RESET, Russia, Biden, a Bear, and a Hunter…

Now Showing – Sneak Preview Season 3 Episode 668!

This season the Joe Show takes a radical spin and anything goes as the left Khazarian puppets throw the kitchen sink at conservatives who love America and want to make her great again. Here’s what some show critics are saying…

Judge Jealine: “I thought I had it all figured out, but I have to say- I never saw the twist in the Khazarian take down coming.”

Greg Gutfull: “The round up scene where Nadler was wobbling away as fast as he could from Majorie Taylor Greene shouting at him “you’re under arrest”, had me rolling my eyes like Flipper in the bay. I thought, she’ll do anything for attention. Then she flashed her secret service badge and I choked on my latte. I never saw that one coming!”

Kat Tumpf: “When Joey came out with his head on backwards, I said, this has become beyond ridiculous. It’s now so fake it’s stupid. But when he went up to the podium with the back of his head showing and started reading off his white card, I couldn’t stop laughing.”

image 124

The Joe show continues to its’ climax!

Highlights of Season 3 Premier titled “The Climax!”

Restaurants fight back!

The universe alters in the next episode as cocky fast food human bombs come in and ready to get set and throw their destruction fit behind the counter…when BOOM!  McDonalds WORKERS FIGHT BACK!  Listen as the tables they used to overthrow are now turned and they scream in pain and beg for someone to call the police.  The same police they hate and twerk in their faces as others set fire to their cars!  Yes…you will actually hear these once bold creatures beg for the beaters to stop in one breath, and  in the next scream for someone to call the police.

image 126

Sorry, but due to the graphic content of the abusers getting their butt whooped and not the innocent diners and employees…Twitter is not allowing this to be viewed. They must fear that it is not a good public image to have thugs screaming for someone to call the police by the ones who came in to attack and destroy. It must interfere with their propaganda momentum or something??? Just imagine it.

Don’t miss when Pelosi shows us How the Georgia Guidestones really collapsed! What’s in the time capsule?

You won’t want to miss “Republicans plot vengeance on Jan. 6 committee”! This will get the ratings!

image 125

Read sneak peak preview: Republicans plot vengeance on Jan. 6 committee (

You won’t want to miss the episode where Schiff hits the fan!

image 128

They are ending the Khazarian plot for Soylent Green!

image 136

Special episode where FARMERS around the world fight back!

Farmers are not going to allow their families or the world to starve.

The worldwide pushback begins and the people who just wanted left alone are now fighting back.

There are many creative ways to get back without fighting. Smile. Love creative thinking!

image 135

In this episode we watch Khazarian NAZI Zelensky burn his own Ukrainian wheat fields and blame Putin. Putin tells the world it was snot nosed Zelensky. Will Zelensky be removed from his office? Tune in and find out what happens to the man who set Ukraine on fire and is trying very hard to start WWIII, but Putin is playing 5D chess and Zelensky only knows how to get high and cry. Reuters reported Zelensky is now asking Joe for 750 more billion dollars! Who’s going to give him a trillion?

image 129
image 137

The out of control mobs are activated. But this time…there will be consequences!

Klaus Schwab accepts Boris Johnson’s resignation and warns remaining World Government cabinet members: “No more f••• ups!”

What he doesn’t realize, due to his watermelon size ego, is it is too late for all of them including his Khazarian Mafia DAVOS bunch!

image 127

The people are listening Klaus…they aren’t your puppets. They are too busy getting rid of their corrupt government officials! Boris gone…France and Canada are next.

Don’t miss Musk as he flips off the Twitter Bird – in this episode we discover how Twitter was always a DARPA project to spy on the world.

He’s not buying Twitter and Twitter’s not buying him. That’s a riddle.

image 131

Giving up on Joe… the Khazarian Cabal tries to figure out a cheaper place to put Joe… this is where he goes bye, bye in the show.

Don’t miss this episode titled: The World’s Most Expensive Nursing Home!

image 130

With all the money in the fiat world going to Ukraine, Joe has just gotten to expense to keep up in the White House. His special needs and mishaps have eaten the Khazarians out of house and capitol. Will he go to the basement, be unplugged, or sent to GITMO, this time publicly and officially?


image 132
image 133

Don’t miss this episode – Secretary Austin Demands a Fully Vaccinated Military – Could Fire 60K

image 138

Sec. Austin shown above in the Phillippines in full battle gear. Masked up, Pfizered, and Visored.

READ: Secretary Austin Demands a Fully Vaccinated Military – Could Fire 60K (


Laptops from hell – put many in jail! The whole world is waiting for this episode!

image 134

The Climax builds up and the Dark Side gives its’ puppet leaders a warning and a tongue twister…. Meanwhile the storm troopers have been infiltrated…watch and see! WARNING: SPOILER ALERT.

And then remember… it wouldn’t be a world show without a bear….every one is looking for the bear and Zelensky keeps poking it… he’s about got him riled. So sit back and observe the lesson in this episode and that is… never mess with the bear.

There is much, much more…so tune in!

Keep on Pressing into the Kingdom of God! Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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