Secretary of State Pompeo spoke at the National Press Club. He told the truth and facts on where we are with The Islamic Republic of Iran. AlQaida is now embedded within Iran and the weapons are greater than they were before. The ideology of Iran is not compatable with a peaceful free world. Pompeo charges that those in charge are on a mission of hatred.


Are we left to believe that the new Biden administration who has already planned their coup to arrest and jail the half of America who stand for the Constitution and Bill of Rights will be allowed to do so without any interference? Are we left to believe that the @StateDept imposed the first-ever U.S. sanctions on revolutionary courts and judges for their roles in jailing prisoners of conscience, and their own citizens will have no protection against the same? While the U.S.A. keeps demanding release of world evil regime’s hostages are we to believe that the citizens of the free nation – The United States of America will allow a new tyrannical regime coup to overthrow the government and do the same in America?


I have faith that God will make a way for the good remnant of his people both in America and the world. For it is written that these dark evil days would come upon the entire world at once. It is here. God also promised his people were not appointed to wrath. But he did not promise that there would not be great tribulation as such the world has never seen. Watch therefore and prepare by staying in prayer and pray for those who have been called to stand against the evil ones in these trying battles ahead. For the world is now shaking and war drums are pounding throughout the earth.

Sound the Shofar and stand still. Pray for deliverence from such wickedness. For who can outrun a drone? Who can outrun a direct energy weapon? Only God can deliver the meek of the earth from such weapons of mass destruction. Amen.

Dianne Marshall

By Dianne Marshall

I don't sleep I write! Author, Graphic Artist, Researcher and lover of the truth.

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