What the heck was Rubio on last night?  I watched the debate again with fresh eyes and I swear both Rubio and Cruz looked so childish and immature.  I thought….do they really think that views well with voters?  It looked like two grade school kids throwing snow balls at the adult neighbor.  Very unbecoming.
At other times their adolescent behavior reminded me of two drunken teens sitting on the hood of the car believing they are now kings of the hood.  Smirking and whining how bad ass they are while chugging a beer – did I mention underage?
I think this will do them both in.  Does anybody know why Rubio sweats so much?  I heard someone say that could be a street problem?  One that runs in his family.  A kind of brother in law problem.  Maybe he was just reverting back to his bath house bubble days.  The behavior was very ugly and I would think twice about hiring him to work at Walmart let alone be president.  From the chatter on social media – most all suspect he was high on coke.  And not the kind you drink from a bottle.
rubio mqdefaultMeanwhile, sniffle nose Cruz just may lose Texas over his unprofessional display.  I have a feeling they’ve all had about enough of the side shows.  The media eats it up because they are paid by the establishment and most have lost their bearings a long time ago.  I cannot even imagine either Cruz nor Rubio in charge of this nation.  From the chatter on social media most are saying he is a pathological liar and there is no cure for that.  Some are calling him a sociopath now, after he stopped a bill to fund the people in Michigan who have had their water supply poisoned.  I can’t believe he sent relief to those who had values he approved of but nothing for those he believes are less than.  Yes – there are several articles out there on this and people aren’t saying good things about the Cuban.
In ending, let me put it this way, if it were Kasich in the middle of the two last night and they were acting like uncouth Cubans to him – I would have the same opinion.  This is not about a favorite candidate – THIS IS ABOUT WHAT WILL HAPPEN IF YOU LET INELIGIBLE IMMIGRANTS AND ANCHOR BABIES TAKE CHARGE!!!
They just don’t give a damn about America – to them it is just one big burrito to bite away at and ride the free gravy train as long as they can.
Trump is the only presidential man in the race.  A big thank you goes to Chris Christy for seeing that and his high endorsement of Trump today.  That was great!
Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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