President Trump says never give up! He is the Master Chess Player and knows all the possible moves.

President Trump won the election, and he outsmarted the deep state. While he was still in the office, he put together a brilliant defense. While it looked like the deep state was controling all the pieces, and trying to force Trump to concede to the election fraud and just go home, Trump was busy behind the scenes finishing up his world strategy with Pompeo.

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They all know. Especially the Cabal. L-Wood-Message.pdf (

The eyes were set on Rudy and his team who set out to demand recalls and justice, while the cabal raised their fists shouting concede, concede Biden won. Miller replaced Mark Esper as head of the DOD, and in the next breath Dominion servers were confiscated, and Sidney Powell became the “Kraken”, exposing Hammer and Scorecard, as she set out to crush the injustice perpetrated on “We The People”. Kissinger and Albright were removed from the Pentagon Defense Policy Board and booted to the curb (or sent somewhere special).Trump team removes members of Pentagon’s Defense Policy Board, including Kissinger, Albright | Fox News

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Meanwhile there were many chess pieces in play and the Dems were running in circles trying to figure out what to do. Their theft was being exposed for the coup it was, to overthrow the U.S. government. The chaos was in a controlled free fall, but, the gaslighting media did their best to hype it up in order to drive already COVID tempers into a rage, attempting to create a civil war to blame on Trump.

president trump won

Patriots remained calm and did not take the bait, the separation of the sheep from the goats had just begun. Eyes remained watching the Giuliani Show with the Kraken and Brynes scenes with My Pillow investing in his own cyber investigation. Many states were still on strict lockdowns and small non-essential businesses were still closing, some forever while we watched the Supreme Court show their cabal loyalty over the constitution.

Arizona Senate eyes one of Trump's guys to do its election audit

The show continued and Trump announced to hold rally at the Capitol Jan. 6, 2020, while prior to the event, Twitter went wild showing photos and videos of ANTIFA signs posted throughout DC to recruit others to sign up to bash and crash Trump Supporters at the Rally. And, Pelosi et al acted surprised? Give me a break. The rally was held and of course, bus loads of ANTIFA AND OTHER PAID THUGS showed up to infiltrate and break into the capitol to blame it all on Trump and his Supporters.

The next thing we see is the President telling the protestors to cease, and go home in peace. And that followed with a fence going up and armed National Guard arriving at the capitol and martial law was declared on the entire Washington DC area. No one was allowed out of their hotels, no vehicles were allowed on the streets, and people who attended the rally peacefully missed plane flights due to martial law lock down.

The world then watched as the President of the United States was booted off all social media along with Lin Wood, Sidney Powell, General Flynn and anyone who even mentioned anything true.

Trump Lawyers Face Rebukes Over Election-Fraud Claims - WSJ

This was followed with the two things the house and senate can do if they protest the insurrection act, and that was to have the V.P. invoke the 25th amendment which they tried to do, but he refused. This was followed by the second thing they could do and that was impeach the President. Which they did and failed. So now they ran out of arrows in Pelosi’s quiver and she started quivering herself, as it is suspected that she too had been served for she was seen being led by people with badges and she didn’t look happy. Fear was in her cocky little eyes.

But remember…the insurrection act was fact checked and never happened. So all the above stuff was just pulled on a whim? Wrong…the military was in charge. The hunters were now the hunted.

image 30
Inauguration Day: Biden in White House for 1st time as president | WFLA
Or was it this one? Which one is the real view of the swearing in of Joe?

Next we see the oddest inauguration of any president ever. In fact it looked like a Saturday Night Live skit, with everything exaggerated and diminished. The only thing missing was Mr. Beans. While Don Jr. did a final video telling everyone to “GET SOME POPCORN AND ENJOY THE SHOW!”

The world then watched a man that looked like he came out of a crypt, signing executive orders with tanks and tents outside the oval windows. Everything was completely out of a movie studio and anyone who pointed out why and how it was fake, got fact checked and censored. We were told what we were seeing was NOT true. And what they were saying was true. So pay no attention to Biden’s hand moving through the microphone and CGI does not exist.

Impact of President Biden's first executive actions on auto industry

All through this show, the fake news, bought and owned by the cabal, chirped and rattled off scripts of lie after lie, as they always do and got away with it.

Many people refused to see with their own eyes, and hear with their own little ears and instead stayed glued to fake news frozen in fear.

President Trump was in control and calm all along the way. He was now free of the restrictions, spys, leakers, and his every private move recorded and smeared. He was freed up to get a lot of things done behind the scenes and this caused the cabal to make serious mistakes. Trump was so far ahead of the globalist cabal abroad and deep state at home, the only thing they had to use was censoring and fake news.

There were many other things that took place in between, up and down and all around, this was a live theater event. But this is a synopsis of what We The People, have watched and been fact checked over. Did I say fact checked? I’ll call it what it is…CENSORED!

Trump's lies about the election show how disinformation erodes democracy

Which brings us to the grand finale in the midst of summer and into the final boss fight yet to come. Trump has this! He has made all of his moves legally, and the military is cleaning up the infiltration.

Now, everyone is free to have their own opinion…this is my observation of the reality we have been living through…along with Fauci and fake COVID and toxic vaccines. These evil things they are doing are real…what is fake are the lies they tell us in order to jab the deadly stuff in our bodies. We are at war.

Trump has been waiting for this Game of Chess for decades. He had his moves memorized coming in. Many pawns have been removed. There is no King to check, the Queen has been Castled, and the Knight is young.

trumps next move

Creatures lie in the forest and there is no place to hide. The hunter has become the hunted and now…the White Rabbit is showing Alice some of the very last details to prepare for the GRAND FINALE!

Be safe, and press forward into the Kingdom of God! Keep on pressing, NEVER GIVE UP AND NEVER SURRENDER!



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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