President Trump Speaks From West Palm Beach!

President Donald J Trump Speaks at Club45 Meeting LIVE from Palm Beach, FL 2/20/23! Happy President’s Day!

President Trump speech starts at 1:15:12

Speaking on his 2024 campaign, Trump opened up his rally by saying the nation needed a leader who is ready on day 1, then Trump asked, who might that be? The crowd knew exactly who that one was as they cheered for President Trump!

From parents rights to school choice, and how to have a thriving economy… Trump hit back hard at the physical mutilation of minor children. He is ready to end the abuse directed at our children prohibiting child mutilation laws in all fifty states and to pass laws to get men out of women’s sports.

Trump said when it comes to the elections, the progressive democrates are good at cheating and casting illegal ballots and warned about the mail in ballot voting that was beginning. That is when the opposition always commits voter fraud. Not the day of voting… but the time period running up to that day.

“Cheating and misinformation are what they (left/Dems) are good at”, said Trump.

About Club 45 in Palm Beach, Florida…

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Club 45 USA, Inc is a corporation formed to support the agenda and re-election of our 45th President of the United States, Donald J. Trump.  Club 45 USA was established in January, 2018 by three of the volunteer leaders of the 2016 Trump Campaign in Palm Beach County. Club 45 goals are simple and straightforward. It is to keep Donald Trump supporters in their area connected and engaged and to support the current and future endeavors of Donald Trump. Club 45 USA |


 President Trump’s platform to STOP out-of-control crime and keep all Americans safe!

President Trump is scheduled to be in Palestine, Ohio on Wednsday Feb. 22, 2023.

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President Trump took questions from the audience at Club 47 and the first question from the audience was, State Committee Woman from Broward County, Michele Merrrell, “President Trump you are the only one bothering to go to Palestine, Ohio this week. What are you going to say to the residents there about the toxic chemical spill and what would you have done as President if this had happened under your watch and what would you do to the EPA that’s not BOTHERING TO HELP THEM?”

Trump answered, “Well FEMA would have been there within an hour. And you know you have local FEMA, and FEMA was told NOT to help. We would have had funds there, we would have had doctors there, we would have known what was happening. And we would have taken care of it and we would have consoled people. They were left hopeless. The government said ‘they’re not coming’. FEMA said ‘they’re not coming’…look…(Trump raises his voice) UNTIL I ANNOUNCED TWO DAYS AGO THAT I WAS GOING, THEY WEREN’T DOING IT! ONCE I ANNOUNCED I’M GOING, THEY SAID WELL WE’RE GOING TO AND WE’RE GONNA BRING A LOT OF MONEY. That’s not the way it’s supposed to be handled.”

Trump assured them that the people of Ohio will now be taken care of, but it will be a little bit later than it should have been.

The questions were all good questions, please watch the video above to hear everything.

Ohio Chemical Spill–It’s not what you think!

Yes there was a spill, but it is not what they are telling you. They are instilling fear to take away more of your rights and land to push people into smart cities. By declaring East Palestine, and other areas in Ohio unsafe, this can lead to driving homeowners and farmers into smart city zones.

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Know the game and do not allow them to push you into a modern day “FEMA” type living plan. Yes there is an issue, but not one that is going to drive you off your property. Watch the video below and learn more.

The Dioxin scare is just that… a scare tactic used to come after your farmland! Dioxin is also a gas produced from Clorox Bleach. So when they give you a dioxin warning… then by using that fear scare logic, they should recall all Clorox Bleach. Dioxin is also produced any time you burn trash.

As Dr. Merrit said if we learned anything from COVID, we learned they don’t tell us the truth! Don’t panic, and do not fall prey to their fear factors.

Residents are frustrated by what they say is incomplete and vague information about the lasting effects from the disaster, which prompted evacuations.

Ohio state Sen. Michael Rulli, a Republican whose district includes East Palestine, said Buttigieg should resign over the Transportation Department’s inaction.

“He has not even come close to being near ground zero and he should be ashamed,” Rulli said.

This is how they do and it is part of the progressive globalist agenda to destroy, create no live zones and herd people into Smart Cities. It is called the Agenda 21 and the Wildlands Project. The Wildlands Project proposes that 50 % of American territory be wilderness reserves largely no-go for humans, surrounded by buffer areas and joined by wilderness corridors, with human beings largely confined to urban areas (smart cities). It is time to wake up and know the drill… it is their agenda, designed to destroy America from within, and it is brought to you by the United Nations and the Khazarian Oligarchs whose names we do not hear, behind the veil who call the shots. We are at war. READ: Agenda 21 Wildlands Project: What you need to know – RANGEfire!

President Trump knows all of this and has for a very long time. In his first speech told after he came down the escalator for the first time to announce that he was running for President in 2016, he said, “I know their agenda and it is not mine.” That is when I smiled and shouted, YES! He had me at the escalator!!



By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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