Priebus and Buttheads – What Are They Thinking?

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You have to admit there is an uncanny likeness to Priebus and Soros.  Just is.

There is obviously no connection between what is taking place on the ground and what is taking place somewhere in outer space. “Houston we have a problem” was never so true to apply as it is in this election.  Trump is the man of the people and their choice.  He is the man that America is electing, yet, the Priebus and Buttheads are standing out like the sore thumbs they are acting like they are the smartest banana’s in the bunch.  Watch as the monkeys eat them up, smart or not…a banana is a banana and it eventually will be eaten or rot alone.
It is time for the Priebus and Buttheads to give it up and support the GOP candidate that the people have voted for!
Donald John Trump is the man of the hour for a time such as this!  To stand on the sidelines and act like an idiot saying idiotic things is not impressive.  It is actually very telling.  One more reason why the people have chosen a real leader and not someone who is a puppet for the establishment cartoonist!

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.