Well, I always question such things.  Ponder them a bit.  Sometimes from getting slapped down by one who I don’t even know through a remark or two on social media.  Do these people know they are using Saul Alinsky tactics?  I doubt it.  They believe they are being nobel and wise. Yet, I disagree.

I guess  it all goes back to my upbringing in Main Street U.S.A.  and a bit of the old imbedded words I remember from childhood.  The famous, “What will the neighbors think?”  That always brings me around, for deep inside I always felt, who cares what the neighbors think if you are not doing anything wrong?  I always felt the neighbors opinion was a bit overrated anyway.  For I would watch from the front porch many a times and see Mr. Smith coming home a bit tipsy and hear loudly from my porch Mrs. Smiths thoughts on that.

I remember watching nosey Mrs. Neuman look through our windows seeing what she could see from her porch swing every night.  I remember my mother always turning off the lights and telling us not to walk past the windows for Mrs. Neuman was watching us.  Well today we don’t have Mrs. Neuman but we do have NSA.  And we also have street cameras. I wonder if they can see inside the house?  Wow…they are the modern day Mrs. Neuman….best we all turn out our lights before we walk past our windows…. anyway, I think I will be turning mine out from now on.  Something to think about?

Meanwhile, don’t be bothered much about others opinions. We all know the old saying about that one.  Just stay focused and live and let live.  That is the best way to be. Remember, the word “live” comes before “let live” in the statement.  Never give up who you are or what you have to say, nor what you believe in order to please someone who obviously does not give a damn about your opinion in the first place.  Be nice, don’t hit first, hear them out, and do as the Donald, only counter punch.  But make sure when you do – it is with all you got, just like the Donald!  Keep on my friends, keep on.  Donald Trump for President 2016!

Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.