Written by John Miranda
It is time for a discussion upon the most polarizing topic between Republicans & Democrats.
We all saw the Planned Parenthood videos in 2015. The argument that they were fabricated or staged does not hold water. We literally have a tax sponsored government organization in the business of selling baby parts to the highest bidder whose leadership is literally obsessed in the type of sports car their profits can get them.
This is not sickening, it is repulsive beyond words.
Donald Trump has been attacked by many for previous statements that could lead one to believe he once supported abortion. The question I pose is if it is possible for a man to change his position upon Roe v Wade?
I offer myself as an example: Born in 1965 prior to Roe v Wade becoming the law of our land. I was adopted at six weeks old. Would I be here today if my due date had been post Roe v Wade? Who honestly knows? Despite that most of my life I still felt generally in support of a woman’s ‘right’ to chose.
Then my twins were born. Mark & Nick came four weeks premature, they did NOT even need an incubator. I want that fact to sink in with everyone.

Above Photo Mark and Nick  First 24 hours.
Below Photo: Mark and Nick at home still not long before their expected due date.

Likewise with his wife Melania the Republican front runner also had a child later in his life. Barron Trump is no doubt a true joy to Donald and Melania. Abortion was a legal option. They chose to have their child. I dare say the beauty of Barron coming into his life could have changed previous opinions he might have held just as Mark & Nick completely changed mine.
The Democratic Party is not only Pro-Abortion, they want to make full term 9 month old pregnancies legal for abortion as the law of the land in the USA.
It is time to stop using the politically correct term of ‘abortion’ we have been taught to use. This is MURDER. That is the only appropriate description.
Democratic Party chairman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz is the champion of this campaign. If a Democrat becomes our next President this is what awaits us…
Donald Trump has stated that aside from abortion Planned Parenthood provides a needed service. But as long as abortion is a service they provide he will defund them as president. I fully agree with him.
We cannot call ourselves a moral country if we are in the business of killing our own babies.
John Miranda

By Dianne Marshall

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