RESET Exposed, Fake Cry To Save Humanity Is Over!

RESET is appearing to be in the blood of globalists who sit in Royal places. It is now coming into full view that it has been guided and inspired by self appointed kings, queens, and lords who sit in high seats, whose hunger is satisfied only off the backs of its’ past colonies and humanity it refuses to feed but instead chooses to feed off of. The globalism mindset is one that appears to believe the world is their little puppy that they own as property and can choose to stroke it lovingly or harshly with a stick.

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The Crown has long been a puppet shell and the once great traditions are all broken into pieces by the same usurping processes that have been used to steal elections world wide. Our eyes now see clearly as through an unclouded glass how our own are appointed for us…in the same manner as the King and or Queen appoints their own elect, deciding who shall do what, when and how. They have toyed with the world as though all were its’ subjects. The veil has finally come down.

It has all been a puzzle to most…and why is that?

Could it be the simple process of finding each piece? If not fitted together in its proper place… we only see what we believe we are seeing. And those who make the puzzle are always sure to separate it cleverly. After all, you aren’t supposed to see the big picture. You are only to do as you are told.

image 174

The picture is RED because my puzzle piece is RED!

No the picture is BLUE because my puzzle piece is BLUE!

You are both wrong. It is BROWN because I have found the BROWN puzzle piece!

I have found it to be YELLOW because my puzzle piece is YELLOW!

That is how having only one or a few puzzle pieces work. It is not until each person unites and adds all their puzzle pieces together that they begin to see the entire picture for what it actually is. And that is what these puzzle makers fear. They do not want the people to unite and add all the pieces together, for they know that when they do … their game is over!

So now my friends… it is time to place all of the puzzle pieces. And when we do… we must remember that there are many puzzles blended into one big giant box… so we are putting together pictures that were jigsawed and tucked away together to make the finding of it all a lot more difficult than it has ever appeared to be.

We have puzzle pictures from the past jigsawed into tiny bent pieces, for they have lied to us and marred the picture. We also have pictures from the present jigsawed into the same marred mess…and then, they have also hidden the pictures of their planned jigsaw pieces of the future. These are all cut up into secret shapes.

image 175

Many of the pictures have been completed enough that we can all see the picture clearly. Yet, there are always a piece here and a piece there that can come together and make what looked like a goose… turn into a swan! Therein lies the challenge.

Some of the big puzzle pieces coming together at the same time that need fitted are that of Robert Maxwell, Ghislaine Maxwell, Epstein, Princess Diana, Oligarchs, RESET, the new King Charles, American Avatars like Joey, FBI, IRS, CIA, NSA, FIVE EYES, IMF. Princess Diana’s missing tapes and of course Hunter’s laptop from hell. The question is…”Who is really behind the World Economic Forum and who really controls the United Nations?”

The dominos are falling one by one. Woe to the derelict King and his unhappy kingdom, the NAZI Oligarchs from Ukraine to London are being exposed and Joey wants to be crowned as a tyrannical king while Trudeau is about to be booted like Boris. Their vain cry to help humanity and fake words to do the will of the people are exposed as we see the dead vaxed and the present force of will headed to mass starvation and poverty. The facade is over. It is now all of humanity versus the Oligarchs behind their puppets at WEF.

Keep finding the pieces and expose the entire picture! Put on the full armor of God and let the Holy Spirit guide you in every step of your journey!

Keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God! Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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