Putin Destroys RESET Plans!

“Our world is in peril and perilized,” UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres

UN’s dire warning to world leaders: “This crisis threatens the future of humanity.”

On Tuesday, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres painted a dark picture of the world in comments to world leaders gathering for the General Assembly. He appeared to be telling the hard facts that the west was losing, claiming they must save the planet “which is literally on fire” and fix geopolitical divides. Guterres outlined UN goals for 2030 in his Monday meeting while warning about how it may be “tempting to put our long-term development priorities to one side”. This year’s General Assembly will be the first in three years to be fully in-person, with the exception of Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky who will deliver a pre-recorded speech.

The plots and plans of the RESET order have went up in flames…their sanctions against Russia have backfired. These foolish puppets just do as they are told without looking or thinking of possible consequences. They only look at their computer algorithms and the ideas of their think tanks who have no real understanding of those with free will who desire freedom.

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The big mistake they have all made was believing their NAZI Pscho Analyst hireling, named Sigmund Freud, who conjured up insane ideas of how men and women processed their thoughts, had found the keys to controlling society. It would be more accurately stated that instead, Freud and ilk like him, had ‘thought projected’ his own warped “id” onto the minds of others believing they came to conclusions in the same sick manner that his own mind sorts things out.

That being said, this bunch make terrible chess players. (Freud’s “id” defined is the personality component made up of unconscious psychic energy that works to satisfy basic urges, needs, and desires. Freud viewed the id as operating based on the pleasure principle, which demands immediate gratification of needs.) This seems to work for those who love to participate in the sport they do in the groves, dark castle chambers and privately or most assuredly in secret.

JOEY Suffering From RmL Mispronounces Rhetoric At The UN.

Joe, the avatar blames Russian President Vladimir Putin over the ongoing war in Ukraine… excuse me Joey… we all know what you did and still yet do!

How rich for Joey who oversaw “Ukraine On Fire – The Orange Revolution” and the “Toppling of The Government of Ukraine”, to point fingers and blame one man falsely. His RmL Disorder has him speaking outrageous things. He forgets about his drug and human/child trafficking, money laundering, biolabs, and oil ties. Will he melt under the lights or will there simply be a mask ripping afterwards?

Putin just DESTROYED the NATO plan for a global great reset! 

In 2003 the US went to war with Ukraine over the threat of “WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION”. These were biological weapons. Weapons that can wipe out mass totals of population. And now, today… the same UN has allowed the cunning secrecy of nations to produce, experiment, and test weapons of mass destruction and even force them onto the world’s population. There is no place for those who are involved to hide. These must be held accountable of their crimes against humanity.

Russia’s President Putin exposed the NATO plan to destroy Russia’s sovereignty and announced a massive expansion of the war in Ukraine. The Fed raised interest rates pushing us towards a recession. People are hoarding groceries and basic necessities.

The Queen is dead and Charles has risen to some sort of power… in his feebleness suffering from RmL Disorder.

This really is a sick plan and it has all backfired. None of them understood anything about geopolitical moves… just like any puppet with a mind as a hollow shell, their little wiped minds and new data clean slates knew only what their masters told them to memorize. They were all taught not to think but to just do as told. And this is where it has landed them all.

How pathetic they all are, yet the awakened humanity is greatful that they have no mind of their own…for that makes it the better to topple them and end their masquarade.

Saudi Arabia-Russia Alliance 

The West has failed to isolate Russia and Putin with his BRICS on the world stage. Sanctions against Russia have backfired and pushed Europe towards economic ruin by their own sanctions. Whose idea was that anyway? Now they sit in their own manmade energy crisis and beg for oil while looking into old ways of energy, to power their nuclear plants, such as coal. They really never thought any of this through. They just did as they were told by those behind the veil.

Meanwhile, Russia has turned everything thrown at them around, from the sanctioned removal of Starbucks (like that was going to cripple Russia? NOT.) to no more Fiat dollars for you. They turned Starbucks into Stars Coffee and Fiat air paper into GOLD BACKED RUBLES. They also found alternative markets for its energy exports in Asia and made a great deal with Saudi Arabia!

My, my, my…this certainly is not a good time to have a war. Not when people are unemployed, starving, sick from jabs, and no gas and oil to operate planes, tanks, and fire up the plants to make amunitions. Did they even think of such things? No. Their arrogance and ideologies clouded their reality and in that process of stupid moves…the masses woke up and said…WE SEE WHAT YOU HAVE DONE AND WE WILL HAVE NO MORE OF THIS AT ALL!

So, the clock is ticking and the midnight hour has sounded. Stay in prayer and ….



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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