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The American lifestyle in and of itself is full of stress and today’s events have people looking for fast solutions to manage their day more than ever before. Main stream news has sure made Fear the most used emotion next to anger.  The enemy knows how to use our emotions against us. The body reacts instantly to any sensation of threat, whether it’s a pop quiz at school or a piercing scream in the middle of the night. Regardless of the threat, the stress response is a chain reaction of self-protective measures. This chain reaction radiates through the nervous system and the endocrine system (hormones) triggering more than 1,400 physiochemical reactions that in turn produce dramatic changes EVERYWHERE in the body.

Causes  of stress vary from person to person. Just as the distinction between friend and foe is subjective (how our mind interprets it), so is one’s notion of stress. Stress depends on a person’s emotion, experience, and individual perception. For example, some people are overcome with fear at the sight of a snake, while others feel only a curiosity and interest.

little boy playing with huge snake

The perception of stress can also change over time. A toddler who jumps with delight the first time they see a snake and desire to hold it and have one as a pet, can change their perception when they see others respond to the snake with panic and fear. They can begin to associate panic and fear toward snakes. This is what the news media has and is doing to the masses that listen to them during their plandemic , reading off their liar scripts.

Learn and know this truth, it will empower you!

 It is not only the external real stimuli that are the stressors; the body employs the same physical and chemical reactions to deal with fake conjured up danger as it does to deal with real danger and fake or real viral infection or other disease.  This is known as “the general adaptation syndrome”.  It was first identified by endocrinologist, Hans Selye in the 1930’s. Selye outlined three stages in the body’s stress response: alarm, resistance, and exhaustion. If the stress continues for long periods without relief or is so great that it overwhelms the defenses, exhaustion can even lead to DEATH.

The CDC and Deep State Cabal know all about this and they are using it as a weapon to weaken every human on the earth in order to weaken and deplete them all. So how do we out fox them?

Fear not! HAVE FAITH IN GOD. | Prophetic Voice
Remember it is written that Babylon Falls and it is the Great Merchants of the earth who weep and wail. Not God’s people! It is also written that the Meek Shall Inherit the earth!

The stress response plays an essential role in helping the body to react quickly and decisively to sudden threatening changes in its’ environment. When the threats recede, the body uses similar mechanisms in order to return to its normal state of homeostasis – a steady level of functioning among the ordinary fluctuations of life.

The stress response depends on the interplay of two major nerve networks, SENSORY NERVES and the peripheral nervous system that relays the signals to the spinal cord and to the brain. If the brain interprets the impulses as a threat, it instructs the autonomic division of the peripheral nervous system to act.

The autonomic network that controls the involuntary functions of certain muscles and organs, including the heart, is itself divided into two branches. The sympathetic branch that mobilizes the body’s energy and resources for high performance and the parasympathetic branch that helps slow down and restore the body’s systems in the aftermath of the threat. These opposite functions combine to keep the body operating normally.  So how we perceive what is taking place during COVID RESET has everything to do with our overall health.

Do not fear or be dismayed. #God #enlightenedchristian #enlightened #nofear  #donotfear #faith #move #forward #believe #step … | Do not fear, Faith, Do  not be afraid

Those who have mocked Christians for their faith in knowing God has all of this for they have read their Bibles and know God’s people win in the end have foolishly thrown darts at the truth and the power of knowing…which has kept God’s people steady, without fear, and healthy…and has saved their energy to fight another day when the real threat comes at them. These people have invented words like “Hopium” and laughed at the foolish Christ followers and have exhausted their own selves with fear and have weakened themselves over the last year and a half by reacting to the fear and pumping cortisol and other chemicals through-out their body, depleting it.

Living for God: Fear Not: God Is With You

Which brings us to Christians who trust in the Lord but still experience fear. The Lord told us to Fear Not…and he stressed it over and over. So how, when all looks grim, do we fear not? It begins with having a strong relationship with the Father and Jesus Christ, His son.

