Psyop Exposed. Hidden Inside a Road Show! Part 1.

The time has come to take everything we have learned from the past few years and some information from further back in order to connect the dots to see the bigger picture. Consider these the four corners and outter walls to the puzzle we are piecing together.

So where do we begin to explain this sort of dot connecting to those who have no knowledge of past events with Lin Wood and his persecution by the Flynn Family specifically Joseph Flynn, Gen. Charles Flynn and General Flynn. The families connections and the positioning of Clay Clark, Doug Billings, and the seedy Patrick Byrne, among others who were set in the path to gather inside intel…such as David Clement and a few others Lin believed were his allies. But first… let me tell you the psyop played on Lin was mind control methods. You try and traumatize the victim and try to destroy their reputation, give them all sorts of outside trouble with whatever means possible like professional licenses, accuse them and set them up to appear guilty of something they didn’t do causing legal issues that also destroy their public image. Then they send in rescuers to bond with that person at a very vulnerable point while they are under attack.

Gordon Rose gives an overview of the attacks on Lin Wood and how Flynn and his body guards and the handlers of Rittenhouse were doing it. He goes into several coordinated deep state attacks on Lin Wood.

The “bonders” who come to your rescue and lick your wounds to help you are part of the psyop. The victim doesn’t know this, they only see the bonders as the ones who are loyal to them and stood by them. The victim opens up to these ones because they believe they are the only ones they can trust. When in reality they cannot be trusted at all. This psyop used on Lin Wood is a mind control psyop designed to break the person’s mental stability down by giving the person an emotional overload that can stress the nervous system and shatter normal brain patterns so they act crazy and have a nervous break down, thus making them look like they are all the things said about them. This is what took place with Lin Wood.

So why should we care what happened to Lin Wood?


LIN THREATENS THAT PSYOP OPERATION! AND SO DOES EVERYONE WHO IS AWAKE…AND CAN SEE WHAT IS REALLY TAKING PLACE! Like the Mark Taylors of the world who speak up and call it out for what it is even at the expense of being black listed! And each of YOU who resisted the toxic jabs! You who resist their RESET. You who discern between true shepherds and wolves in Sheeps clothing! It’s about YOU!

It was very clear for those who knew what to look for. This psyop included high level attacks. But Lin survived the assaults and called on the Lord to outwit them. And presently he is succeeding in calling them out, based on the facts. Flynn has many deep state covert players in his circle. Some are child sex trafficking customers. Read: Gordon Rose Calls Out Flynn… – The Marshall Report (

That being said… here is a video that fills you in on the back story and what went down in a rapid pace. Please watch before you read the rest so you understand what has and is still happening to get you up to date so you can understand how this game is being played out and what you may have missed that took place along the way. I am presenting this in two parts. This needs presented first, in order to show you more clearly what is taking place right now.

image 375

Click on link to view: What REALLY Happened Between Lin Wood & General Flynn? WATCH THIS! (

Also you can read the original transcripts on Telegram go back to the dates this took place in Lin Wood – Telegram

So those who are now saying…”I don’t believe it. Why would Flynn do that? He’s an American hero, a past General serving 33 years in the military. How dare you!” I say to you, keep reading. Remember General Flynn developed covert psyop operations for the military and taught others how to implement them.

EXCLUSIVE: Michael Flynn Was a Keystone in the CIA/Five-Eyes Plot to Frame Donald Trump

image 376
Counterclockwise from top left: CHRISTOPHER STEELE, undercover MI6 veteran covert agent who had longstanding connections to Halper and Dearlove; STEFAN HALPER, covert operative for CIA and FBI, ties to CIA going back to the 1970s and Watergate; RICHARD DEARLOVE, former head of MI6, close associate to Halper and Steele; MICHAEL FLYNN, former head of US Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), associated with Halper, Dearlove, Brennan, and Clapper; JOHN BRENNAN, then-Director of CIA; JAMES CLAPPER; then-Director of National Intelligence; PETER STRZOK, CIA/FBI liaison as FBI Section Chief of Counterespionage division, “interviewed” Flynn

7 September 2018, by David Reznor

Below are some excerpts from the article. I encourage EVERYONE TO READ THIS THOROUGHLY RESEARCHED ARTICLE.

