Putin & Color Revolution

While fake news shouts high oil prices to blame for protests in Kazakhstan, European news calls it a color revolution! Wake up and watch how the fake news keeps the veil pulled tight. The best thing to do when they like is to go right to the sources. That is the people in the streets who are protesting. They will tell you they have had enough of the totalitarian forces that have been pounding like a fist on their lives!

Could Kazakhstan be a model for a power transfer in Russia? | Europe | News  and current affairs from around the continent | DW | 24.03.2019

Putin said that by dispatching troops to Kazakhstan, the Moscow-led alliance had shown it “will not allow the situation to be rocked at home and will not allow so-called ‘color revolutions,’” a reference to the uprisings that toppled pro-Moscow governments in Georgia and Ukraine. Putin pushes his red lines in Kazakhstan and Ukraine (yahoo.com)

On January 10, 2022, Putin let it be known that this attack was not the first or the last attempt to interfere in the region and that the CSTO (Collective Security Treaty Organization) would not allow “color revolutions” to reemerge. He was referring to several foreign-sponsored upheavals in former Soviet republics over the last decade such as Ukraine. We have to face the facts on that one, evidence mounts that Obama and Biden had a strong hand in that mess and so did McCain and Graham. There were a host of players fanning the flames to the political take over and regime change. We’ve talked a lot about that and you can watch Oliver Stone’s documentaries on the ordeal that took place.

The old playbook isn’t going to work anymore. Putin is lurking like a tiger and positioning his troops to do what he says he will do should any NATO or cabal forces make a stupid idea to make a stupid move.

Russia is moving its military helicopters near the Ukrainian border. American officials have reportedly said that Kremlin has begun taking steps to move its military choppers. US officials have said that the new aircraft units would give a critical advantage to Russia if Putin decides to invade Ukraine. However, US officials have reportedly said that the Russians have a limited window for an invasion that depends on the weather. Meanwhile, Russian officials and their US counterparts held a meeting in Geneva on December 10 to discuss Ukraine.

Putin pointed out that the deployment of CSTO forces had thwarted a plot by armed groups to undermine the basis of power in Kazakhstan and that they would be pulled out following the completion of their mission.

Putin’s latest remarks on Kazakhstan came two days after he and his Kazakh counterpart, Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, discussed steps to “restore order” in the country, following violent protests that main stream fake news keeps insisting were triggered by a sharp rise in fuel prices. Funny how we have outside armed protestors being sent in and the ones doing this believe they will fool Putin. Not so fast… this time, Putin is using his CSTO Forces and calling out the puppet masters behind the armed groups!

Russia Moves Military Helicopters Towards Ukraine, Warns US About “Playing With Fire” After Talks

It appears this has been a cat and mouse game and is not about gas price increases. Especially since talks concerning stupid ideas and winning stupid prizes were made last December 3, 2021.

image 42

So, Russia has now warned their American Colleagues to stop their bad idea fast.

The President of Kazakhastan stated on Monday that this was an attempted coup d’etat coordinated by what he described as “a single centre” a week after a huge unrest following a major hike in fuel prices. He stated, “Armed militants who were waiting in the wings joined the protests. The main goal was obvious: the undermining of the constitutional order, the destruction of government institutions and the seizure of power. It was an attempted coup d’etat!”

Order has now been restored in Kazakhstan, but the hunt for “terrorists” is still in progress. They are conducting a large-scale “counter-terrorism” operation that will soon end, and then the CSTO mission will be completed. They sent in 2,030 troops and 250 pieces of military hardware.

Kazakhstan detains former head of national security as Putin and Kazakh  president discuss restoring 'order' - CNN

They will soon provide proof to the international community about what had happened, adding that 16 security personnel had been killed, along with a number of civilians during the unrest. All is under investigation. Nearly 8,000 people had been arrested in operations executed by several branches of Kazakh security services.

The government of Kazakhstan has openly accused the US of “undermining the security and integrity” of the Kazakhastan, even though many experts link the unrest developments to China’s ambitious Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), of which Kazakhstan is needed to fulfill this project.

As long as Great merchants of the earth act like the nations belong to themselves to take and do with whatever they desire, there will be ongoing war and terror. This is a large part of the evil we are fighting against.

Keep pressing forward into the kingdom, press, press, press. Stay focused and keep your eyes on the Lord.



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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