President Trump has spent his time exposing the evils of the Central Banks and the world’s unfair monetary system. Those who have listened to him without the propaganda media bias, will recall that President Trump has spoken of returning the US dollar to a national bank on the gold standard. Who heard him?

Rand Paul and many others have been shouting out against the Federal Reserve and its Ponzi schemes  for ages. The corrupt Banking System must end, they shout, all the while the people continue to buy and sell and pick up paper checks for their labor and deposit them and get paper to spend, most wondering what Paul is screaming about? They watch as their property values go up and are happy. The same ones  scream when the exact rigged system causes their property values to diminish.  It’s the same with all things when they go up and down – people are either happy or angry.  Most do not understand what is taking place, but they want it fixed so it lands in their favor.

Which brings us to the questions,” If the people have not understood what was happening before COVID, why will they understand now?”  “What do the majority of Americans want?” “What can they comprehend?” “What and how can they be told so they understand what is taking place?” “How can you show them what is happening when fake news is filling their heads with lies and fear?”

How many people in America are worried about other people’s savings when they have already spent theirs  to survive COVID lockdowns?

Does the person who is losing their home and trying to figure out how to pay their car payment during COVID lockdown even care what is going to happen to the wealthy and those who still have IRA accounts?

When people are concerned about their children being masked and vaxed are they really worried about central banks? Do they even add that issue in their prayers?  How many have said, God please save the value of the U.S. fiat dollar from central bank deception?  How many have sat down and prayed that the U.S. national debt to the Central Banks be paid off?  How many even know what this debt is or how it keeps accumulating?

The haves, the have nots, and those in-between all have different prayer lists and concerns.  And God hears them all.

Good Lord…the mark of this beast sure looks like the six hundred and sixty six talents of gold that was sent to Solomon as tribute yearly. Here is wisdom. Let him who hath understanding count the number of the beast…for it is the number of a man; and his number is six hundred threescore and six. Rev. 13:18

Then there is James who tells us,” Your gold and silver is cankered; and the rust of them shall be a witness against you, and shall eat your flesh as it were fire. Ye have heaped treasure together for the last days.” James 5:3

There are many scriptures pertaining to the unwise choice of putting your trust in silver, gold, and forms of whatever represent it.  Be it a name, signing for it, a mark, or the number of the name…cards.

It is believed the first coinage was introduced around 650 BC. At least that is when it is believed the first coins were struck. The need arose for a form of monetary exchange that was portable, and valuable metals were chosen to represent the value of wealth such as homes, land, cattle, and other substances  that held worthy  value of possessions.  Therefore they chose what they deemed most precious, silver and gold and fixed it with a weight and fineness, placing a mark upon it bearing the inscription of the responsible authority that initiated it.

Then came the problems associated with making small purchases and the need for something less valuable than gold or silver.  This brought about the introduction of  the bronze coin, produced by alloying copper with tin. Bronze coins started being used about the fourth century BC.

This quickly became an economic weapon where no one could buy or sell anything of great worth without it.  So why is there so much confusion about this scripture in the book of Revelation?  Why is it such a mystery in modern days and not a wonder at the time of John?

Buying and Selling in the Tribulation — Revelation 13:17 – Grace  Evangelical Society

Could it be that it has to do with a great deception?  Why would central banks who create money out of thin air called fiat dollars ever want you to know their scheme? They don’t. What they want is for people to look everywhere for something that is as plain as the nose on their faces.

For if you understand the manipulation of the masses through manipulation of currency and what value they give it, you understand the deception and therefore will soon break free of the schemes. You will throw their paper in their faces and take back what is rightfully yours. You will end their taxation without representation and end their value schemes and ability to create recessions, depressions, and give you a penny for your oil and wine and resell it for inflated silver and gold prices that they decide. And they will tax it triple on top of all that. All the while, there is nothing backing it but your own permission FOR THEM to do it to YOU.

What they want is for you to chase a SINGLE anti-christ, and look for a name, number, or mark…that has been fixed with a weight and marked bearing the inscription of a responsible authority who will decide if you buy or sell, when all along…it has been used daily by each one of you.  Scream it is a barcode, holler it is a chip…a vax…a whatever you want to make it….when all along it has been a forced form of currency that you use daily for everything you buy or sell. I always say…take your gold bar down to the bank and try and pay your mortgage with it…they will tell you they can’t take it…go exchange it for paper and then come back and pay.

Why Trump Has No Choice But to Return to the Gold Standard | Casey Research
Photo from 2011, Trump has always been for the Gold Standard. He has never changed his mind.Local precious metals company pays Trump in gold bullion (

But, pay no attention to the only person on the planet saying such things…for that is how lonely it is to know the truth. Like you are the only one on the planet that knows. Yet, I know and it is only a matter of time when others who know come forward and shout it from the roof tops! 

Which brings us to what people really need to know.  The national debt is an imaginary amount owed to the central banks that have created paper dollars representing air. We have borrowed air and repaid these air loans back in real property, thereby enlarging the wealth of the thieves who have given you absolutely nothing but paper to use to purchase, yet require your purchases as repayment in return should you ever default on finding or earning more paper. You have worked and functioned in a truly enslaved system that keeps you as a hamster on a treadmill…forever running and running and getting absolutely no further ahead than when you first started to run.

The only way out is to stop and realize what they have you running on and get off of it. Once you get off, you are now free to escape the system they had you working. The system that kept them laughing and you right where they wanted you.

Trump knew this and knew it well. He was exposing this fake system before he ever ran for office. Once he was elected, he went to work to expose it further and has been driving the bank crooks crazy talking about going back on the gold standard. That would end their fiat air dollar and all their schemes.

Shane Goldmacher on Twitter: "So Donald Trump has joined Ron Paul in  pushing for the gold standard… "
President Trump has pushed for a new Gold Standard to set a level playing field. Do you think he hasn’t arranged to make this happen?

While people are shouting, Nesara/Gesara…the words to shout should be GOLD STANDARD!  A LEVEL PLAYING GROUND.  The prince of the power of the air and his worth (less) monetary scheme is being exposed and that horse has now left the barn.

When a corrupt pharmaceutical company can produce billionaires through its’ once little valued stock during a plandemic and the pushing of a TOXIC VAX…that should open lots of eyes.  But will it? When people have so much slung at them and they are busy putting out a fire, they don’t stop to think of what anyone else is doing. They are focused on the fire in front of them. This is exactly what the deep state global cabal knows and relies on to continue their mass deception. Soaring stocks in pharma giants has minted these 9 new ‘vaccine billionaires,’ according to a report (

SO WE CONTINUE TO EXPOSE THE LIES little by little, repeat it in many ways… keep repeating and keep on pressing the truth. The result is…God’s people are waking up and their eyes are seeing and their ears are hearing.  God is winning!



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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