Will Trump Fix Afghanistan?

Over 10,000 Americans are said to still be in Afghanistan.

So, what is going down? Is Trump ready to step up or are we just watching more of the show?


So are we seeing the beginning of a changing of the guard?

Nothing is as it appears.

Earlier today Kayleigh McEnany did an Instagram post in a whisper telling us to watch her program where she would discuss Afghanistan. She was smiling and happy. The news was supposed to be grim about 10,000 Americans scared for their lives in Afghanistan, but she was smiling and happy. This looked more like a staged event, her smile gave it away. We all watched Kayleigh and her tiger stance as White House Press Secretary and she never smiled at dire news. And she spoke with agression at idiocy. KayleighMcEnany on Instagram: “Watch @outnumberedfnc @foxnews with @harrisfaulkner @realemilycompagno & I!”

That being said, nothing is as it appears. Yet, one thing is sure, something BIG IS TAKING PLACE.

It appears Biden is about to be removed from his Truman Show for bad performance. If his time is now up, this leaves doors opened to wonder how many cabal merchants/investors that do their bidding in the dark recesses are now taken out of the shadows?

It appears that we are about to see some action that we have all been waiting for.

Meanwhile, Miley was showing his true cabal colors – TREASON in all capitals and in the capitol to boot!

Tick tock….something is about to go BOOM!

THE QUESTION IS – How is this weasel playing into the show? He helped Biden set Ukraine on Fire and he’s been McCain’s buddy in war mongering. So….how is he playing into this BOOM? He helped protect Bush’s CIA Opium Lab. Wonder if he’s made some sort of bargain? Or if he is just being allowed to be a useful idiot?

Photo - McCain with the head of ISIL EDIT DEBUNKED (sorry about that) -  Democratic Underground

The actual video where Osama bin-Laden unequivocally denied responsibility for the September 11 attacks, was kept from the public. Why? It was so the great merchants formenting the wars and the war on terror was a jack pot that allowed George W. Bush to declare war anywhere on the earth he wanted with the cabal’s control of the military of their puppet new world order king Bush. This false flag not only allowed his war on terror it allowed the Patriot Act that stripped Americans of their individual rights if they were deemed a terrorist.

George W. Bush Helped Osama Bin Laden Win His War - Guardian Liberty Voice
The entire Bush family had close ties to Osama Bin Ladin and the Bin Laden family. They made many trips to Texas as a guest of George Bush when he was governor.

In 2012 in an article titled:

Was Osama for Real? And Was He Killed in 2001?

BY HAMAD SUBANI · It is said, “Some sceptics believe Osama was not behind 9/11 and may have been framed. This article argues that Osama was in on the game since the beginning, and that the Bin Laden family might be members of the Global Elite. For the first time ever, this article also pieces together a theory that has been gaining traction in Pakistan since the assassination of Benazir Bhutto. That Osama was killed around December 2001 by a “rogue” MI-6 operative named Omar Saeed Shaikh, in an act of vigilantism . Sadly, Saeed did not get to claim the $25 million bounty on Osama’s head. Instead he got framed for the mysterious murder of reporter Daniel Pearl, who may have been preparing to publicize Saeed’s wondrous feat.

“The idea that Bin Laden may have continued his loyalty to the CIA after the jihad against the Soviets, and that he may have deliberately inserted himself in Afghanistan to provide cause for the subsequent War on Terrorism has not gained much traction. How could everyone be so wrong? Was everyone, including the Taliban, duped?

“How does a man run Al-Qaida on a global level, manage a multimillion dollar international business network, dodge cruise missiles and jet around the world in style? He had connections, connections that are only possible in the small world of the Global Elite.

 “He was a member of the Global Elite!

“Supposing that Osama was rooting for the “Powers That Be”, does not mean the official narrative of him carrying out 9/11 is true. Rather, he played his part in the Islamic World while the Powers That Be took care of the technical side of the operation in North America. Osama’s task was to provide a personality, and an organization, as well as a nation, that could be credited with 9/11, a task he superbly fulfilled. And he was to provide candidates that could raise strong suspicion for involvement in 9/11, and he was to provide financing for these candidates. ” Read full article here: Was Osama for Real? And Was He Killed in 2001? | Cabal Times

Bin Laden Family part of the Global Elite and Great Merchants of the earth! The cabal do eat their own!

