“Revealing Ukraine”

We have seen Ukraine on Fire the riveting documentary that exposes the Obama Regime’s involvement in capitalizing a modern-day occupation of a nation, through a coup to control it and have the new colony govern itself under their coup advisors. Yes, that is what happened…or what the deep state tried to do. It just didn’t work out the way they wanted because Hillary was always supposed to win and she didn’t. President Trump won.

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A billion dollars, with 320 million in general assistance, 118 million in equipment and training for their security forces, 20 million for law enforcement REFORM, and advisers in banking, politics, energy, media and human rights – these advisors are all the deep state operators that networked within the Obama Regime! This was colonizing Ukraine…this was not FREEDOM!

This documentary fills you in on what took place after the fire in Maidan Square and the dust settled. It will open your eyes to the turmoil the Obama regime created in Ukraine. You will have a new view on what has and is taking place in Ukraine. You will come to understand why the deep state would rather even blow us all up than to face defeat… they will not succeed, they have already lost. “They” meaning the entire DEEP STATE CABAL and that INCLUDES MOST ALL OF D.C. AND THE GREAT MERCHANTS OF THE EARTH! God has another plan for his people, so hold on tight to his hand as he takes you through one heck of a ride! Fear not, God has you!

“Revealing Ukraine” [investigations into the crisis following “Ukraine on Fire”]


For those who haven’t seen them, I have included the Documentary below, along with Glen Beck’s dot connecting.

Video – How the US helped set Ukraine on Fire – a must see!


Their scenario’s in their LOCKSTEP MANUAL are no joke. It would do all good to review them now and see where they are in their plans. I did recently and found the messy removal of troops in Afghanistan was part of their “Hack Attack” section. These people are not like God’s people at all. They have no empathy for man and view them no greater than an insect. Know the enemy and trust what the Bible says about evil is true. Read: LockStep Rockefeller Foundation : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

Keep on Pressing into the Kingdom of God…Press, Press, Press!

Pray unceasing… remember you were chosen for this time. Hold on tight to the Lord’s hand and fear not for He is with you always!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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