Remembering Princess Diana…

The Royal Whistle Blower who dared to open Pandora’s Box…

25 Years Ago the world mourned the loss of who came to be known as England’s Rose, Princess Diana. I found there were many that don’t remember her for they were too little or not born yet. And many were busy and paid little attention to anything except noticing a very long and sad funeral. And the horrid fact that she had died in a tragic car crash with few details. So I thought it mindful with the passing of the Queen to hunt for the tapes of Princess Diana where she told her story in her own words. Of course people’s opinions have filtered in (they always do), but Diana tells her story in her own voice and video streams. She shares her heartfelt thoughts and feelings. Please enjoy the videos and filter through the opinions.

Princess Diana – The Secret Tapes

Note: The videos are in sequence numbered 1 to 15, most are short around 4 to 5 minutes and the longest is around 9 minutes. In light of all that is taking place in the world these are very informative and eye opening.

Bonus… “What it was like for William after Diana…”

After watching the video series of “Princess Diana – The Secret Tapes”, it reopened memories of what it was like to hear about all of this at that time and the curiosities it aroused in those days when it was taking place. Today, looking back and pondering many things one striking thought came into my mind. “If Diana was bold enough to speak this much…how much more did she want to say but dared not speak?”

With that thought followed others, such as…”If a Royal Family would do this to the beautiful mother of their Royal children whom they were said to love … what would they be capable of doing to the little ordinary people?”

How easy would it be to make plans for strangers, such as to perhaps tell them to cut off their electric? Get used to the heat and get used to the cold? Lock down businesses and force toxic jabs on people? Perhaps tell them to eat no meat? Perhaps put monitoring devices on all of them so they can well know what each is doing, and what each is thinking? To force people into poverty by wrecking economies with high inflation and shortages of everything? To put spyware in every building and on every street and every place so nothing is private? Put devices in their heads so no one can have free will? It is no wonder Charles contributed to the original RESET plans. I’m sure he spent much time plotting and planning ways to control all that he could not control in his own little world. Especially ways to control those with sharp wit and good hearts. RESET was one of those mad type of answers.

Those who think as these ones do… truly don’t care what your little bobble head believes and creates… they simply hate that it can.

It is time to stand up in prayer unceasing and plead our case to God of all the reasons to end the madness of those who have no moral compass and distain humanity. May we open our hearts and remember to follow in the way of the Lord.

Keep on Pressing into the Kingdom of God. Press, press, press!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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