President Trump At AFPI

Speaking out against the insane left’s America and how he will fix it! Addresses The Homeless, Tent City D.C.!

Trump lays out his plan for what to do with the disfunction in big cities accross America and the violence of illegal border crossing gangs to innocent Americans.

Listen as President Trump speaks LIVE at the America First Policy Institute Annual Policy Summit 2022 from Washington D.C. 

Meanwhile many are in need of some good mental health care. What person in their right mind would do these things?

What happens if he has to just stay in the street? And does he even realize that the cement has cut off air and circulation to the hand? What happens if they have to amputate his hand? What happens if he has to go to the bathroom? Do these people ever stop to ponder things before they do them?

Someone suggested to just have him wear a cone over his head. It seemed to be the most appropriate and liked idea.

image 329

Is the ice fake or real? Don’t see any melting yet? Maybe they didn’t know the difference between ice and salt? Maybe I don’t?

image 343

They believe we are as dumb as the ones they organize and pay… That is why they fail.

image 344

Joey is appalled at the food shortages and blames MAGA. Good grief!

The V.P. is pronoun ready. Who knows a few adjectives?

Thing 2?

Now who thought up these gym moves for women? And why did women of that time think this was great or did they? Good grief, this could not have been good??

Ukraine ratings fail, producers bring on new actors!

This blog bit was meant to be satire, but after reading the fairy tale story in Vogue, it appears to lean more to the truth… you decide.

image 345

Meet the First Lady …

While Ukraine season one started out with high ratings and billions, the show quickly fizzeled out as the critics gave it rotten tomatoes and bad reviews that canceled the pilot series hopes of ever making it to prime time.

But, due to billions invested, the producers sat down with script writers in DAVOS and ginned up the plot bringing on new supporting actor roles. Will the new Vogue ad campaign boost the ratings and attract more investors?

image 346

Stay tuned as Zelensky plays a more sexy role and all eyes are on the woman behind the man who now has a new back story. Forget everything you thought you knew about Ukraine, this plot shows an all out WWIII, blaming Russia for all destruction as the brave leader and his first lady now seek one last dance on the ashes of Ukraine.

image 347

People are asking why Zelensky’s first lady has a distant, far away gaze the reflects that of a victim of abuse? Some are saying it’s the hallmark look of most all “Joey Sniffed me too” survivors.

image 348
Makeup artistry reflects the mascara smudges of tears while the sexy unbuttoned top adds to the drama of the painful days and inner struggles while longing for the mansion and yacht in Miami.

Olena Zelenska, has become a key player—a frontline diplomat and the face of her nation’s emotional toll. “These have been the most horrible months of my life, and the lives of every Ukrainian,” she said to Vogue in a wide-ranging interview conducted in-person in Kyiv. Ukrainian First Lady Olena Zelenska Talks to Vogue About Family Separated for Security (

Meanwhile… this has got to be one of the most peculiar world shows ever imagined. It is now at a point of adlib acting. Anything goes.

Keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God. Press, press, press.


By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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