Russia, Russia, Russia….

Russia- all measures possible will be taken against anyone who interferes with their actions says Putin!

Gas must be paid in rubles or there will be no sales in Poland and Bulgaria, stated Russia as it stands firm not to deliver gas – taps turned off. The EU commission chief slammed the decision as “unjustified” and “unacceptable”. As Biden continues to send thousands of its weapons to Ukraine, some defense contractors are warning of shortages ahead while at the same time, they are making huge profits in the sales they are making.

Meanwhile the EU tries to justify their own sanctions and act like they are working and are surprised that Putin has said no gas unless paid in rubles. You can’t make this stuff up. It was the EU and Biden of the broke USA, Inc. that sanctioned Russia in the first place. And now, it is the same EU that is pressuring their own EU nations to continue sanctions while at the same time they rely on the gas from the ones they have sanctioned. Good grief these people have not thought out the consequences of their own sanctions at the expense of the livelihoods of humanity who are caught in the cross fires of the EU global goals of a one world order for their puppet masters. Maybe it’s time for the nations in Europe to rethink the importance of their global driven EU who is driving them into the dirt?

Remember three weeks or so ago when the EU was announcing their sanctions against Russia and Zelensky in Ukraine was sticking his tongue out at Russia shouting for the EU and Biden to send them missiles and tanks and using them on its’ own citizens? Remember the reports showing Zelensky was slaughtering people in Donbass like they have been for the past 8 years or so… and all the bio labs that Russia stopped because of their dangerous bioweapon research? And all the EU and Biden dirty deals taking place inside the Ukraine money laundry machine? So the EU shouldn’t be surprised that Putin meant what he said when he announced that “UNFRIENDLY NATIONS” would pay for their exports in rubles.

Western liberal media used to hate Ukraine and Zelensky. So, what changed?
Zelensky squats in a bed of corruption so deep there is no climbing out. His Western bed fellows will go down with him.

So now the EU is accusing Russia of blackmail by demanding rubles for payment? Good grief, so the aggressor is now taking a victim role? It sure appears they are losing the war they declared behind closed doors… and Putin is not playing their stupid games and winning their stupid prizes. Instead he has check mated them and now they are scratching their heads shouting foul just like Zelensky.

The puppet masters are in quite a dilemma. It looks like they just might end up having nothing and will not be very happy. Maybe they need the A.I. chip in their brains? They will be able to deal with their loses much easier with that. Isn’t that what they have planned for the little people that make up humanity?

Meanwhile, back in Ukraine….A Russian man-of-war has carried out a salvo launch of four Kalibr cruise missiles, as the special operation continues. Will someone please tell the EU that Putin has its’ hands full right now and their acceptable currency is the Ruble.

And where’s Biden? Will someone please tell him to ok the Keystone Pipeline that Trump had in place before he turns out the last light?

Meanwhile, what am I missing here? Does Hillary even make sense or is her eulogy to Albright supposed to only make sense to a select group? And what is that big gold pin on her shoulder? Is it her best pin? Does she have on her dancing shoes? Is she indicating that Albright is in hell or am I missing something?

Stark differences…… It’s time for some fresh air!!

A breath of fresh air as always – Melania.


God has this!!! We will make it to the finish line!

Keep on pressing into the kingdom of God….press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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