Monday, 2 c. July 2012
MICHAEL FLYNN becomes the head of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA); the commander of the Joint Functional Component Command for Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance; and the chairman of the Military Intelligence Board. He is answerable to JAMES CLAPPER, then the Director of National Intelligence.

Monday, 10 c. June 2013
MICHAEL FLYNN, as director of the DIA, visits Moscow, and is the first US officer ever allowed inside Russia’s Main Intelligence Directorate (GRU).

Friday, 11 October 2013
First day of the University of Cambridge Intelligence Seminar, Michelmas Term 2013, hosted primarily by STEFAN HALPER, covert CIA/FBI operative with ties to British intelligence, and RICHARD DEARLOVE, former head of MI6.

Saturday, 9 November 2013
DONALD TRUMP is in Moscow for the 2013 Miss Universe pageant held there that evening.

Friday, 29 November 2013
SVETLANA LOKHOVA—a Russian graduate of Cambridge, who happens to be the daughter of a Russian shipping magnate—gives a talk at the Cambridge Intelligence Seminar, Michelmas Term 2013, hosted primarily by Stefan Halper and Richard Dearlove. [NOTE: During this weeks-long seminar, news and intelligence reports indicate that Donald Trump is seriously considering running for governor of New York as a springboard to the 2016 presidential election. Svetlana Lokhova later will be connected in the press to Michael Flynn, after he joins the Trump presidential campaign, because of their encounter at the next Cambridge Intelligence Seminar. See entry for 6 February 2014.]

Friday, 20 c. December 2013
“In late December 2013,” Donald Trump meets with Republican leaders about the possibility of running for governor of New York, and shortly afterwards receives a printed briefing from one of them called “Springboards to the Presidency,” in reference to the governorship of New York being a possible first step for Trump to run in the 2016 US Presidential election.

Friday, 17 January 2014
First day of the University of Cambridge Intelligence Seminar, Lent Term 2014, hosted primarily by Stefan Halper and Richard Dearlove. Also at this seminar are MICHAEL FLYNN, US Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, and a Russian graduate of Cambridge named Svetlana Lokhova, who later will be connected in the press to Michael Flynn because of their encounter at the seminar.

Thursday, 6 February 2014
On or about this date, MICHAEL FLYNN is introduced to Svetlana Lokhova at the University of Cambridge Intelligence Seminar, Lent Term 2014, being hosted by Deep-State operatives Stefan Halper and Richard Dearlove. It is the last day of the seminar, when a dinner is held with all attendees. [NOTEThis meeting will later be blown into major proportions by Operation Mockingbird press in attempts to frame Trump for “Russian collusion.”]

Wednesday, 12 February 2014
Donald Trump meets with “half the state’s Republican county chairs” at Trump Tower in New York. In that meeting, or on or about the same time, Trump “discussed with state Republican leaders the idea of using the governorship as a platform to run for president,” offering a “look at Mr. Trump’s budding strategy to capture the White House, which he predicted he would begin in 2015.” [Trump decided ultimately not to run for governor of New York.]

Monday, 7 April 2014
Someone creates a Facebook page, “Donald Trump for President.”

About three weeks later …

Wednesday, 30 April 2014
CIA mouthpiece The Washington Post announces that: “Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn is expected to end his tenure as DIA director this summer, about a year before he was scheduled to depart, according to officials who said Flynn faced pressure from Director of National Intelligence James R. Clapper Jr. and others in recent months.” [NOTE: The alleged “pressure” stated in the press is classic CIA Punch-‘n’-Judy, manufactured “conflict” among the so-called “intelligence” class, the exact kind of gratuitous gossip that cannot be verified, but that helps to give anyone going undercover a “cover,” distancing them from their CIA and Five Eyes cronies.]

Thursday, 7 August 2014
Michael Flynn retires as Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, about a year early. At the ceremony, “Director of National Intelligence James Clapper presented Flynn with both the National Intelligence Distinguished Service Medal and the Intelligence Community Seal Medallion.”

