President Trump On Shifty Adam Schiff and the same “scum”…

Now the Dems are after Dan Scavino because they “think stupid things”!

President Trump has called out the Russia, Russia, Russia, Ukraine Impeachment Hoax #1 and #2, as he calls it, ” Unselect Committee who are trying to destroy the lives of many wonderful people.” I say lets add a “thing 1” and a “thing 2” because that is what it looks like in this clown show they call governing.

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Or better yet, let’s call Crazy Liz Cheney Thing 1, and Crying Adam Kinsinger can be Thing 2. Now these ‘Things’ on the committee are wanting Dan Scavino, President Trumps former White House Communications Official to be held in criminal contempt of Congress. Why? Well, that bunch don’t need a reason, they just need to figure out a lie and scream their accusations like hyenas at the press. Then let the press do their wrap up smear along with ongoing pressors where they can make more false claims and accusations!

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This time they have decided that Dan Scavino thinks he’s above the law so they want him charged because of what they think! It’s another one of those – “off with his head”…because of what they think or they can’t sleep at night. So they think, therefore Scavino is guilty! They want him to appear before their unselect committee so they can question him or shall we say accuse and drill him…and put words in his mouth like we watched them do in their past committee kangaroo courts in the basement. But Dan Scavino has had his attorney respond to the matter in a timely fashion and that is not what they wanted Dan to do. So … here we go.

If this were a real court and Pelosi addressed the judge and said I want him charged and punished because I think, he thinks he’s above the law. Would the Judge tell her “thinking” is not a crime and she should be happy of that or she would be charged for what she thought to do by her own admission, for she is guilty of thinking that he is thinking he will not comply, along with the other ones who think he’s thinking not to comply. Or maybe he would just tell nervous Nancy that her thought projection is an identifiable behavioral disorder and she should seek professional help?

Forget the fact that Dan’s attorneys responded to their whims as quickly as they made them. That doesn’t matter…they want Dan and they want him now! They want Dan so they can accuse him and then charge him and then ?????? Good grief, Trump was right when he said, “It’s not me they’re after it’s you!” and pointed to the massive crowd at his rally. They want all of us to be charged and removed from our constitutional loving lives.

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Congress has already voted to recommend former Trump adviser Steve Bannon and former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows for prosecution by the Department of Justice (DOJ).  These committee people aren’t even following the proper protocols in their resolutions as they are supposed to have at least five Republican members out of 13 total on their committee and they have only two RINOs- Crazy Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger. (They are actually missing five, but we’ll call it 3). Crazy Liz has already expressed her hatred for both Trump and all his supporters. So as they sit there screeching- “off with their heads”…they are in violation of the terms of their own committee resolutions and guilty of the very thing they accuse Scavino of…and that is acting as though they were above the law.

Several who have been targeted by the committee have sued it, for the very reason of having not followed the protocols for a proper committee and violating its’ resolutions. Maybe Scavino should do the same and sue?

Then it was Nervous Nancy (Pelosi) and her gavel that did her ‘above the law’ antics of rejecting House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s recommended list of Republican participants. It was Pelosi who appointed the two Republican RINOS — Reps. Liz Cheney (R-WY) and Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) — to go with her seven chosen Democrats.

They also want to charge former Trump’s trade official Peter Navarro with the same thing of “thinking” he is above the law.

Red queens court ball jointed art dolls sutherland depp alice in wonderland | Art dolls, Queen art, Polymer clay fairy

Those of these people who are on Durham’s list sure are bold. They have played Alice in Wonderland for so long they really believe they own the Red Queen Pelosi’s court. It is obvious now that they think, therefore they are… or they have been doing this so long they are starting to lose brain cells. You can decide for yourself. I don’t think I have anymore thoughts on it.

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