Why is it that someone who had an abortion and is remorseful, repented, is welcomed back into the Christ fold, while someone who 20 years ago felt a woman had a right to choose and since came to believe that was wrong is not?  TRUMP is not for abortion nor has he been for a very long time.
The hypocrisy is overwhelming here.  In the 70’s I never had any opinion on this issue, it just wasn’t talked about in my circles.  The right to choose became a big issue.  It never concerned me. I was complacent, then the more I heard about it,  I felt a woman had the right to choose in cases of rape etc. So, I thought it was good to have the right to choose.  Later, as I grew in knowledge and understanding that life begins at conception…I realized we were deceived in this right to choose.  I changed my opinion.  It was never a right, or so I came to believe.

So a man, who never judged those who chose to do so at the same time when many were proclaiming their rights, and many still are, is called immoral?  Even though, he has now seen in his own life that it is something he can no longer say is okay?

I look at what a person is today.  Many of the best advocates for pro life have experienced their own regret for making a wrong choice. When I listen to their testimonials, my heart goes out to these women.  Our society has been duped so many times by many. The ones who suffer the most are those who have believed the lies.  Yet, there is a way to be forgiven.  In that we are all the same, for each one of us has something we have done wrong, and each must account for our own actions with only one – that one is God.  Or so that is what I believe.
I admire those who have the conviction to change their stance on issues like abortion, and those that have the courage to share their own personal struggle with forgiveness and finding the love from others in order to go forward until they could learn to find love for themselves.
Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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