Michael Flynn Vogle McChrystal SC
MICHAEL FLYNN, left, used the address of STANLEY McCHRYSTAL, right, to register the Flynn Intel Group LLC. Both had associations with GREG VOGLE, center, who soon would become John Brennan’s hatchet man at the CIA, and would be there through Trump’s campaign and election. Vogle currently “works for” McChrystal’s own “advisory group,” the McChrystal Group

Thursday, 23 October 2014
Flynn registers a “consulting firm,” Flynn Intel Group LLC, in Virginia. The address he uses for it is a townhouse in Alexandria, Virginia, owned by his friend Stanley A. McChrystal, who has his own background in the “intelligence community.” [NOTE: In a classic CIA “twosie,” there will be two different companies called Flynn Intel Group: this one, Flynn Intel Group LLC, and later Flynn Intel Group Inc. As is typical, coverage in the “mainstream media” rarely makes any distinction, referring only to a Flynn Intel Group, but the distinction is important, particularly to the chronological sequence of events. UPDATE: Chalet Reports has now learned of the close association between Flynn, McChrystal, and GREG VOGLE, who within only months would become the head of the CIA’s dirtiest dirty tricks division, the National Clandestine Service. See our recent report, EXCLUSIVE: Greg Vogle, the “Missing Man” in the CIA’s Attempt to Frame Donald Trump—Ed.]

Wednesday, 25 February 2015
Press reports say that Donald Trump is “serious about 2016 bid” for the presidency, and that he has retained an election attorney, and has put off signing for another season on “The Celebrity Apprentice.”

Wednesday, 18 March 2015
Donald Trump announces formation of a “presidential exploratory committee,” and that he will not renew the contract for his TV show.

image 377

At the oddest time, SVETLANA LOKHOVAcenter—who MI6 operative RICHARD DEARLOVEleft, and CIA/FBI operative STEFAN HALPERright, introduced to Michael Flynn—suddenly became over $4 million richer.

And then, in one of the weirdest “coincidences” we’ve ever encountered—and we thought we had seen them all in researching Watergate: The Hoax—less than two weeks after Donald Trump’s 18 March announcement …

Tuesday, 7 April 2015
Svetlana Lokhova—the Russian graduate of Cambridge University, and “the daughter of a Russian shipping magnate” who had been connected with Michael Flynn at the Cambridge Intelligence Seminar by Stefan Halper and Richard Dearlove on or about 6 February 2014 [see above]—is awarded £3.2 million [a little over $4.1 million] by the Central London Employment Tribunal for “sexual harassment” while working at the “London branch of Russian bank Sberbank CIB” as an “equity saleswoman.”

Tuesday, 16 June 2015
At Trump Tower in New York City, Donald Trump officially announces that he is running for President of the United States.

And then on the next day …

Wednesday, 17 June 2015
Michael Flynn registers the Flynn Intel Group, Inc. in Wilmington, Delaware. [NOTE: This is the corporationFlynn Intel Group, Inc.NOT the limited liability partnershipFlynn Intel Group LLC, that Flynn had registered several months earlier, on 23 October 2014 (see above) in Virginia. From our experience, this is an unmistakable fingerprint of a CIA/Deep State op, creating a “twosie” to intentionally create confusion, and to obfuscate dates. This date of incorporation also, in our analysis, is the entire reason why CIA mouthpieces such as The Washington Post and The New York Times have consistently avoided stating the distinction between the two different entities, or, importantly, this crucial date on which the corporation was registered.]

At this point—almost as predictably as sunrise—Flynn’s activities become somewhat vague and clouded for several months, but in classic Deep-State stealth, he takes steps to obfuscate and diffuse his real target—Donald Trump—sidling up to and “advising” many of the Republican primary candidates for the presidency, according to him:

They have not stopped.

Please read  CIA Crimes: How John Brennan Weaponized the CIA and FBI, and Conspired with Russia and Harry Reid to Frame Trump—PART APART B, and PART C , and look for the next installments.