Believing is a first step, and it is a giant step,  but after you take that step, there is a vital second step to take, and that is having a relationship with Jesus and the Father. When you have that, you will seek and find so many answers, you will see the faith of David against the giant Goliath and you will see how faith in the promises of God is the opposite of fear and you will see how the power of the Holy Spirit moves mountains when you believe… and fear not.

Do not fear, for I am with you; Do... - Christian Wallpapers | Facebook

Building a relationship…

Every person knows how pressured they feel when under stress and how relieved they are when they can find even an hour of time just for themselves. Yet, most people will not take that hour just for themselves. They will take ten minutes of it, then feel guilty and begin some small project that seems to be a more productive use of their time, after all, who has 50 minutes to waste being idle?

Yet the Lord keeps nudging for his people to come. Come and sit with me.  We often feel a need to come and sit with the Lord, but most times when we get sat down, our mind wanders off to other things that need done, and we find our time with the Lord is reduced to a few minutes, sometimes we can make it 15 to 30 minutes or so, and then we are off taking care of other things.  After all, God wants us to take care of things and not be idle. So what is wrong here? 

Imagine telling a friend you’re coming over to visit and you go and sit down at the table to talk.  You greet and smile, then you keep looking around the room. Thinking of what else you could be doing.  How long do you think your friend is going to sit and speak knowing you are not engaged, and are showing all the signs of you have other things to do?  Then, imagine after five minutes you look at your watch and declare you forgot another important thing you had pressing, and would love to stay longer but now you really must go and get that other thing done.

I’m sure when you hurry off after five or ten minutes the friend is thinking…what was that all about? Well, what do you think God says about this when you do that to him?  How can you have a friendship when you don’t build it?

Even so, what if you sat down with your friend and you gave them a list of all the things you needed them to do for you, then said, thank-you and gotta go now. And just left?

Well, that may not be the best way to get favor from your friend, and it’s definitely not the best way to build a relationship with anyone.

What if the friend was your mentor? Try pulling that on your mentor and imagine what would happen? Wax on and wax off and maybe a lot of chores and trials for patience in store? 

image 35

Perhaps some gratitude lessons?  Maybe some hard chastisement where you have to learn a few things on your own?

The question is, how do we maintain a calm peace of mind without enduring Stress?

Once a person sees and feels the difference in their total well being and understands why they need to take the time to build a relationship with God, the Father, there will be a new awareness, a new eagerness, a new relationship that comes and one so meaningful, it will be like running to see a long lost loved one as you embrace the moments…time will go by so fast you will not understand how it did.

You will find yourself  not really leaving, but instead continuing the conversation in your thoughts and deeds. You will begin to see how it is that you can pray unceasing for you will not want to leave and return to how you felt before. That person who was always busy and doing nothing that held any true joy, nothing that held any true fulfillment and nothing that changed anything inside you will be the one you now dread to go back to. You won’t want to be there and you may even find that some of the chores that were so important go by the wayside.  Maybe dusting isn’t important to do daily?  Maybe the yard work can wait for a few hours? 

image 36

What becomes most important now are others and not things.  What you can do to help a neighbor becomes more important than what your neighbor can do for you.

So, how does one turn an acquaintance with the Father into a relationship?  It begins by calling out His name, and truly seeing His Son as the One that made it possible to come to the Father. Stay in prayer until you feel his nudge. Let the Lord know you will wait and focus on Him like you were a child waiting by the window, looking out, anticipating a visit from your favorite person in the whole world.

Imagine how awful it would be to die and appear at a great judgment and now have the moment where you are talking to the Son of the Father and knowing it was all real and then hearing about all the times you had the chance to talk to the Father and you chose not to?  Imagine hearing Jesus speak to you of all the times He called to you and you were too busy to talk and you blew it?  Imagine seeing Jesus weep as he tells you how busy you were and did not take time and how much he really wanted to help you but you would not take the time to talk with him?  He had so  much to show you and to help you do and you would not stop to hear him?

Wow, that is a big reality shock, now isn’t it?  It just sent a chill up my spine…did it yours?

Jesus and the Father are always there…they are always ready to talk and build a relationship with you. Are you wanting one?  You don’t have to make an appointment…there is no waiting list. It is always up to you. Will you visit them today?



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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