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Lies are going to be blasting everywhere – so brace yourselves.  There is even a new flick out that has been enhanced by Ron Howard’s new “Motion Capture Software” that can swap out real footage for “Avatar” type liar footage.  Most common people do not understand how this works.  It is state of the art software that can make a model of someone and make them say and do anything on camera – ultra photo shopping for films!  Like “Avatar”, and “The Life of Pi”.  Well now they have put it to use to do a false, “Art of the Deal” movie about Trump and his so-called life staring Johnny Depp.
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Ignore it….it is propaganda at its’ finest. All designed to create a fraud version of the real Trump and his legacy.  Where as Dinesh painted truth in his film on Hillary…this one is nothing more than Austin Powers on steroids full of propaganda!
The real Trump is out there taking care of business drawing mega crowds and telling it like it is.  We fiddle while Rome burns and laugh at Howards movie or we get serious and vote for America by voting for Trump!
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The film is a spoof and very radical.  It displays Trump as a maniac and chauvinist.  But, what can you expect from a liberal left who has lost all and has nothing left to do but poke fun at the one true, serious man running for President?  The only one with the grit to do the job that needs done?  Let Hollyweird be a shoddy version of Jimmy Kimmel all they want….meanwhile – Trump is winning and all they can do is carry Hillary and her medical apparatus’s up the stairs!

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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