Gun Rights Lawsuit
Only one of these three has a strong reputation for their honesty and their word.  Only one is known for telling the truth.  Guess who that one is?
No one has a reason to fight for America like a full blooded American.  Call me what you will, but I am a patriot and I am an American through and through.
Will a new world order globalist ever be able to stand for America?  The present usurper in chief is standing with the United Nations and the North American Union Globalist goals…destroying and weakening not only the USA but all the nations through his and Hillary’s own creation called ISIS!
A Canadian born with Cuban roots will never be able to understand, nor to grasp what it is to be an American.  That is why  Cruz and his campaign have to cyber spy on everyone with their high tech data programs to figure out how we (who are true Americans) think.  None of these out of touch new world order globalists have a clue what makes a soul lay down their life for their country, nor why they cling to their guns and religion. They know not what true liberty is, nor do they care.  Why?  Because that isn’t how they are wired.  They are programed to deceive and destroy so their puppet masters can have their utopia tyrannical new world order.  They are simply fallen.
Part of their puppet masters goals is to turn America, Mexico and Canada into one big borderless continent.  Looks like they also plan to swoop up Cuba in the deal.  Well, are you ready for that?  If you are CRUZ  or any of the other puppet super PAC candidates are for you!  If you are not….you had better get out and vote for the only candidate running that is against it…that one is DONALD  J.  TRUMP!
That is the way it is.
Dianne Marshall
Say no to the Cuban Flag Ted Cruz Pin!  It is your only transparency (for they always give you clues)  It symbolizes the north American union that Ted will rise up and usher in if he is elected.

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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