Rome Is Burning!

It’s A Too Big To Jail Thing!

And that too big to jail thing is all about the Precedence!

In Trump’s new release named “President Trump Setting a Precedent”, we see him entering a vehicle saluting Marine guards and following another red tie guy slipping in behind a presidential seat with an official insignia. Looks like it could be Marines?

image 212

Why are Marines escorting President Trump and why is he getting in a vehicle with the insignia of the US Marines on the seat? It appears to me this was filmed while President Trump was still in office? But the clue is…(or appears to be) he is still Commander In Chief. And that backs up all the executive orders that are in play.

We went over this before, but there are many new masks of Trump… so, once again… the Trump at the airport, just doesn’t look like the Trump getting in the limo.

image 213

Trump – watch the mouth and listen close to the voice.

This deposition is from August of 2023. Do you think this was him, or a stand in?

Look at the shadows on the face as the video progresses. Looks very rubbery to me. How about you?

This is definitely a game of “Where’s Waldo”, or more like the part in the Matrix where Nero is fighting all the Smith Clones.

There are also many other clues in this short video.

So this is the part in the AWAKENING TO REALITY SHOW where everyone is looking at everyone and wanting to just yank at their faces and pull off some masks… at least stretch out the skin to see who is who!

And the frustrating part is there are grifters, and CIA podcasters, and good people signed up with bad people thinking they are good people, and all sorts of city, state and federal real live insane laws and mandates thrown at us all. EVERYBODY ASKING FOR MONEY… and not batting an eye for your last dime, giving you nothing in return, and some giving you something.

Many have now got to raise sums of money as high as $600,000 to pay their legal fees so they can continue to feed you their scripts. They have go fund me accounts for all sorts of things they need… “they” meaning the ones who already have more money than most ever will see in their working lifetimes. As though their legal fees are more important than feeding your family, send what you can? Oh does your head hurt? Wait… did I say $600K? Make that $2 million – that was the price Kyle Rittenhouse needed to win his faux case!

And every Christian dot org 501c3 is asking you to give ’til it hurts because that’s what God wants you to do in this time of peril. (Even though there’s not ONE SCRIPTURE that SAYS THAT!) Support the big arena and private jets. Or God will get you, and get you good!

When we go back and look at all the scamming that went down since the stolen election… it amazes me that there was even that much money available to contribute from a crippled economy full of unemployed people? That would make a discerning person look at perhaps a thing called money laundering? Like having nice excuses and corporate shells to hide lots of dirty dollars in your faces. Crypto shells and mis and dis information campaigns? Maybe just some dark market CIA stuff? Or would that be business as usual? What a perfect way to hide and clean up money flows?

What was and is really taking place in these small and big, old and new foundations? It seems every new “BIG GUY” has to have one. None can do the patriotic thing without it. Why is that?


Meanwhile… Trump sues former attorney Michael Cohen for $500 million!

image 214

EXCLUSIVE: Former President Trump is suing his ex-lawyer Michael Cohen for more than $500 million, alleging a breach of his attorney-client relationship, unjust enrichment, and more, Fox News Digital has learned. Trump’s legal team filed the more-than 30-page federal lawsuit in U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida on Wednesday. Read:Trump sues former attorney Michael Cohen for $500 million –

And then there is Joey Avatar who doesn’t even know he’s alive. That’s what Trump said!

image 216


People do what they do….some look at photos and videos of people gone astray and laugh, point a finger, mock and whisper. Some videos are so outlandish it just can’t be real? Or can it? False flags and fake news scripts are everywhere. It’s all designed to detract from the horrors of the sound of horsemen coming.

Many people have turned a blind eye to all the horrors in their nations, in their towns, in their neighborhoods and support the right to loot, burn and beat others to death.  Who would have believed such a report, but yet, it is true. Look out and behold the world – look at the mischief set forth within it.

Then there are some who are shocked and appalled by it all and shout they want no part of looking at that. And some say, that’s not real and they go about their business shopping for their favorite toxic ladden GMO processed foods, and take their poison jabs while googling their selfies on their 5G devices. Complacent?

Just as in the days of Noah….evil abounds and iniquity is deep, yet, people are eating, drinking, giving in marriage, planning this and that and eating and drinking in glee.  And as in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah the righteous are the laughing stock and the seed that must be cast out. While those that practice lawlessness demand to make evil good and good evil because good infringes on their rights to do evil, even to our children. The lawless ones have set out to make their ways the new cultural morality, even though it is not righteous in the eyes of God, nor fruit bearing for humanity.

It is what it is.  Not by surprise, but by prophesy that men’s hearts would wax cold -being lovers of self more than lovers of God. For that is what is found inside Satan’s world, which is a world without the one true God and His only son, Jesus. There is no Holy Spirit out there to guide you, teach discernment and wisdom, or to comfort and protect you. It is a dark world, unsafe for anyone. They even eat their own… literally.

Now, we are faced with war drums.  Most have no clue they are sounding….just as it was prophecied that it would be.

image 215

The words of  Isaiah 26: 20 – 21 come to mind….

20 Come, my people, enter your chambers, and shut your doors behind you;
hide yourselves for a little while until the fury has passed by.
21 For behold, the Lord is coming out from his place to punish the inhabitants of the earth for their iniquity, and the earth will disclose the blood shed on it, and will no more cover its slain.

So here we are.  Take heed and know the Trumpet has been blown from Zion.

That being said… be wise and take all things to the Lord for Discernment….

These are tricky times where nothing is as it appears. Discern all things and do not be deceived by appearances. Not everything is as it appears. For example, in the Bible, a part of Baal worship was for a worshiper to burn incense to their god…did that make the High Priest in the Temple burning incense to the God of Israel a baal worshipper? NO it did not.

People see what they want to see, and put clues together the way they see them fit. Some squares fit into other squares…but when the puzzle is completed that red square with a piece of animal on it does not match the big picture of all the flowers. Just saying. If the Cabal used a praying hand as a symbol…does that make all who pray part of that cabal? No. It only makes for a mass illusion that they are. Mind control? Yes.

Today, President Trump put out this message. It appears he is signalling a fall of the cabal and their great merchants of the earth.

image 211

There is only one way forward – and that leads to the Kingdom of God!



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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