UPDATE 4, 14 February 2022: Michael Flynn received nothing but a slap on the wrist as a result of the “charges” leveled against him by the excuse for an “investigation” headed by Robert Mueller, exactly as we had predicted. We have therefore edited out of the first sentence of the original of this article the phrase: “who was put under ‘charges’ by Special Counsel Robert Mueller for purportedly ‘lying to the FBI’”. It was always a sham “charge,” and we are thoroughly convinced that Flynn was a knowing and willing part of the fraud at all relevant times. Therefore the phrase was merely a distraction from the relevant facts. Anyone who cares about the Mueller fraud has ample resources they can pursue, elsewhere. —Ed.] Read the full report: EXCLUSIVE: Michael Flynn Was a Keystone in the CIA/Five-Eyes Plot to Frame Donald Trump – Chalet Reports (

Stay with us… coming in part two. Lin Wood exposes the legal facts!

image 378


But then he learned about Kim Clement, so bye bye Hagin…and helllllllllo Kimmy name is Mr. Clark!

image 381

From Wikitia- According to Clark, he was inspired to undertake the tour by a 1963 prophecy by Charismatic movement – Charismatic minister Kenneth E. Hagin, who predicted that “there would be an atheistic, communist, Marxist and racially divisive spirit that would descend upon America” and that “the spark of the revival would start from Tulsa, Oklahoma.”

Clark also stated that he received confirmation of his importance from a 2013 prophecy by the South-African Charismatic evangelist Kim Clement, who identified a “Mr. Clark” about whom he believed God said: “You have been determined through your prayers to influence this nation. You’re watching me; you’re an influential person. The Spirit of God says, ‘Hear the word of the prophet to you as a king, I will open that door that you prayed about.’

That’s not the way I heard Kim Clement say it?  Where did Donald Go? Now it’s just about Mr. Clark? What happened to the Hagin calling?  Who will call him tomorrow? 

image 382

Why did the Mr. Clark and 3 Stars Flynn have to get rid of Lin Wood? Could it be his desire was not their desire? And could it be he knew too much?

image 380

Before Mr. CC knew about Clements prophecy, Lin Wood attended the first road show event. At that event Lin Wood stressed the issue of Child trafficking. Here is one of his Telegram posts reminding people of why he is not with the Road Show any more.

Lin Wood– What is the greatest source of revenue for the Illuminati and the Deep State other than banking???

The children.

Adrenochrome. Sexual abuse by others. Human organs. Fetal tissue. They even use the “waste” in food products, building materials, and concrete. Does that explain why we kill tens of millions of God’s children by abortions each year?

They sacrifice young children in satanic rituals. They torture them to increase their level of adrenaline to improve the quality of adrenochrome. Some rituals even require that they eat children while they are still alive.

Does that help explain why hundreds of thousands of children go missing each year in America? And millions around the world each year?

God loves the little children most of ALL. The devil hates the little children most of ALL.

This is THE battle of good versus evil. I said it at Wills Park in December of 2020. I say it to you again tonight. This is THE greatest battle between God and the devil since Jesus Christ walked on the face of the EARTH over two thousand years ago.

As I said in Tulsa on April 17, 2021, this is about the children for God’s sake.

This is the battle for our humanity.

Identify members of the Deep State. Shame them so they cannot go out in public. The 65 Project and Marc Elias formerly of Perkins Coie want to destroy lawyers who fight for President Trump. He fights to end child child sex trafficking.

The communist lawyer groups want to shame lawyers in their communities if they fight for TRUTH, freedom, President Trump, and America. And most important, if they fight for God.

Shame them. Do not let them shame us.

Be fearless. Show courage. Courage is contagious.

History will record this battle being fought during the extraordinary times in which we live. It will also be a part of your life’s history when your judgment day arrives.

How will you be remembered? What role did you play? Whose side were you on? The choice is yours to make. I pray you choose wisely.

God bless each of you.

Lin 🙏❤️🇺🇸

Read: Lin Wood Speaks Out! Part 1 – The Marshall Report (

Lin Wood Speaks Out Part II – The Marshall Report (

Wood Rests His Case – The Marshall Report (

image 379

Meanwhile… CNN is doing the wrap up smear to cancel out any true facts about Pelosi’s husband’s paid sex friends and their “It’s time to play hammer head” games. Blaming it all on patriots and Trump supporters even though the MK Ultra paid sex prostitutes Paul uses ARE NOT CONSERVATIVE, AND NOT TRUMP SUPPORTERS! It was by her own left wing constituent base.

It sure is different when the mind controlled victims become the holder of the hammer, now isn’t it. Meanwhile you counter the lies with truth.

How does it feel to now be called a domestic terrorist. That is what this is all about. It always has been.

Keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God. Press, press, press!


Watch for Part 2 – this is just beginning!

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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