By 1990, the Bin Laden family began conducting their business activities under the umbrella of the Saudi Bin Laden Group, headquartered in Jeddah. They keep a low profile and never advertise [PBS, 4/1999]. Although their main business activity was restricted to Saudi Arabia, they had become the richest family there, second only to the Saudi royal family. And they had business ties to other front companies of Western ruling elite, such as General Electric, Unilever, Motorola, Schweppes, Citigroup, Merrill Lynch, Goldman Sachs and HSBC Bank. [Ha’aretz, 12/18/2002New Yorker, 11/5/2001]. They also had a deal with Disney. And they won a contract to build a new capital city for Kazakhstan [Spiegel, 6/6/2005].

82673az foster astana
Astana, the new capital of Kazakhstan was completed by the Bin Laden Group.

This new capital named Astana, carries several occult motifs found in the architecture of Western ruling elite. The Bin Ladens are also said to have a stake in Fremont Group, whose board of directors include former Secretary of State George Schultz [New Yorker, 11/12/2001]. Later in November 2002, 9/11 victims relatives added Saudi American bank to a lawsuit against Saudis. The bank was partly owned and managed by Citibank, and financed development projects in Sudan at a time when Osama was headquartered there [Wall Street Journal, 11/22/2002]. Note that GE is Rockefeller oriented while Citigroup is Rothschild oriented. How could the previously obscure Bin Ladens join this club?

Osama bin-Laden and Al-Qaeda (both CIA creations), and all the funded militant groups involved were orchestrated to achieve the cabal’s objectives to justify a two decades-long war, costing tens of thousands of lives and trillions of dollars. The great merchants and corporate deep state operatives have well lined their pockets on the war(s) in Afghanistan et al, and trillions more on the opium trade that the CIA over saw.

Pakistani Court Says Pervez Musharraf A Fugitive In Benazir Bhutto Murder  Case : The Two-Way : NPR

The assassination that orphaned Pakistani politics for over ten years. The global beasts did this evil act to further their wars.

ENTER BENAZIR BHUTTO, Former Prime Minister of Pakistan

Since we are looking at all the truth, let’s look at what the now assassinated former Prime Minister of Pakistan, Benazir Bhutto said was the truth – if you can read her lips…and listen close she tells you that Osama Bin Laden was already assassinated right after 911. Below is Benazir Bhutto, in a BBC interview with David Frost which aired in November 2007. Bhutto stated that Osama bin Laden had been murdered by Sheik Omar (see 4.00 mark) in December of 2001. They have left the video up…but muffled the most important part where she names names and gives dates.

Knowing this, we now can fit the puzzle pieces together about the navy seals who were all killed after the alledged false flag death of Bin Ladin and his burial at sea. Dead men don’t talk.

It is very telling when 4 minutes in, when Bhutto is talking about the ones and naming names of who funds the militant groups to terrorize, and states that if she is assassinated it will be by the same group of Sheik Omar, who KILLED USAMA BIN LADIN. WHO SHE SAID WAS KILLED RIGHT AFTER 911 IN DECEMBER. So the games the great merchants have had their military and all their puppet kings playing is one of great deceit. YEARS ago, when this was fresh news, this same video was shared freely, and some videos were even made with the sound bytes specifically of her, naming names and calling out the death of Bin Laden immediately after 911.

Benazir Bhutto: Latest News on Benazir Bhutto, Benazir Bhutto Photos |  Outlookindia

Many now know he did not do it, but most still believe the lies told by the fake news. Remember all flights were stopped on the day the towers were attacked, yet the military escorted the entire Bin Laden family out of the USA to safety. Why did they do that? Why did they keep that a secret? Probably for the same reason they kept the entire inside job a secret. They didn’t want anyone to know the truth or they would have been hanged for murder and treason. All of them.

We have been lied to like two year olds about the facts of these wars and rumors of wars. It is time to demand the truth be told. But, the ones doing all the wars are liars and not capable of telling any truth for they follow after satan who is the father of lies and the author of it.


So if the government and fake news is ready to get real and tell us some truth…we are ready to listen. If they are going to lie, and lie, and tell more lies….THEY CAN COUNT ME OUT! Unless, of course it BRINGS DOWN THE ENTIRE HOUSE OF CARDS AND DESTROYS THE BEAST SYSTEM!


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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